Makeup For Older Women: How I Apply My Face Makeup and Lip Makeup

Hi, one of the issues when you're older is how to make your face look better by applying makeup that doesn't look like a mask or too heavy This is one of the challenges that I had when I put together the range for Look Fabulous Forever

Quite a lot of women come up to me at makeovers and say to me – "I don't wear a base, I don't wear a foundation I just wear a tinted moisturiser" and that's fine it gives you enough coverage, but as you can see from my skin, I've got quite a lot of blemishes because I have acne rosacea And these spots I have here and on my forehead just aren't covered by using a tinted moisturiser So I had a key requirement in the base that it would cover well, even my skin tone and unify the look of my skin, even though its quite blotchy So, I'm going to show you how it works I'm also going to show you how the Look Fabulous Forever Primer works

Now primer, face primer, is fantastic when your older it seals the skin in the sense of filling in any fine lines or open pores that you've got and it forms this wonderful base on which to put your foundation Its a bit like applying a primer to a wall in preparation for the paint your going to put on top and it really works brilliantly So, start with this – I'm going to use this in a particular way that I prefer, which is to put about that much primer but I'm going to save time by mixing it with the base, so a squirt of the base, back of the hand and using a makeup brush, which is our Look Fabulous Forever brush No3, I'm going to swirl those two together and I'm going to apply them evenly over my face, this saves time, as its one operation rather than two and it really does leave the most fantastic effect So I'm going to start in the centre of my face and I'm just going to start to buff this into my skin

Now, what your doing with base when you apply it and remember this is mixed with Look Fabulous Forever Primer is your making sure that it actually goes into rather than sitting on top of the skin So you put your moisturiser on or serum and moisturiser, which is what I apply first in order to ensure that your skin has got enough hydration in it One of the biggest problems when you're older is having your skin be hydrated sufficiently, because it tends to be extremely thirsty So a good moisturiser, and as I said I also use a serum first, moisturise on top I let it dry and I do all this before I clean my teeth – So it has time to settle on my skin and before I put my makeup on

The last video that I did which was about eye makeup, I had quite a lot of objections on Facebook about "Hang on a minute, how long does this take you?" Well all I'd say is, I get up in the morning I put my my face on, which of course includes face makeup, eye makeup and so on, and then I'm done for the day It probably takes me 15-20 minutes and some of you are sitting there thinking, "Oh, I haven't got time to do that" but honestly I don't touch it again, I don't touch it again before I go to bed, even if I go out in the evening, my makeup will look as fresh at six o'clock in the evening as it does at six o'clock in the morning Not that I get up at six o'clock in the morning, but you know what I mean It just doesn't need anything more doing to it So, thats it

So I hope you can see the effect of that is just to completely even the skin tone and its also done a fairly good job of covering up the blemishes that I've got on my face But it hasn't done quite enough of a job to cover all the blemishes I've got on my face So the next thing, having applied the base with the Look Fabulous Forever Primer is to do something about those other areas that I'm not very happy about using a Look Fabulous Forever Concealer Now we've got Concealers that match the base colours, and the idea of this is you're just putting something thats got a bit more denseness in terms of pigmentation and cream on top of any areas your that you're not very happy with So looking at my face now I can see that I've still got a noticeable spot here and here here and here

I've got a little cluster of my acne rosacea here And I've got a few up here, but there not too bad at the moment So I'm just using my Look Fabulous Forever Concealer Brush No4 and I'm just going to dab this product onto those areas that I'm not very happy with and then I can use my finger just to ensure they're nicely absorbed on the skin Just adding a little bit of extra help and coverage

Don't worry too much about putting quite a lot of Look Fabulous Forever Concealer on it it's a lovely product and it really does Its not noticeable at all once you've patted it in and its actually dry This area here I'm not very happy about I know that this is a very blotchy red looking area So I'm just going to pat that in like that, thats looking pretty good So, any specific areas, that as I say, you don't like very much – maybe you've got some age spots

So I've got one there slightly just use the concealer to cover that What about that bit between my eyes? There we go So thats quite easily done The other thing I'm going to do with my concealer is push it into the corners of my eyes here This area when your older becomes very blue almost and it gives your eyes and your face a hollow look, a hollowed out look

