Makeup tips and tricks with a…Spoon!

Hey, fashionsistas! Welcome to this week’s episode of Fast Fridays, the place to be for quick fashion and beauty tips to help you get out the door every morning feeling amazing and looking impeccable I use spoons for really important things when it comes to food like eating nutella and eating ice cream, and mixing ice cream and nutella together

Today, I’m gonna show you three ways to use spoons for beauty So if you want to know how, please keep watching If you’ve got tired puffy eyes, just pop two spoons in the freezer for few hours and place them over your eyes they are no longer cold This is gonna help reduce dark circles, puffiness as well as tighten skin around your eyes I always feel really awake after I do this

If you struggle filling in your eyebrows neatly, you can perfectly arch your brow by lining the spoon along your brow line to guide you in creating the perfect crisp arch If you always get more mascara on your eyelids than on your actual lashes, you can guide your lids by placing the spoon over your eyes when placing mascara If you love this video and wanna see more Fast Fridays tips, please hit the thumbs up button And remember, you don’t need to be a model to look like you’ve stepped off the runway, you just need a killer wardrobe and some lipstick I’ll see you in my next video

Bye! Hey there! The aim of Not A Model is to help you look and feel amazing everyday so I hope you found this video helpful and inspiring One of the most popular questions that I’m asked by far is about my skincare routine I also do a lot of things to take care of my skin One thing I do is I make my own natural skincare products at home I’ve even heard that some of Hollywood’s most stunning celebrities even use these ingredients, too

So I’ve put together a short little guide of my favorite natural skincare products I’ll email it to you right away Just click the link below or in the description box to get it