Makeup Tips For Hooded Eyes – 4 Eyeliner Options

If you're looking for a few techniques to do eyeliner for your hooded eyes then you are so in the right place because in today's video I am teaching four of my favorite techniques that I use for my extremely hooded eyes and I would love to help you have some more confidence in your eyeliner and game if this interests you and then Go ahead and stick with my video and I'll show you my four favorite techniques coming right your way now Well, hey y'all and welcome back to my channel if you've been here for a bit And if you're a new I am super glad that you were here today My name is Lauren and my channel is all about making Beauty easy for the girl who thinks that she can't My hope today is that you will consider subscribing and even hitting that notification bell so that you can get alerts every single time I upload new videos, which is every single Friday And I also have a private group on Facebook for girls Just like you and me that left to connect about makeup and beauty and hair and all that good stuff And I also go live once a week Inside that group for my weekly show called contouring converse where I create a makeup look in real time with y'all if you would like To be a part of a community of girls just like you and me then go ahead and click that link down in the description Box below and join us for our next live video I'm also gonna ask that if you are so excited to learn some eyeliner techniques that might actually work for your hooded eyes that you Would smash that thumbs up button because it helps me out so much And because you're freaking excited to learn some new techniques, and with that said, let's go ahead and jump into today's video Which is all about eyeliner for hooded eyes And you guys I'm so excited to bring you this because this is one of the biggest challenges that I feel like I face Personally with hooded eyes and I don't just have like normal like I don't say normal hooded eyes But I don't have slightly hooded eyes I have extremely hooded eyes and as I point out in the video as you guys are gonna see here in a bit as I Show you each different technique

My eyes are actually hooded all the way around so some girls actually don't have as heavy of hoods right over here and I do and this makes this such a challenge especially with things like the winged liner So I hope you guys really enjoy this and I'm actually jump to the footage now of me showing you the four techniques So let's go ahead and roll into it and let me know what you learned down in the comments Hey you guys Let's go ahead and jump right in to the eyeliner I am so excited to show you guys my four techniques I've got them written down in the order that I'm gonna do them today We're gonna do some on one eye and some on the other Just you can kind of get a feel and I'm gonna look super crazy on camera, which is always fun for me So let's get started Let's start out with doing the waterline And so I'm going to use a Marc Jacobs Pencil that I have and you can use any pencil that you want So what you want to do is take your pencil and you just want to set it right there on your eye And you can the waterline by the way, you guys may not even know this if you're beginners It's okay when someone said waterline the first mouth my girl, what's that? I don't have one but you do so it's this little bit of space right here And I don't wanna talk too hard on my skin But it's this little space right here and then your top part of your eye has one two only time I would say that this technique kind of sucks is if you Have allergies or you've got swollen eyes for some reason girls Don't be lining your eyes with a black eyeliner If you've got some swollen eyes because I'm telling you it's just gonna make them look smaller and that's not what you want to go For just forego the eyeliner for the day if your eyes are swollen, let it go

Okay Alright, so back to this go ahead and just set that pencil I just said it like and this is my technique by the way A lot of people will actually hold their eyelash or their eye up and I draw on it I'm not doing that I like that that's weird for me and I'm just gonna cry and blink all over the place not worth it so what I like to do is just set my liner right here and I'll take it back and forth and this is a little bit harder because I have mascara on already So usually you don't have mascara on but you want to just take your eyeliner and press it Up into that Oh it tickles It does tickle I always want to laugh when I do this into that water line and you can do two things There's another way you can do this, especially if you're gonna line your lower lash line, too I've actually done this technique as well where I'll just Close my eye Kind of over it but the idea here is just to go back and forth And line that top Lash with some liner and you know, what even Though it's not is like on there as what I would want it to be you can see what a difference that made in this Left eye versus this right eye

