Makeup for Older Women: How to Apply Continuous Cover Foundation

So Linda is using the brush number three which is our foundation brush and you can see that what she's doing here is she's buffing it into the skin and then using her fingers just to move the product over her cheeks and make sure that it's evenly applied The thing about base is what you're doing with it is you're covering any blemishes or any areas that you think need to be covered but you don't want it to look heavy or caked or as if you're wearing a mask

So just adding it bit by bit to your face and building up sufficient coverage so that you're happy with the finished effect Some people say that older women should only wear tinted moisturiser or something very light but I think that depends on the base Our's gives the gift the effect of looking quite light, never looks heavy or caked so therefore you can use it and you can build up enough colour and coverage as required but it will never ever look mask-like or un-natural So finally Linda's just putting some onto her forehead and remember that you're always matching the colour to your neck So just test it along the jawline

Base 01 for fair skins Base 02 for fair to medium and Base 03 if you've got a bit of a tan or you spend a lot of time outdoors Linda's using Base 02 and it's absolutely perfect for her skin and as you can see now