Makeup Artist Pro Kit | Foundations, Concealers & Lashes

Hey guys! Today we'll be talking about my pro kit again and specifically, my foundations and concealers, as well as my fake lashes that I carry with me Let's start with foundation

The first thing I have here is the Bobbi Brown BBU palette, which has a whole, this is my second one already, a whole concealer side, as well as a whole foundation stick side This really caters to all skin tones and that way I always have all skin tones with me and I don't have to mix and match as much, which kind of saves time This though I would not recommend for dry skin, nor well if you had don't have a lot of to cover, then this could work for dry skin, but not if you need high coverage and you have dry skin This just does not cut it, but if you or have a model that already has pretty much near perfect skin, you can take a tiny bit of this and your skin looks absolutely flawless So I'm not going to repurchase this after this one is finished, because Bobbi Brown's not a cruelty free brand um but I do love this, so yeah, it's kind of sad that I have to let it go, but yeah This was super expensive as well, but I mean for the amount of foundations you get in there, it's actually not that expensive, if you think about it This is over 200 euros

I think I got it on sale for like 220 or something like that, but yeah Then I carry the Inglot Perfect HD Coverup foundations with me and I have three tones, six tones in total always I love these because they're plastic, so they're lighter I don't like to carry glass bottles with me, also I know that they will not break I think this foundation is really, really great for a perf

for a wide array of skin types The skin tones, the range is not amazing I do have to carry, I will show you those later, foundation mixers with me, so I can really cater to all skin tones, but the skin types, it really covers everything

You can build it up you can keep it from a medium coverage up to a high coverage foundation It doesn't look cakey, it lasts quite a long time, especially if you use it with a with a primer and a setting spray, so yeah

I have six colors I have three shades, one light, one medium, one deep for the yellow undertones and I have the same for the red undertones I used to carry with me always the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD foundation, which I love so much I think I might actually like the Make Up For Ever a tiny bit more than the Inglot foundation, but Inglot is a cruelty-free brand and Make Up For Ever is not, so it definitely Inglot definitely wins this one As a lighter coverage foundation, I carry the Ordinary Serum Foundation, lightweight serum formula, and I carry three shades of this one, actually four shades, but the fourth one hasn't arrived yet So far I have 10N, 2

0N and 30Y, because for some reason there is no N for 30 and yeah, there's more people that have yellow undertones than red undertones; and I ordered another one but I'm not sure which one that was now and apparently now they're closing it's all very strange, I think the owner has mental illness problems, which is very, very sad and I hope he gets the help he needs Anyways, this was supposed to replace the MAC Face and Body for me, because the MAC Face and Body is iconic for a reason It is amazing for models that already have perfect skin, where you just need a little bit to cover up and you really need that dewy finish and that just

just that perfection finish, where it looks like you're wearing absolutely nothing This is not it this is not a replacement for that I haven't found a replacement

Actually I think I might have, the essence insta something foundation, that I just tried out, is actually really, really good you guys and it's very similar to the MAC foundation and it's cruelty free, so I'm I'm amazed at this I'm discovering all these essence products that are really, really great and they're so cheap

I shouldn't say they're so cheap, because for some people they might not be cheap, but in comparison to the products that I usually buy and how much of money I spend on them, they're quite cheap So as I said, I carry foundation mixers with me, and I carry the Nip & Fab foundation mixers and one is in 55 Dark Mixer and 00 Light Mixer So just a white one and a deep one and yeah, these work fine for me They don't change the consistency of the foundation too much or the coverage, where I would say, okay I cannot use these and I just don't want to mix them in I have absolutely no problem mixing them in and it works fine

So, then I carry this Benecos Natural Beauty natural CC concealer I used to have the NYX one, but I actually really prefer this one from the consistency and the NYX one had two extra ones, that were supposed to just be concealers, but they really didn't match like any undertone I don't know what they were thinking Anyways, so this one, you really just have the colors that you really need to color correct and yeah, works great and I'm very happy about this I think I got this in a PIP box, which is a cruelty-free and vegan beauty box

Not entirely sure though Then I carry the trusty Kryolan TV Paint Stick in 070, which is a white one You never know when you're when you need to make the skin kind of white like that It's something that is requested quite often for photo shootings and stuff like that That is why I also carry the Ben Nye Colored Cake foundation in PC-1 White, which is a cake foundation, sometimes known as pancake foundation, which was very popular I think it was in the 20s or 30s and you take a wet sponge and you kind of rub it in there and then you dot it and in circular motions put it into the skin It's quite hard to work with, but it does give you a very, very beautiful finish

So I carry that one with me at all times as well, just because I have needed it on multiple occasions and I'm glad I had it with me Then moving on to concealers I have the new in my kit, because I used to carry the NARS Radiant Creamy concealers, which are still my favorite ones, it's kind of like the MUFE foundation uh the this one is the Born This Way Multi-Use Cculpting concealer super coverage

I got these, because I honestly I watched so many reviews of these and they were all so positive and for some reason, I'm still not aware that people might lie in these reviews or that they don't have the needs that I have for concealer I'm gonna use these and I'm gonna do a review on these as well, because I feel like it's necessary um but I don't think these are that great I think they crease under the eye, I have to be very careful not to use too much product If you use too much product, it is it looks terrible, it looks cakey and also it rubs off in a really weird way, if you wear it for quite some time I find it incredibly drying, even though it says it's hydrating on the website I just don't know I like the color choice of these and I think for contouring they're quite good and I carry four shades of these as well