It has nothing So the other technique that I'll show you in Oh, oh, oh look it dies I didn't even I thought this was one of those like fake ones where they give you a Little bit of pencil and then it's done for but I actually have a lot in there I'm so excited It was it's like Christmas right now I just found a new gift, okay? So the other thing you can do, this is another great technique

You can actually take your bottom lash line Try not to pull your eye too much I really don't tug on mine a whole lot, but we can just kind of draw here a Fruit this is if you're gonna add it to your bottom lash line too, okay So put your liner on and then you can just blink do a lot of blinking, you know Mm-hmm So if you blink then it actually transfers It transfers that black line right up to the top and so that was what I was kind of trying to do when I was closing my eye and sometimes with a I have a little mac pencil that's almost dead, but it actually Let me grab that it works really well for this So I take that one and That will give me that definition that I'm looking for So we're gonna call that good I think you guys get the idea but that is a water line eyeliner So now let's go on to the next one Which is going to be number two a shadow liner And what I'm going to show you guys today is I'm just gonna use my Milani palette that I have here And there is a black color in here I'm using black just because it's easiest today But again, you can do this with any color that you like So if you want to get a little bit wild with it You can totally use a nice of your choice to give you this technique So I'm gonna take my black eyeshadow and I didn't lay out a brush, Otis I did I did and you're going to take a flat definer brush So this is one of the best brushes for this type of technique and you want to dip your brush in that color You guys are gonna love this it's so so simple And I like to get my brush pretty thick

Okay, I'm gonna show you guys on the right eye My hearti Oh, and then what you want to do is again, no mascara don't do what I do and have my scare already on I Shut my eye at first just to kind of get an idea of where everything is I don't know why I do it every time it's I know where my eye is But I just need to look at it Every single table is need to make sure it's still in the right place, right? so then you're gonna leave your eye just slightly open and again, I wouldn't normally have mascara on because that makes it a little harder and a little challenging a little more challenging to see this so I'm probably Gonna have to shut my eye a little bit You're just gonna add a little bit of a line obviously it is a liner I Hope you guys love the fact that I just give you the most obvious statement sometimes And I just wiggle that line Back and forth and I'm trying to pull anything I just can't see because it's stupid

Mascara Okay, so then you basically just have a line that runs on the top you can do this on the bottom – That does not look as even as I want it to so if it doesn't just touch it up And then I'll show you guys how to blend it so what you can do is you can blend this out a little bit if you don't want as harsh of a line or you Don't want as much of a defined line and you want something that's a little bit smoky So let me grab a brush here off I'm just gonna use this pencil brush and it's not let's make sure it's mostly clean And it is so then what you would do is I'm gonna pull my eye just a little bit taut but not too much you can totally just blend this out and Smoke it up a little bit And this is one that I really love to do and some of it Look, let me try that again this is one that I love to do and what I do sometimes and I can I'm not gonna do it today just because of time and showing you guys four different techniques But I will actually wing this out a little bit and then I'll smoke up this outer edge and then I have like this black Smudgy pretty lash line that's going on And that is really cool That's also fun to do with other colors But this is kind of what it looks like when it's done I look so crazy right now looking at this looking at two different eyes But I love this because it's just a very nice light eyeliner So if you want to smudge it out and create less definition That's the way to do it or if you want to go ahead and keep that thickness You totally can For this one you would need a gel liner

I love a gel liner You can totally use a pen for this I do have let me show you guys I do have some eyeliner pens, but I'm gonna use a gel liner for those today I do think that that works the easiest but you can also use one of these like felt-tip pens That's real nice and fine They weren't great too I just find for whatever reason I have a little bit steadier of a hand with a gel liner and my favorite one to use is the Maybelline eye studio And of course, I will link this stuff down below for you guys in the description box If you do want to check these products out, you totally can so I'm going to use two different brushes Um one for the bar liner on this side and then one for the winged liner on this side so let's start with the bar liner and I'm gonna use the bar liner on my Easier eye and we're gonna do that We liner on my Right eye, which is again the toughest eye So what we're gonna do is my brush is a Mac 266 is what this is and this is one from their Holiday Collection so I've had this for years, it's been one of my favorite I Said eyebrow, but one of my favorite eyeliner brushes, so we're gonna use that one for the bar liner so we're just gonna dip our brush into our little um Whatever this is It is eyeliner a little eyeliner pot Good Lord you guys

