Makeup for Beginners : What Is A Face Primer? How to Apply + Why to Use It

today I'm gonna teach you guys everything you need to know about makeup primers now I know as a makeup artist makeup shopping in general can just be extremely extremely extremely overwhelming like literally I can go into Sephora get lost and not go out with any products because I can just get so freakin overwhelming like I have all these products saying that they're gonna change my life and do all these miracles for me and then they just end up lying it's like a bad boyfriend you know it's mmm I don't even know how I even got through it being a makeup artist like two years ago I literally knew absolutely nothing about makeup I you couldn't even tell me that there was a difference between an eyebrow pencil and eyeliner like I I knew nothing but now I'm internationally certified Beauty and special effects makeup artist oh yeah that's me in two years I'm not saying that I'm an amazing makeup artist but I am saying that I'm working on becoming the most educational makeup artist out there for you guys so first of all we're gonna talk about why you really need a makeup primer yes you need a makeup primer why because I want you to think about your face as a wall if you've ever done any painting if you've only ever done any home decor or rehab like home read has like rehab you might know a little bit about painting so if you don't know anything about painting come with me okay we're just going over here don't worry don't worry so like here's my face here's the wall let's think of these two things like in similarities because in this situation we're going to think about how my face and they ball both the primer okay well I'm talking for a second and I'm going to show you here there's holes in the wall and there are some imperfections in this wall and I really hope you can see like there's this and all these small little imperfections same thing with my skin I have a whole bunch of pores I have red spots I have dark circles I have a coily days I have pores I could go on and on about all the imperfections of my skin have let's come back Alizabeth world okay so my skin and the wall both have a lot of imperfections before putting on it base coat on this wall I will put on a paint primer because a paint primer will help to smooth out the imperfections it'll help to smooth out all the holes in the wall so that when I paint when I put the paint on you don't see those imperfections or they're a lot easier to cover up the same thing with a makeup primer the same exact thing no make a primer and paint primer don't ever use paint primer and your face like they aren't actually the same thing but they do the same thing to have the same action so in that same sense a makeup primer will help to cover up and fill in your pores it will help to hide any redness if you have oily skin it will help to diminish or absolutely reduce the amount of oiliness that your skin produces throughout the day if you have dry skin and the correct primer will help to add some life and lumina Illuminati some Lumosity to your skins all you'll have more life into you and you won't look so dry and dead skin ish if that makes sense so there are a crap ton of different primers out there there are lovin area primers there are primer masks there are drugstore primers and any section there's a whole bunch of thousands of different sub sections you could go through certain brands are certain like some primers make for its getting some primers that for dry skin like there are so many to choose from so how do you know which one is the right one for you well that's when we're gonna get to in a hot second so first of all I just want to show you my collection of primers I don't have a whole lot of primers and a lot of the partners what I have I've gotten through subscription boxes so I have a primer mask that I've never used because I wouldn't talk about it in this video so this is from bio Belle and this is supposed to enhance radiance minimize pores and even my skin tone with this primer mask I have Rimmel stay matte primer one of my favorite primers all time I have maybelline baby skin primer which are that's it for my drugstore then I have color effects illuminating primer I've makeup for ever step one skinny equalizing primer I Smashbox photo finish primer I have to face hangover RX primer pore fessional it's from well it's supposed to be from benefit but I bought it off Aliexpress it's from kiss Beauty it's supposed to be a pore reducing primer and last but not least I have Make Up For Ever step one skin equalizer primer one of all those primers each private does a different thing each primer has a different use for different skin problems and that's what you're really using a primer for is to fix some of the problems your skin has for example I used to have or actually I can talk about this one if you make up forevers step one skin equalizer is great to use if you have redness for example I have a lot of redness around here I have acne so if I'm looking just to cover up the redness on my skin I would use a skin equalizing primer you may also find primaries that are marketed as helping to fight redness because they have a tint of green to them if you're looking to fix your redness you'll want to use something like that on the other hand we have oily primers that help to reduce the oily of your skin my favorite drugstore primer of all time because I have oily skin is the Rimmel stay matte primer I love this I've had this for good while this is always always always my go-to primer for myself and my makeup artistry credit clients then you have things as as masks these I don't even know these are work but they're out there so I'm gonna answer your questions so each of these primers all have one thing in common they all have a consistently thickness to them some of them will be white some primers will be on the greener side just depending again on what you're looking to change about your skin you want to use a makeup primer because if you want a smooth makeup application using a primer will help to give you that it will have to give you that flawless finish that not one looks good but also stays on all throughout the day if you spend half an hour putting on your make we're gonna want it to stay on all throughout the day right well if you don't use a makeup primer that's not going to happen so here's the Rimmel stay matte primer this is a thick almost looks like lotion um this is $499 in the drugstore it's a little candy cane is so cute but as you can see it's very white I also have the Too Faced hangover found the primer which comes in a pump bottle that I just dropped yes I did let's see how this looks okay can you click new like thank you so as you can see this looks a little bit more liquidy than the stain matte primer now the reason why is because they stay matte Franco which is this one right here helps to also fill in pores which in turn will help to stop or minimize the reduction production of oil this on the other hand is not meant to do anything like that it's helped to bring back some life into my skin the hangover RX primer is really meant for people who have more dry skin so this is a little bit more moisturizing because it's meant for people who have dry skin if you have dry skin you're looking not to keep yourself matte but to bring some life back into your skin and that's exactly what this primer does so as you can see these two are both white then we're gonna head over so they make up forever step one skin equalizer primer let's see how this one looks now as you can see this is a lot more nude looking it's got a tan color with some green undertones to it why does it have green undertones to it you may ask because it's meant to help equalize your skin or give you a nice smooth blank