Its very redolent of that sort of old age look that you get, It starts, I'm 67, so it starts definitely in your sixties By the way I will say this – I have never had any work done to my face, I don't use Botox and I certainly have never gone under the knife I literally can't imagine letting anyone near my face with a scalpel or syringe and I just don't like the idea Now if you do and you like have your Botox or any other procedures done on your face then who am I to say thats not a good thing to do? But its not for me and thats just a personal preference Ok, so the next thing I'm going to do is I'm going to use a Look Fabulous Forever highlighter, and highlighters are brilliant, if you don't know about them they're brilliant just to give some contouring to your face, to draw attention to the areas you want to draw attention to – Which are the bones in your face

So, we talk about people having high cheekbones looking particularly gorgeous, well one of the ways to show your cheekbones off is by using the highlighter – So I'm going to put it here and I've done a little bit on my brow bone here, so up into the cheekbone and up onto the brow bone All you do is apply with the integrated brush and you just pat it in and it sort of disappears, but its there doing its job And the job its doing is just making your face look dewier and fresher One of the reasons I started Look Fabulous Forever was because I bought a base that cost me about £35, a high end luxury product I thought I got it home, put it on and it was made for younger skin

It was quite thin it just didn't work, I didn't look good and I just thought I've wasted this money I'm going to have to throw this away So one of the requirments I have for every single product in the range is that if you're older and you've got the problems that I've got with my ageing face, is that it works really well under those circumstances I'm really proud of our base because its brilliant It does exactly what it needs to do without looking like I've pulled a mask over my head

So the next thing I'm going to do, the last thing I'm going to do on my face is too add Look Fabulous Forever Blush Now where am I going to put it? Now I'm going to look at my eye, come down from my eye and start here I'm going to do it quite high up, not apples of cheeks because the apples of my cheeks have dropped So I'm going to start here I'm just going to pat it onto my cheekbones Now our blush is cream to powder formulation and again why did I want that? I think that when your older and you use powder blushes – especially if they are quite orangey you look very haggard

So, the idea of this blush and I'm going to put quite a lot on, don't be shocked by the amount that I put on because I'm going to show you how to make it look better in a minute Im going to add it so that I've got quite a lot of intensity of colour there and I'm going to take it right out the side of my face, like that So I'm putting it here, underneath the light Can you see how thats working? Out to the edge right out to the edge So its cream to powder formulation so you can use the lovely creamy texture just onto your cheeks like that

And then when you're happy that you've got enough on you then take the Look Fabulous Forever Blusher Brush, Brush No2 and you just do that You just blend it and smooth it Now you're obviously taking away some of the colour because I put too much on But I think you need to start off by almost putting slightly too much on and then take it back to the point when your actually looking in the mirror and you're thinking yep, that's pretty good

Now the next thing I'm going to do is quickly put some lipstick on, because these two areas of colour that you've got on your face are really important when you're older and they're going to light your face up, literally The blush really helps and a pinky toned blush, both of our blushers "Rosy Glow" and "Peach Cream" have got quite a pinky tone in them rather than an orangey tone and they really help to make you look prettier when you've got an older face So I'm now going to apply Look Fabulous Forever Lip Primer, which is fabulous when you're older it stops all of that feathering and bleeding And I hope you can see that where I'm putting it, is around the outside edges of my lips, not onto the lips so much as on the outside edges

So, round those edges and I'm going to let it dry, and then that takes about sixty seconds or so So that's what the Look Fabulous Forever Lip Prime looks like And the last thing, and I know that you probably won't do this at home, very few people at home bother to put lipstick on with a lip brush I am going to put it on with a lip brush, just to show you that it actually looks better and more professional but I usually don't have time, so I will be dashing out the door, so i'll grab this, put it on like normal people and it looks great The colour of lipstick I am using is our Look Fabulous Forever "Soft Plum", its a really pretty, it's a mid tone colour but I wear this everyday

If I'm going out in the evenings I'll wear something like "Cherry Red" which is quite vibrant, and some people prefer a paler lip – and we've got something called "Sweet Pea" in this range of colours Now I am very cool toned So I prefer our cool toned lipsticks, we've got four of them because they suit me best But we've also have warm toned lipsticks So if you suit sort of orangey colours, creams, browns greens, those kind of colours you've got warm toned skin And we've got four lovely lipsticks for those which are: "Cafe Creme", "Rosewood" , "Soft Coral" and our most vibrant one which is "Foxy Lady" So, I think that's done

I hope you agree that from the start, the way that I looked my skin now looks more even toned and prettier and hopefully softer And I don't look like I'm wearing a ton of makeup It's actually quite a subtle effect Thanks for watching, I hope that you enjoyed it and do come and visit us at wwwlookfabulousforever

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