Makeup For Older Women How I Apply My Eye Makeup

Hi everybody, I get lots of interest whenever I do anything about eye make up It seems to be quite a challenging aspect of what to do when you're older so I thought I'd make this short video, especially for you, just to show you what I do when I put on my eye make up and my intention here is to give you a step-by-step process which you can follow using all Look Fabulous Forever eye products and just showing you how the way on me

I hope you enjoy it and I hope you find it useful So, to start with I'm going to use Look Fabulous Forever Eye Primer Now you may what the value of an eye primer actually is if you've never used one before I'm only going to make up one eye because quicker and you'll see the effect on that Now an eye primer, as you see I've applied it quite lightly and I'm now using our Look Fabulous Forever Brush No

4 just to smooth that over the lid area What this is going to do it's going to remove any discolouration that I have on my eye lid, which is quite a problem for some women when they're older and it also makes sure that anything that I put on top actually stays in place for longer it's really brilliant I think I've said it before and I'll say it again older skin is bit like blotting paper, the trouble with blotting paper is if you try and draw nice straight line on it or really put anything on it it tends to feather, bleed and blur So, what you're doing with a primer is you actually making sure that that doesn't happen so the next thing I'm going to do our my brows Now, again brows are challenging for older women they're often quite sparse

Mine kind of run out here, they disappear What you're trying to do is trying to create proportion and symmetry with your brows, so they should be as wide apart as the base of your nose and then they should really, in terms of a line going from here to here to here end about there and you can see mine actually stop here So, I'm going to correct that with our brow shape and our brow shape is quite ingenious I came up with the idea I wanted to create much more life like and realistic then pencil or smudgy powder So, what you do with the brow shape using these light feathery strokes haven shaken it up first is to just, almost like portrait painter

Painting in the areas that are missing I'm never that bothered if I pluck out some of my eye brows that have gone funny directions or they have become very wiry or over long All those things happen to your eyebrows when you get older Just pluck them out, because I know I can recreate and actually have quite a realistic effect with this and I'm going to extend the length of my eyebrows down like that so that they're actually a better shape and they just look nicer, they're framing my eyes more successfully Ok, so you can see the contrast with the other eyebrow there

Didn't take long it's given it better definition and the brow brush comes with this brow brush as part of a set It's then used for just very lightly ensure that it's looking good So we've got two products there, the primer and the brow brush What I'm going to do now is I'm going to use one of our face products, which is the Look Fabulous Forever Light and I'm going to put some onto the brow bone so that this area here, going to highlight it

and you can see as it catches the light That its just drawing attention to an area you want to draw attention too, rather successfully and the tops the cheek bones is another good area so you're really doing it in this area here, so just pat it in you'll find it disappears into the skin very readily, its a lovely product to use and the idea of that is it makes this whole eye area pop, look a lot prettier and better, so the next thing I'm going to do is apply some Look Fabulous Forever Shade I'm going to use Taupe This is matte like all our shades it's not your glittery or shimmery thing which tends to grab onto any crepance that you have on your eyes and where I'm going to put it I'm going to put it here, I'm going to try and do this without raising my eyebrow it's very tempting to raise your eyebrow I'm just going to put it there, the idea of shadow is that your dividing the eye down in to 3 distinct areas So, you've got a lighter area here, a lighter area here and a darker area in-between, makes your eyes look bigger! I'm going to pull it out to the outer edges a little bit and just work that in

not being too bothered about precision at this stage, it doesn't have to be terrible precise, as long as your putting it roughly where it needs to go because you're going to blend it like crazy in a minute I'm actually going to put down onto this outer corner as well Ok, so the whole idea is that it has a lengthening effect or widening effect I should say on my eyes, makes them look bigger Ok, so thats the kind of rough area that I'm going to put it and I think thats probably enough That was using Look Fabulous Forever Brush No

7 using another Brush No7, clean one this time, I'm just going to blend that like mad so really really thorough blending, the whole idea of this is that no hard edges and because this brush is clean, this hasn't got any shadow at all I'm literally taking any excess of but I'm also ensuring that its as fully blended as I can possible get it Ok, right out to the outside edges Outer edges you can do circular motions pulling into the inside area and just keep working it in until you feel happy with the way that it looks

