MakeUp for Older Women: Define Your Eyes and Lips Over 60

the new hi I expect that as a woman of a certain age you've been led to believe either because you read it or somebody said it to you that you really shouldn't wear too much in the way of eye makeup and certainly not a vibrant or strong lip color because you look age inappropriate well I don't think that's true because as we get older everything tends to fade a little bit and we actually need more help to define our eyes and also to have our lips looking pretty which they can do if you choose the right colours My name is Tricia and I'm the founder and MD of Look Fabulous Forever and we have four wonderful eye products and three great lip products to help you to define your eyes and lips and look younger and prettier

Now I'd like to welcome Carol who's going to be our model for today Carol I go back a long way we met in the 1960s when we were both teenagers and we share a lifelong passion not only for looking good, of course but also for putting our makeup on and Linda is going to be applying makeup Ok so the first product we're going to start with for the eyes is the lid prime just as we did with the face the lid prepares the eyes for the shadow that we going to put on top say you can see that you just apply it with the sponge applicator and then dab it on to the eyelid with the fingers you also need to just let that dry because if you try and put any product on top of it, it literally won't stay on next we're gong to use what i think is quite a revolutionary little tool for helping to enhance your brows You can see that Carol has quite faded eyebrows in the sense that they're obviously the same colour as her hair which is a beautiful silvery white colour and her brows of course match her hair colour but unfortunately they no longer frame her face as they ought to doSo what you need to do is to take the brow pen, it's a kind of paint it has a very very fine brush that you can use and you apply it using light feathery strokes you're actually emulating the idea of painting on individual hairs the reason that this works so well is because you're not going to end up with a hard thick line which you get from pencil and you're not gonna get a smudged effect which you get from using a shadow We have a brush which is number 6 and that can be very useful just to groom the brows and make sure that everything is in order before you just then touch that area up just making sure that you got the right level of density an intensity if you like for the brows not too much but enough to give shape and to frame the face The next product we're going to use on the eyes is the lid colour as you can see it's a lovely silvery in the container it look slightly purpley so please don't freak out when you first see it when it goes on to the eyelid and dries it dries to a really beautiful sort of silver slightly shimmery finish

Now that might frighten you because you might think oh no glitter no shimmer, I musn't have anything like that on my slightly crepey eyelids but in fact this is a smoother it smooths out the eyelid giving that slight hint of colour which is very very flattering as you can see on Carol who's got lovely bluey-grey eyes and with her silvery hair it's actually extremely complimentary I've used this colour on lots of different people and I have used it on people with very dark coloured hair and it works just as well people with brown eyes it suits them too So it's it's almost like a universal colour When you've applied that you may want to take really any sort of waxy crayon that you can find that suits you and just start to draw a line as close as you possibly can to the eyelashes The purpose for doing this is actually to make your eyelashes look thicker Again as we age our eyelashes tend to get very very much thinner they're less lustrous than they were when we were younger unfortunately however you can give the illusion of thicker eyelashes just by putting a little bit of colour along the edge of your lash line So next, using brush 5, Linda is just continuing to put a little bit of colour along the eyelash line, what she's using here is eyeshade which is coloured Taupe

This is a very pretty subtle colour and again it's all about definition giving shape and defining the eye in the best possible way Now using brush 7 she's going to start to create a socket line Now why would you do this in fact it's really really important that you add depth to your eyes and make them look a lot bigger by painting in or colouring in a socket line so that it looks as though you're eyes and much more open and very much larger – it really does have the most dramatic effect If you have hooded eyes, Carol's very fortunate and her eyes aren't at all hooded but if you do have hooded eyes you can use this brush and the powder shadow somewhere between your eyebrows and your eyelid – have a look in the mirror and decide where the socket line would it be if your eyes weren't hooded then you take your brush and your shadow and you just paint in an arc of colour and have another look and just check that it works and you have literally created an eye socket It's quite a good idea at this point to take a clean brush and just work that in making sure that again there are no hard edges and that it looks subtle but has as I said quite a dramatic effect

And you can see that what Linda has done there has really opened Carol's eye up and now it looks much much bigger and of course very much better defined And she's just going to put a little bit more colour this is using the charcoal shade, a slightly darker colour down again onto the lash line So the reason that I've chosen these two shades, eyeshades, are because they are very particularly matte when you're older and you put on eye shadow into the socket line if it's got any shimmer in it whatsoever it really doesn't work it doesn't work because it kind of grabs onto any crepeiness that you've got or dryness and it just makes it look worse was good about these shadows is because they're so matte they actually enhance the look on your eye rather than detract from it rRght final touch is mascara any good mascara works well as long as it hasn't got too many filaments or fibres or anything like that in that can make you look as though you've got spiders landed on your face which is not a good look I don't think as you as you get older So you may want to curl your eyelashes first and then just apply the mascara, lifting lifting lifting you're eyelashes little bit on the lower lashes as well again this is creating the illusion of you're eyes being much bigger and more open

And there we have it So obviously the last thing your going to do is put on some lip colour You can if you want to just prepare your lips for colour by rubbing over with a q-tip this gets rid of any makeup that you've got his residue on top of your lips and don't forget that you're going to use a lip prime first which you may have applied before you started putting your makeup on You can see that Linda is applying a lip liner any lip liner will work as long as it matches your natural lip colour that's what you're looking for You put it on along the very edge of your lips, using light feathery strokes, no hard lines just around your lips and making sure that you maximise or maybe I should say optimise the lip that you have available if your lips have become very thin you obviously want to make the most to them and this is the best way to do it don't go over the edge of your lip because that really does look ghastly! But onto the edge and then you're ready for the lip colour Using brush 5 and do if you can use a lip brush no question you get a much more professional finish if you use lip brush we're using lipstick colour which is sweet pea it's a very pretty soft pink

So you can see here that Linda is applying the lip stick to Carol's lips using the brush and using fine feathery strokes Building up the colour so that it's actually as dense as you want it to be a good tip with lipstick to make it last is to apply one coat and then blot it with a tissue and then just apply a second coat that can really make a difference as to how long your lipstick lasts looking fresh which is what you want The formulation of our lipsticks is quite creamy not matte or dry looking which is really unattractive when you're older Also just a note on lip colour we're often terrified of using really bright or dark or vibrant shades of lipstick when we're older you can use deeper shades certainly if you think about Helen Mirren and how she looks in her wonderful reds on her lips, but be wary of things like brown or an auberginey color which can deaden your face and actually definitely make you look older so the right shade and you'll look terrific And the final product she's going to use is lip shine

So this is a gloss and she's just dabbing it on with the integrated sponge applicator onto the top of the lips just bring a little bit of shine and prettiness There we go! So all done absolutely gorgeous do do