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Hi guys, welcome back to my channel so today I have a very special makeup look for you guys I think this is going to accentuate any eye color blue brown green purple, I don't know maybe upper pi is probably not but Yeah point is it's gonna be a really pretty eye look for you guys I felt like this was just Universally flattering no matter what color you have it is going to make your eyes pop, especially in the sunlight So hopefully you guys are excited I am gonna be using the products that I got in my Ipsy glam bag and telling you guys how I use them What I did all my tips and tricks since I am an Ipsy creator And also if you didn't know I'm actually partnering up with Urban Decay for the next couple of months I did announce it on Instagram, but I haven't talked about it on YouTube yet But yeah I'm basically in a long-term Relationship with Irma decay here and I'm gonna be telling you how I use my favorite products one of which is the all nighter setting Spray and also in the coming months

I'm actually gonna be telling you about some new launches So watch out for that and let's get start with this tutorial Okay so we're gonna start off with something that is going to treat the blemishes and breakouts that I'm having because Orion's belt is still alive and well my forehead in case any of you guys were wondering So I'm gonna go in with this mask from aptus skincare This is their healing Tumeric mask and I'm going to apply this all over my face to help treat those blemishes and breakouts that I'm having I find that this mask really does help to reduce the redness on my face And it is great for any skin type whether you have oily dry normal skin if you are going through some breakouts like I am then This is a good one This is gonna help combat those breakouts So I'm gonna go ahead and leave that on for about 20 minutes and then rinse it off and go straight in with a light Exfoliation just because since I've been picking at my skin a lot There's a lot of dry flakes So I definitely want to get that off as much as possible before Before you move into the makeup, so I'm gonna go in with this little this little product right here This is the sole de Janeiro Brazilian mob buff This is actually a really cool treatment because it's an exfoliator and also a Treatment mask in one so it's really gonna like purify your skin But also like I said get those dead skin sold off So I'm just gonna make a really really light layer not pressing too hard with my finger tips so that we don't damage the skin and if you guys have ever smelled the the Sol de Janeiro the same brand the Brazilian boom boom cream

Oh my god It smells amazing This smells similar I wouldn't say exactly like it but it smells similar and I gotta say I really really dig this smell It's like a sweet scent All right, I'm gonna go rinse this exfoliator off and like I said be very gentle with your skin, especially because we're going right over this with makeup afterwards, but BRB I've been mixing together these two serums the Neutrogena hydro boost multivitamin booster and then a pump of the hoola Henriksen glow cycle retinol power serum because I feel like I'm getting both the Hydrating benefits of this guy and then also the anti-aging benefits of the EULA Henriksen product So I'd go with a pump of each and that's enough for my entire face these work really nicely under makeup because they're so lightweight and Okay for Some moisturizer there's actually one I've been using I got in my Ipsy glam bag plus Um when I unbox it on my IG story check it out I mean, I juice Tories aren't only for 24 hours But hopefully you guys saw it or caught it when it I posted it cuz honestly I was pretty impressed lambic plus is launching later this year, but we got like a sneak peek and It's basically like full-size products for $25 a month, but there were some balm products like I was so impressed This was in it and this is alone is like $65

Plus there were like, you know for other products in there So I was genuinely very impressed Oh, I didn't even say what this was This is the CEO Sunday Riley Moisturizer it has the vitamin C in there So I'm hoping that it helps to Heal these acne scars ASA one thing that is gonna help these the scoring out is my derma e scar gel Just gonna take a bit and pop that on to And then my last step of skincare is going to be my eye cream, so I'm using the Linux and banana bright eye cream Just having that in And finally, we're gonna go in with primers So this is the Evelyn Iona Cosmetics green tea primer

Oh, I really came out this is just gonna give us a really smooth base for our foundation and it's gonna fill in any fine lines and wrinkles and pores and all that stuff that We don't want so it's gonna help us get our makeup smoother and help it last all day now while we wait for a primer to dry, I'm just gonna go ahead and move this train along gotta keep it going here and Fill in our brows So I'm using the Maybelline brow pencil It's called the bra Precise brow precise micro crayon and I don't actually I don't think this has a shade name I'm pretty sure that I am a soft brown if not medium brown I will try to list the shade names down below in the description box and obviously link all the products I always link the products and I try to give you guys as much info as possible down there That's kind of weird, but You know what? I mean in the description box, honestly, I love this Maybelline crayon, especially for a drugstore option it is a balm and I'm just gonna go ahead and carve out arch so we get these brows nice and Precise moving on to the skin I'm gonna go in with this product