canvas if you will to start putting on your foundation with this is also a little bit on the thicker side it kind of looks like play-doh in a sense if you think of it like if you do the wands it looks like play-doh a little bit we also have the Make Up For Ever step one skin and equalizer this one is to help hydrate your skin this one is very very watery you can even see it moving down my hand and as you can see the consistencies between the makeup forever and the mega proof know that you faced what a hydrating prior are very similar in a sense that there were watery because they are meant for drier skins we have the Porefessional which is clear this is also a thicker side you can't even really see it but it's on a thicker side as well as the Rimmel stay matte primer that's because they're meant to fill in pores and order to fill in pores needs something that has a bit of thickness and consistency into it to pack into those pores to get everything nice and smooth the Smashbox photo finish primer is obviously clear but it has a bit of a fog to it if you will but that as well is Omni thicker side and then last but not least we have two maybelline baby skin primer which is supposed to be a dupe for the Smashbox photo finish primer these two are right next to each other this is Maybelline this is Smashbox so these are all different primers they all almost look different to each have their own consistency to them that's because no product is ever exactly the same they're all made and marketed for their own specific fixes like that makes sense I hope that made sense but can you mix primers together like can you totally you totally can I always mix my Rimmel stay matte and these Smashbox photo finish primer because I have large pores especially in my t-zone area but I also need oiliness I need like less oil on my skin so I'm just gonna get a little swatch of each one and show you on my skin how they appear and how to properly apply I probably shouldn't be using my finger but that's okay because my skin is clean my hands are clean so I don't really have to worry about spreading acne so here is my Rimmel stay matte primer I always always always if you are using a pore diminishing primer tap it into your skin because just by smearing it on your skin you can do this at first but once it starts getting a little tacky you want to tap it into your skin you're going to want to tap it into your skin because your pores think of your poor as AC or au this is your paw right here by just smearing your primer on top you're only getting in the first top layer into the poor by tapping it in you're getting into that pore which means your pores by tapping it in are going to be completely reduced by the size of their appearance that was backwards but you're also helping to remove the oil production because you're getting everything in there nice and like patted in so this is the Rimmel stay matte found it a primer as you can see I already look less oily the side of my face does not have any primer ends and right here does I look less oily but it's clear or white actually this is white so you can only see that I'm wearing primer doesn't really look like I'm wearing anything at all on the other hand I have the makeup forever primer and this one has some color to it this one definitely does feel a little bit sandy which is strange I don't know why I feel sandy feeling but you can't see that I'm wearing anything it doesn't even look like I'm wearing anything at all but the reduction of this pimple right here the redness to that is definitely you can see a little bit of very adduction to it I didn't use a lot of primer would be makeup forever I didn't put a whole lot on but by having that reduction there and then putting on a foundation on top you'll have a flawless finish and that's like the whole point of wearing primers to give yourself a flawless finish and to have makeup stay at one all day on the other hand we have the Too Faced hungover primer hangover primer as you can see is very shiny and very wet on the skin you see how easy my hand is sliding around I do like using a two-faced a hangover primer because it really brings a certain life back into a face with my face so here's my face split down in half here's the Rimmel stay matte primer and here is the Too Faced hangover primer you can really see it the difference in my skin I have a lot more low if you will call it to my skin a lot more luminous why can't I say that word Lumosity to my skin and a little bit brighter looking this is very dull looking but that's okay because I'm not wearing any foundation but this side however looks a lot brighter more lifelike now last but not least we have our silicon based primers which are meant to fill in pores I always use the crap out of these in my nose area so I'm gonna get all nice and close I have to look in my viewfinder because otherwise I'll put myself in my face if you can already see it my skin already looks smoother so again the same situation with the silicon based primer for the pores your first might want to rub it in but once you're done rubbing it in it gets a little tacky or you don't feel as much primer on your skin you're gonna want to tap it in the same reason why that I talked about with the Rimmel stay matte primer they really really like if we can get all nice up and close you can really see a difference in the size of my pores and the appearance of my pores now a pore of reducing primer does not always reduce well if you're looking for a primer that reduces oil and the appearance of pores you're gonna have to look for when this market as both of them I do not have a single primer here that reduces both of them things both of those things a primer usually is only marketed to help diminish the appearance of one specific thing or to help hydrate your skin but I have all these different primers on my skin and you can really see the difference like look very luminous and glowy very matte a lot less red my nose doesn't look like it has any pores on it whatsoever and then I kind of just mixed all of them right here and put that on my chin area you can really see if you'd hunt hangover RX really coming through and giving me some life but you can mix primaries and that's exactly what I did here by mixing primers I'm kind of taking and making one formula to fight multiple things you're not going to want to mix a hydrating primer with a primer that helps to reduce oil because that's kind of just combating you're like X&Y you're kind of just doing like the same thing that wouldn't really make sense a primer mask on the other hand this one says to enhance radiance and minimize pores I have no idea if this works I can't really test it out but I would really recommend a primer mask for somebody who has extremely dry skin and you're looking to bring some life and like life and glow back to you because a mask is really a great way to deliver a lot of hydration to your skin immediately not have to take on a lot of moisturizer and cake on a lot of primer so that's it that's everything you need to know about primer yes you can apply primer with your hands you can apply it with a Beauty Blender or a makeup sponge or a buffing brush you can apply a primer with whatever you so want as long as you apply primer now I'm not saying that you have to because makeup is whatever you want to do it's your thing that's how you have fun but applying primer can really help make your makeup stay on all day as well as reduce the appearance of blemishes fine lines in the same sense I use silicone based primer to reduce the appearance of my fine lines um and just to smooth out your skin and give you a great base to start applying your makeup hey everything you need to know something's up in 17 minutes I hope you enjoyed this video and I'll see you in my next one