Now what I want to do is to put some colour and some lightness into this area of my eyelid I'm going to do that using the Look Fabulous Forever Silver Mist Lid Colour and again I'm going to use our Look Fabulous Forever Brush No4 to apply it I'm going to apply it from the sponge applicator so that I can control where I'm putting it I'm just doing it onto that inner area because the outer area has actually got some shadow on it Alright, and again Brush No

4, to work it into my eyelid so its going on top of the lid primer and I'm not going to take it all the way across but I am going to make sure its blended so it doesn't look strange Remember on that outer area I put some shadow so when you put this on first its quite sticky but as I said, don't panic, use the brush or you can sue your finger and pat it in I find a brush generally gives you a much more professional effect If you don't have brushes If you were painting a wall you'd use a brush you wouldn't try and put it on with your fingers

Make up isyou're called a make up artist because you're actually using pots of paint aren't you? Colours, paints, whatever

Your doing that to enhance the look of yourself so of course you need the tools to go with it, which means brushes I hope you like the effect of that now I'm going to do something which is about thickening my eyelashes Eyelashes are very problematic when you're older They tend to be quite sparse and and not very thick anything that you can do to increase the look of thickness that you've got the better I'm going to use Charcoal Shade for this, and I'm going to use our Look Fabulous Forever Brush No5, which is a little fine brush and I'm going to do this quite delicately, because I don't want to create a great heavy line along my eye lashes I'm going to do this quite lightly, so resting the brush onto my eyelashes

I'm just going to start pushing some of that product into the base there So, the idea is really to create a thickness which is the illusion you are creating creating the illusion that they are thicker So, not raising it much above the line of the lashes, keeping it really quite close, though not too much and the idea is to not so much create a line as to push that product into the route of the lashes as far as you can So, quite subtle I think thats probably enough, I really don't want to over do it it needs to be enough to have an impact, without sort of suddenly looking like you've closed your eyes down you really don't want to do that

You can also if you want to add a little bit underneath I don't put much underneath my eyes, I don't like it, I feel it closes my eyes down a bit I think thats probably enough just have a look at this eye compared to this eye and my lash area just that small amount of product has had quite a beneficial affect The next thing I'm going to do – it's quite exciting this, I like doing this bit I'm going to curl my eye lashes, we've got some brilliant new eye lashes curlers in the range They are the best I've ever used anyway and I've been using eye lash curlers all my life practically! and I'm going to show you effective of this on my eye lashes

So, if I put this here, I think you can see from that angle that my eye lashes aren't very curly, they are pretty straight, they come out straight from my eye lids So, I'm going to put them over, I hope you can see this, I'm now trapping my upper lashes between the top and bottom parts of the curler and I'm going to pump, pump, pump, pump, pump, pump, pump so now they are nicely curled, another gopump, pump, pump it really doesn't take very long

You can see how immediately they have come up compared to those you can actually see them, I've got my eyes the same amount open and again I'lll show you the effect of that in this if I can get the angle right – there we go, so where as before they were sticking straight out they are now curling quite nicely last thing to do and that is to apply Look Fabulous Forever Mascara, and I'm going to do that with the mascara wand so, whats special about our mascara, is its not a lengthening mascara it is a thickening mascara, all mascaras are thickening, you're adding an extra layer to your lashes to make them look thicker what I don't like are really filament heavy gloopy mascaras I think they look quite ugly Do you remember Barbara Cartland? She use to dress in pink all the time and she really did look as though she'd got a a couple of spiders landed on her face! it wasn't a very attractive look at all I think when you are older, if you have that very very hard spidery look around your eyes its not particularly pretty I've had some lovely feedback about this mascara even at the end of its life, its still not become thick and gloopy, for want of a better word so, bottom lashes I do this using the end of the mascara wand, bit easier they're quite sparse there's enough there to create bit of drama, and we're just going to go back and add another coat on the top lashes You know with mascara, you go wiggle, wiggle, up, wiggle, wiggle, up, lifting, lifting, lifting and with the curled lashes of course you get a lot better effect So, I think that's more or less it I've used 5 products: I've used the Brow Shape I've used the Highlighter some Taupe Shadow and Charcoal Shadow and then the lid colour mascara

So, have a good look at each eye in turn, compare them, I hope you agree that this eye, looks an awful lot bigger than this eye and that the whole effect is pretty I'm going to go away and do the other eye now and put some lip stick on I'm then going to take a photograph, which I hope to put at the front of the video so that you can see the final finished effect Thanks for watching, I hope you found it useful and don't forget to come visit us at wwwlookfabulousforever

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