Makeup For Older Women: How To Apply Our Real Radiance Blush

Hi! I often get asked what's the very best way to make an older face look better? Well there are two or three ways actually that you can improve the look of an older face; getting your eyebrows right because they frame your eyes and your whole face, is quite important, evening out the skin tone is also important, which you can do with a good base, but there are two other moments when I think the whole face comes to life One is when you put your lipstick on because that's usually a pretty colour and it just adds a lovely soft subtle look and the second is when you apply the blusher

I met somebody yesterday and she had a really lovely face and she looked very nice however I kept looking at her and thinking, oh I wish you were wearing a blusher you would look so much better if you were So I'm going to apply my blusher, show you how and I hope you'll see the difference between how I look at the moment without it and how I look with it So obviously you need some kind of nice soft brush and I would say a pinky toned blusher We've got two blushers in the range we've got Rosy Glow which is lovely if you're cool toned that's that one it's quite a pinky pink and a peach toned blush which is that one which is lovely if you are warm toned In fact I think that you can wear the Peach Cream whether you're warm or cool toned

So the way that I'm going to apply it is slightly different from how it's done on the website where we pat it into the skin first, I'm actually going to use the brush So you just swirl it around in the blush like that and i'm going to start here which is just directly under my eye and I'm just going to start sweeping it out like that So little bit in the middle and start sweeping it out So it's not about apples of cheeks If I put apples of cheeks I'd put it here and then they drop so it's a bit higher than that

I've got a bit of highlighter on here higher up but I'm going to put this underneath it So there's a centre of the eye and down a bit and then start to build the colour up so can just swirl it into the blusher and pull it out to the outer edge like that Just smoothing it and blending it as you go So quite big strokes, don't be frightened of it and do it until you you think you've got enough colour to kind of warm your face up, make you look prettier and healthier and kind of balance the other colours that you've got on your face I think that's probably enough

I'm just going to check in the mirror that I've got here Yep, I think that's looking pretty good and that's really it that's all you have to do and I think it just makes the most brilliant finish to a look So I hope that was helpful thank you for watching Bye bye