This is the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Perfector it's basically like a skin tone that's going to blow out your skin and Even out your skin tone and I just kind of leave you with that very healthy Natural do Venus I'm using the shade warm sand number six You can see that already makes a huge difference in The look of our skin if you're having a good skin day for you to have now to a good skin this is so beautiful on its own and it just looks like your natural skin, but better I obviously need a little bit more coverage today because Yeah, we're gonna cover that up a little bit more so I am gonna go in with a little bit of the Lancome Tawny doll ultra-rare foundation just to cover up these little acne spots that I have But again this this skin tint is Gorgeous on its own and I'm telling you if you want that like almost model like skin where it looks like you're not wearing much makeup and you just have like Perfect skin and it's a little blurred and you know, it's looking good That is the product that I would recommend Acne spots with a full coverage I'm going to go ahead and I'm eyelids with the Sigma Beauty eyeshadow base primer in the shade persuade Once we've done that I'm gonna take this makeup revolution palette I've been dying to use this because I've been dying to do like We're just gonna really do it up today as I've said always best I've ever looked with foundation and primer on a Vibe look sorry

This is the makeup revolution Reloaded division palette, I believe we're gonna go ballsy Actually, we're gonna go super ballsy right away and start off with this guy right here right in the crease on a sigma e25 I'm just gonna buff it in really really Precisely and then I ended up taking this lighter green up here on a sigma E35 a bit of a tapered smaller blending brush mediums as well I would say and then I'm blending that shade that we already put down Upwards towards the brow bone Okay, so next up I'm going to take this kind of like mustardy orange shade and use that on a fluffy Mac to t4 to add some warmth up here and then go back in with the first shade that we use which was that dark Foresti green and pressed that into the sides to start to create the halo shade butshe It's actually really cool because it's almost black, it's like such a dark green that it's almost black but It still has that hint of like Foresti As you saw when we are ready building it out It does blend out into more like an all of Ukraine So like to take whatever is left on the brush and then blend that into the crease, I'm feeling a little adventurous So I'm gonna really smoke out the shape of this This eye shadow on the edge here and I'm gonna clean up this lid space with some of my concealer cuz I want to do Almost like a cut crease Halo

I'm taking a green pigment right into the middle of the lids You can take any green that has a nice metallic finish to it Whoo Okay, guys hardest part is done I'm gonna add on a thin dose of liquid liner just so that we can hide our lash band when we go to lashes and Speaking of lashes I'm gonna be adding on these ones from Lily lashes This is the one that I've actually been gravitating towards a lot lately It's called the Lila style So Lila cut off a little bit on the end So it's a little bit shorter so that it fits my eye shape better moving back to the face We are gonna brighten up the eyes with my Becca We're gonna brighten up the under eye area with the Becca cosmetics under eye brightener

You just want to play that In with my NARS creamy concealer and I'm gonna use the under eye Concealer to kind of clean up this area I did get a little bit of fallout So this is just gonna help to clean everything up since we already applied foundation You can still correct it it won't be a big deal If you really want to go for that brightened effect This is It's a good concealer to go with because it's lightweight It blends out easily

It's buildable So if you do need a little bit more coverage, you can definitely go in with a second layer But it is bomb you guys like I just feel like it gives you that very Kim K like Brighton look I really like then I'm gonna use this new powder from milk makeup and we're gonna use that to set this is the Buller and Set and that leaves setting powder Oh You just want to press that into the skin any areas that you want to mattify and fill in your pores and basically Make it hold longer throughout the day So any places that you might get oily I kind of want to do a full matte skin today so I'm actually gonna take a big fluffy brush and Press that same powder into the cheekbone area and down the neck to that foundation that I added down there It doesn't wear off while we let that set I'm gonna go in with our bronzer This one is from Hanalei and it's the matte bronzer This one's nice because it does give you a nice matte and natural tan, so it doesn't look orange at all It just has a really nice undertone to it like a nice neutral undertone And you can go ahead and wipe away that baking powder honestly praying for the day at this point that my It is a difficult one to cover because I had picked at it so much that there's a lot of Texture like literally I'm telling you guys raw skin up here on my forehead like it stings at some points during the day I'm just waiting patiently waiting for that to heal Now I am gonna go into my Sigma Beauty sculpt contour palette and take the shade throw shade and just add on a little nose contour so that we can Slim out that nose a little bit I Love this contour palette it like house the perfect shades for me It blends out easily They have nice undertones, but they still look pretty natural You know there's nothing worse than like a really unnatural looking contour that just Stands out on your face or especially on the nose if you're applying it to your nose And before we move any further, my boobs are getting SuperDuper dry that's one thing about fall in winter that I don't appreciate is how Dry my lips start to become I'm just gonna put on some lip balm so that we can kind of prep for the lip product that we're gonna put on mmm Mindy this is the Neue peppermint lip balm and it's just gonna you know, obviously hydrating conditioned lips Like I said, get ready for our lip product and for our bottom lashes, I think I'm gonna like go A little crazy here and add on some purple So this is from Lord and berry and it's their line shade eye pencil in flash purple It's long-lasting and it's actually very easily blendable So I'm gonna apply that right to that bottom lash line and blend it out a little bit with a purple shadow I'm gonna use this one from Winky

