Makeup Chair Chit Chat: Makeup Primers Over 40

hi I'm Darnell Cox with live young lifestyle and I'm here again with my makeup artist and good friend Jenny Karl for another episode of makeup chair chitchat today we are talking about primer so if you're one of those are like what the heck is a primer you're gonna want to watch this let's talk about like what do you what exactly do you put on my face because that's what a lot of our viewers are asking we get a lot of questions on our youtube channel about primers so you know what primers I use on darnell what are good primer is what I would suggest as primers and what they do so much do you put on what do you tell where do you use yeah how to apply it right because there's I farmers there's there's face primer there's lip primer there are a lot of primers so we're just gonna go through all the primers and we're gonna start out with face primer so I'm gonna start out with Dermalogica is a great line it's salut high-end but this'll last a while you're only using a teeny tiny bit I mean you're you're using like it's a popcorn kernel a popcorn kernel a small popcorn and then and then what I like to do is I like to mix and this one in particular is the skin perfect primer from Dermalogica which has an iridescent to it so it's great for someone who has kind of like a dull skin tone who needs a little glow so it's great for people that are over the age of 40 and buy iridescent I don't mean glitter or shimmer I mean it has a glow to it so if you have a drier skin it gives you kind of a doing Asst without you know having to use oils which are which are not good for keeping your makeup on right because that's what primers for it helps you keep your makeup on all day and it keeps your skin from looking you know ruddy or your forest from standing out it just smooths everything so it not only keeps your makeup on but it smoothes your skin okay and color correct so that's what primers are so what I like to do is I mix some of them so I like to use a little bit of that one and then this one is the poor reducing it's called Hydra blur and it just blurs your pores right so I put a little popcorn kernel of that and then I put a little popcorn kernel of the red introducing which is my favorite primer green reduces red so if you have rosacea or ruddiness or you know just that pink tone to your skin and you want to get rid of it you put a little bit of the green and you don't have to use all three you can choose the one that you like the best or you can mix only two that you like or you can just use one and honestly you can just take a foundation brush and quickly just put all three mix them all together and just apply just paint it on and you really just paint it on to the entire face so now the Dermalogica primers are wonderful and I love them but they're at a higher price point so if you want more of a mid price point primer there's a great line called the Youngblood and they are cruelty free they're a mineral line and they're a little lower of a price point they have a mineral primer that's just clear and then they have these really cool ones that I like too which are CC primers which are color correcting primers so you get one in like light medium or dark and it's actually like you know I like controllers I like the color correcting I agree too so it's like the color of your skin and it really smooths everything out and you can also add a redness reducing primer to it if you're extra red yeah I think it it this also helps if you just do if you're doing a color correcting primer and like you're going to the gym or something and you have all your serums on you've got your sunscreen on and you do a color correcting primer it's a really good way to have like that no makeup makeup it is it's like two products in one and it really you don't have to use extra foundation you're just a little not wearing that thick mass so I like these these are really nice so here we are so Youngblood which is which is the the mineral line I was just talking about also makes a primer it's called stay put I primer and it comes in a little compact you use a little synthetic brush to apply it and it's nice and smooth it's very inexpensive you can get it online it kind of just looks like a skin tone and is that your favorite one to young but this is a good one I love this one's one of my favorites but there's also these really good ones by NYX NYX is a brand you can get anywhere like you can get at Target and get it so what are these run easily so I would say these run like ten dollars and they're water-resistant they're a pro brand every makeup artist has like NYX so they have many different ones and you can order them online as well and they're really inexpensive they're water-resistant and and super easy to apply you just need a little synthetic brush or some people use their fingertips I mean if you clean your hands and you want to use your hands to put on your primers and your fingertips put on your primers go for it make sure I found out I've just found out with my fingers I can't pull up maybe because my nails poked my eyeballs yeah but you I can't get right in there closer to the lash line when you have a brush you can really just get like underneath right right under the brow and then you want to make sure it's all blended nicely and then you can just start applying your makeup so now let's like move on to like the lips I do prep the lips I just don't believe in lip primers I think is a giant waste of money they either dry out the lips too much or they just don't work in my experience right a lip conditioner that you know that you like that that you know will absorb nicely and shea butters is good too and then and then what I do is I take a little powder and I just kind of brush a little powder over the top over the top with like a fluffy little brush and I actually use the lip liner as my primer okay I take the lipliner and I don't just line the lips but I fill in the entire lip yeah I just fill the whole thing in so that's what I do and it helps to lipstick stay on longer so that's my slick primer because you can find lip primers they're real cheap I mean most of them are under $20 most are under $10 the lip primers but they're at Goodison but they really they don't yeah save the $10 on the lip primer and get the eye primer that's what I would suggest and a nice neutral lip liner right for your tutu line and fill your lips so let's just kind of recap now what we've done so you started out with a clean face after all of my anti-aging products and you primed my entire face with a color correcting primer we put the moisturizer on the lip we've put the primer on the eyes yeah so and does that mean that the makeup that's gonna go on top we don't have to do this much yes we won't have to use as much because we've we've really smooths it thin out and color corrected so you don't have to use as much concealer or foundation so that goes back to all those videos that we've done on the left is more as you get old and prepping the skin so that all the makeup stays on and we've got a really nice canvas to work with but we're we're wearing less makeup and that less is more thing getting back to how we used to look in our youth I think that's a really good way to live young