MAKEUP FOR WOMEN OVER 40 | Too Faced Peach Palettes Review

Hi everyone! Today we're gonna be talking about one of our favorite things; eyeshadow palettes So everyone's been talking about the Too Faced Sweet Peach Collection and they have three peach palettes out right now

We thought it would be fun for us to review them and give you our real mom feedback on which palettes work best for us considering that we have very different skin tones and hair colors And we thought we could help you decide which one might work for you as well So the first palette we're gonna be reviewing is the White Peach Palette It retails for $45 It has twelve shades

There's a good mix of shimmers and mattes, as well as some warm and cool tones in here So for this one I was really excited to try this palette but unfortunately I found that with my skin tone quite a few of the eyeshadows actually didn't show up on my skin, about six of them to be exact No bueno I know it was a little disappointing However you know I did like you know some of the peach colors that were in there

But I found one of the things that was really missing was like a medium brown and a darker brown I completely agree Right, for some sort of like transitioning Right Lining

Exactly for our creases The other thing I really noticed with this palette and I'm not sure if you you experienced the same thing was a lot of fallout It reminded me of, I don't know being a second grade and the teacher asks you to clean the erasers and you start pounding them together That's a struggle our kids will never know Chalk starts flying all over the room

That's exactly how I felt using this palette Yeah it does have some fall out that's for sure What did you think about the palette? You know, I really enjoyed this one However I completely agree it was missing those warm and medium brown shades that I really needed to do a complete look Like I couldn't line my eyes I couldn't do the outer corner

They gave you the black and the dark purple but those are just too cool and like harsh for me Not really my thing So I did enjoy the peachy colors I thought they were really pretty but you know Could I use this palette by itself? Not really I needed to dip into other palettes So I would say for me it's uh It's an okay

It's an okay What about you I have to give it a little bit of a thumbs down Well let's hope for the next one So the next palette we reviewed was the Just Peachy Mattes Palette

This one also retails for $45 and also contains twelve shades This one is strictly mattes only And it's basically all warm tones, has some vanilla colors for the lid, it has some peach and some darker peach shades as well as some deep Browns and some wine type colors So what did you think about this palette? So this Just Peachy Mattes is right up my alley It's all warm tones which I love

It has those like wine purpley shades which I also love It has everything I need to do a transition color, lid color, outer corner to line my eyes, to do some purple look So for me this one is for sure a win I was missing that little bit of shimmer but I'm okay without it I definitely could travel with this one and be really happy

So what about you? Well I was really excited to also try this palette I mean the eyeshadows are absolutely stunning and here I really loved the browns but unfortunately the peaches really looked for some reason orange on my skin Yeah I kind of felt a little bit like a clown, you know It's not a good look And the other problem I had is that because it's an all matte palette and I have hooded eyes

It's difficult I usually because I have hooded eyes I need to have some sort of shimmer in order to add dimension to my eyes So that was another you know thumbs-down for me unfortunately But the browns were gorgeous But you know I can always just grab another palette if I'm looking for browns

That's true So this one, I'm looking for peaches So that's what I was really basing my opinion on So unfortunately another Thumbs up for me! Thumbs down for Christina

So let's hope that the third one did a little bit better Exactly! So the last palette we're reviewing is the Sweet Peach Palette The original palette It retails for $49 and has 18 shades There's a really great mix of shimmers, mattes, it has your warm browns, your peaches, your lid shades and your pops of color

So we have a winner for me! I absolutely loved every single color in this palette This is like the perfect palette for me to travel with I can have a day look, a night look, no problem I can pop it into my purse and quickly be able to change up my look in the day So I love being able to have one functional palette and this one is it

I love the way that the peach tones showed up on me It has mattes and shimmers and no fallout Like really just fell in love with this palette Are you wearing this one today? I am Cause your eyes look really beautiful

Thank you You can see the peach so it's awesome I love this one as well So you can't steal it But I'll share

This one has, just like you said, everything that you're really looking for in a palette Your colors, your warms, your nudes So I agree this one is a winner for me So I think this one definitely gets two thumbs up! Three thumbs up! Four thumbs up!!!