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Wiggle it Up! You have to What? Makeup should be fun, expressive and a way to go beyond the usual norms and rules Right? Well, maybe While it's all fun and games, sometimes it's essential and really necessary to follow certain steps so that you can look your best So today I'm gonna show you guys the right order to apply your makeup Where each steps has specific reasons for being there

Apply your foundation before your concealer Applying your foundation before your concealer is very important because once you apply your foundation you'll soon realise, you don't need, as much concealer on your face Thus you get saved by applying less concealer so it won't run out quicker and you get an even base So once your foundation's in place, you yourself will realise once you look in the mirror, that you don't really need a lot of concealer because the foundation has already done the job of covering up any mark Your concealer is usually for like the under eye, a pimple or two

So, just only spot correct and use the concealer where you need to use them As it is my concealer is running out so, good for me! Okay? That's basically where I need to use it Blending with my fingers Done Fill in your eyebrows before you put on your eyeshadow

Shaping and filling in your brows will give you a well-defined arch to work with for when you apply your eyeshadow later It really creates the perfect frame for your shape So, don't forget to fill in your eyebrows before! So now that I've filled in my eyebrows and then shaped it and combed it through with a spoolie, I'm gonna go for my eyeshadow Apply your eyeliner before your mascara Applying your eyeliner and eyeshadow with bare lashes on will ensure a more neater look

Another plus point is that in case you goof up and make a mistake you won't have to remove it all because we know how annoying mascara is to remove Now that I've made a slight wing eyeliner, I'm gonna do my mascara First up, I always, always use a curler When I do the lashes I sort of wiggle it, up Finish it off with a compact powder

To set your makeup and make it last through the day use a powder It can be a loose powder or a compact powder This will absorb any oil and mattify your skin Lastly, apply lipstick So now I'm gonna end this look with a liquid matte lipstick

Usually, I would apply a normal lipstick, so that would entail putting a lip liner before my actual lipstick But, there's a video to show you guys how I've done it so click this to see We're done I hope this video was helpful Subscribe, share this video and show us some love

I'm Natasha, you beauty BFF Bye