Lux It's such a pretty shade Okay, okay So this one is in the shade Ursula and I'm gonna take that and place that right in the middle of the bottom lash line And blend that out This one's nice because it actually is very blendable So it's a it's a good one to use for this step when you're creating sort of that smokey underlining liner This is such a good look for people with brown eyes because greens make Browns stand out and also Purple's make brown stand out So we're doing green on the top purple on the bottom brown on beauty's out there We're gonna sleep Okay, honestly for any eye color, I think this would be a pretty look because it's very different And it has those undertones that can kind of pull from any eye color So like if you have blue eyes this will definitely make it stand out again because of the purples if you have green eyes that bright green in the middle is really Gonna make it stand out So I think for any eye color This could be a very very flattering look and then we're gonna add on some highlight so I'm going back into my sculpt palette and I think I'm gonna mix together 24k and shine on my normal combo and Apply that to the high points of the face with my strobing fan at 42 stars

It feels like I'm rushing by the way I'm literally What time? It's 4:00 am And I need to leave for the airport at 5:30 am still have impact this is the best way to apply highlight when you're trying to be very Precise and because we have such a dramatic eye look going on You really do need to be precise with the highlight You can't just have it like, you know everywhere at this point You already got a lot of other stuff happening on the face and for our inner corner highlight I'm going to use a little bit of old gold This really makes your eye color stand out as well because it's obviously drawing a lot of attention right there into the center of the face into the eyes and I even take it up into Almost towards the brow bone

Just really mmm, you know get it going for my cheek color I'm gonna be using this guy right here It's a nice just natural color It's the deuce a cheek blush in the shade RSVP like I said, it's just gonna give you a nice natural blush We don't want anything too crazy This is a nice You know blendable silky formula

It's gonna kind of use it to blend together The highlight and the bronzer as well moving on to lips You just want to go in with a nude lip liner This one is from Charlotte Tilbury, and it's called iconic new This is the Smashbox cosmetics always on liquid lipstick in the shade be be alert This is a really long wearing actually, and if you haven't tried the formula it is so Comfortable to wear you guys like, oh it is a nice formula like very comfortable not drying doesn't feel like cakey or Flaky on your lips at all throughout the day and it's just real nice We're just gonna set everything down with obviously Come on, the Urban Decay all nighter setting spray I mean, I've been up all night

So I Probably already needed this but I'm probably just gonna keep this makeup on at this point through the flight So I need my makeup to Lassen if you have not tried the all-nighter yet it honestly does Really make your makeup last like I see a noticeable difference When I do use this setting spray my makeup will last for hours and hours and hours on end and people will literally come up to me at the end of the day and be like How is your makeups still looking like that? And My little secret and last but not least I'm gonna go in with a hair product just because my hair whenever I get on flights, which I'm about to do It feels very dry So I need something to kind of moisturize it and I like to especially when I have my hair already up It's an amazing time to moisturize your hair and get in a little bit of extra hydration in your hair So I'm gonna go in with the IVA NYC satin dream leave-in cream Like I said, this is just gonna help to moisturize the hair because it is a leave-in conditioner it's a very lightweight leaving conditioner you're getting that hydration and moisture and um taming the flyaways and Actually kind of preventing further damage Thanks for watching this video I hope you guys liked it I am off to the airport now But I just want to say thank you again to Ipsy and all the brand partners for the products that I got in my glam Bag this month and also thank you to Urban Decay for partnering with me on this year-long venture Hope you guys like the video and I will see you next time