I carry a the lightest one, then two medium ones and one deep one and that is usually enough; and I still have in here the MAC Prep and Prime, what are these? These are the highlighter and one is in Light Boost and one is in Radian Rose Let me, sorry I still have a lipstick swatch on my hand, but let me swatch these two for you These are just great little highlighter pens, kind of similar to the YSL Touche Γ‰clat Not mmmh yeah they're similar, they're not the same, but these are just great to highlight the face a little bit, if you don't need any coverage Like for example, the cheekbones or the nose area, you know, and if you have, depending on whether you have cool undertones or warm undertones, I youth use either one

Still looking for a dupe for this one, that is cruelty free; and that's it! Wow, that's it already, okay, that is not a lot of foundation Let's move on to the fake lashes and I have to say though, I have this This is the fake lashes I have to say though, what fake lashes I take me obviously varies very much to what shooting I'm going to If it's a photo shoot for uh

photography for like an avant-garde look, obviously I'm gonna take different lashes than I would when I go to someone private and they just want to go on a night out So this one, I think, this one is more interesting to you guys, because these are the ones that I carry with me when I go see someone who just wants for an event or something like that So the first ones I have here, are the Ardell Wispies and I think these are so beautiful I love that they have a clear band, I love that they're bunched up and in little bundles I think these look really, really, really great on the eyes and I love them so much; but they're

they're actually on the cheaper side, when it comes to lashes, because you have to remember that I have to sell these lashes to the client or give them to the model I cannot reuse them in any way or anything like that, so if you're spending and you know some lashes nowadays cost 20 Euros, 25 euros I'm obviously not gonna I mean obviously, if someone buys them from me, that's fine, but you know most normal people don't want to spend that much money on lashes, that they usually can't apply themselves and that's why they hire a makeup artist to do it for them, so you have to kind of keep it you know between 5 and 15 to 20 Euros for lashes, because you want to make a profit as well, you know Then I have the Kiss True Volume I don't even know if these still exist, but I think these are a great option for someone, who wants a lot more lashes, but it's still kind of going the more natural route

I think these were a special edition, I'm not sure I'll have to check in the drugstore I always carry a pair of under the lashes, underneath, with me just in case I need them for like, in case somebody wants a Twiggy look or just for a fun look, where we really accentuate the lower lashes and not the top lashes So I always carry those with me and I think these were Kryolan, but I'm not sure, sorry! This is terrible Then they always have individual lashes with me

These ones are Ardell I believe The long ones of these are like super, super long I'm gonna have to get different ones because this is individual lashes are great for people who don't actually want to wear fake lashes, because they're scared of them They think they'll look too fake, so then you can suggest to them, that you use individual lashes, because these ones are just the most natural They're always going to be the ones that look most natural and you can usually have short, medium and long ones So you can really, you know, you can start with the medium ones on the outer corner, you don't have to start with the long ones

So usually when people tell me, uhh I don't want fake lashes, I'm like okay, let's try the individual ones They're happy with the result and they're happy that I did that So I always carry these These are brown actually, just to make them even more natural So I would put the lashes on and then put mascara afterwards, if I'm using black mascara, but you could also use brown mascara for a more natural look

These are these are the Ardell, I think these are demi wispies but it says wispies on there, I get these off Amazon and these are by far the lashes I use absolutely the most I think they are gorgeous on the eye They are a very good combination of being more lashes, so you actually see a difference, and looking very natural, because of the crisscross wispies pattern I don't I'm not a big fan of the very straight, not crisscross lashes, I think they look very fake They can be for certain look, but it's just not my thing completely, but these actually, I think five of these cost 15 Euros, so that's like 3 Euros something per pair of lashes That is very cheap for lashes and that is also a reason why I use them so much and I can offer to do them at a very reasonable price and with a beautiful result Here I just have a pair of claire's lashes

These are straight ones, just in case somebody actually wants the straight ones, but they're actually quite short, so if I have a client with very short lashes, that wants something extra that is not too unnatural and just kind of, you know, these are also mixed brown and black, so it's a lot of people are scared of fake lashes I know, if you're watching this, you're probably really into makeup and that's not something you understand, but a lot of people who don't use a lot of makeup on a daily basis, are very afraid to use fake lashes, because they think it will change them so much, that they're unrecognizable; and they have in their head, those lashes that, you know, go up to here, go up to your eyebrows, and they don't know that there's so many other kind of lashes on the market So I carry quite a few of those with me, just to kind of take away that fear a little bit

And the last ones I have here, are these Unicorn Lashes Isn't the packaging just so cute? These are Apple Sours I think these look amazing I haven't actually tried them on a client yet, because as I said, I don't have demand for that as much Usually I just use some like these on myself

I'd always use would use a black liner, because you have these have quite thick band, but they're gorgeous and there's so much hair, but it will cover your entire eye makeup I don't you know, I try not to use a lot of fake lashes on my channel, because I just think it'll cover up everything, all the hard work you just put in and the reality is, that a lot of us don't wear fake lashes on a day-to-day basis So yeah, but I really, I mean the packaging got me, let's be honest here Love the unicorn packaging As a glue, I always carry with me the DUO eyelash glue I carry the clear one and also the dark toned one

Wow, that took longer than I thought! Hope you liked this video, you can subscribe if you want, or not if you don't want to and I make new videos every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday! So I hope I'll see you next video! Bye bye!