I don't know I think every video I like flub some kind of words or can't think of words Seriously Okay, so then what I'm gonna do is and this is something that I always do with everything that I use for eyes But I always just make sure that tip is really nice and fine and there's no excess liner on there So for a bar liner, I cannot wait to show you guys this one I love this one It is one of my favorite like almost wings but not quite being eyeliners You're gonna take your brush and you want to turn it the opposite way so you don't want to run it this way We actually want to run it the opposite direction So what I'm going to do is Bring my mirror a little closer and the hard part here for hooded eyes So let me just say this you want to do your best not to look directly down You want to try to look straight forward So a lot of times what I do, and I'm not gonna do this today because you won't see me on camera But I slump in my makeup chair Like so and I get my mirror real nice and close and then I look directly at it And so if I do that today, I feel like you guys aren't gonna see what I'm trying to do So hopefully this turned out as good as what it does when I do it, excuse me when I do it And I'm not on camera

So we're gonna do our best here Okay So here we go So what I'm gonna do is just lay that line and again my brush has turned the opposite direction So I'm trying to look as dead-on as I can and I'm just gonna lay that line Right at the edge of my lash line Oh Y'all I done already mess it up I went too high Hold on a second

Oh Good lord I did not mean to touch that brush right there So we're just gonna Alright, I think I fixed that part Cannot believe I just did that Oh my gosh Okay

So what we're gonna do is just take that line And drag it up and around So then what I do is I'll flip my brush around once I get halfway, oh I got a cat meowing in the background Sorry guys She's fine She just wants the gate down I put a gate up when I'm filming Okay, so then what I'll do is just bring that Line as far in as I want to go And it almost looks like a little bit of a week this is a half wing mm, but it's not a full wing and Then you can actually straighten it out a little bit more if you want So let me bring my mirror a little bit closer now that we kind of have a general idea Can you guys see hopefully how that is, and I'm not Notice how I stayed out of that crease So when I look directly at you, there's no liner that's even close to that crease In fact, if I had a shadow on we would actually still see the shadow that is in front of that liner okay, so that's kind of the idea there and this is one of my favorite go twos because again It's not quite a wing but it's still somewhat of a wing and you can make it a little straighter Just like and don't put your eye out too much He's the other thing about hooded eyes is you don't for instance if I pull this out and I tried through this liner It's gonna look beautiful like that But as soon as I let it go all those skin folds are gonna just show up where they actually are So you don't want to do that? And that for me is how I do a bar liner I love this look it's so easy Let me go let the cat down the stairs So she doesn't want through my whole video and people think that I'm torturing animals in my house I will be right back with you guys in just a second to show you The way I do a winged liner and how pretty it is be right back All right, you guys I am back She's a happy camper Now that she's downstairs

Let's move on to the weave liner so I'm gonna show you guys another brush and I have used this brush for many many years and I go back and forth between the NAP brush that you guys just saw in this one and this was like a first brush that I had originally bought it was From Revlon again I'll link it below because it's still out there but I Love the way that this angle is on this brush And again when you're doing these types of eyeliners with a gel liner you do you need to have an angled brush I think that that works best Some people have those ones that like bend up and those worked really really well I've had one of those before and I got rid of it I just did not like the way that it applied and I think it's just again because my eyes are so hooded on the outside Too so I have a lot of skin folds to avoid so, okay So let's go ahead and do this So we're gonna dip our brush in And this again is my challenging eye as I think I've said at least 57 times on this video So the main thing that I want to tell you is about winged eyeliner If you have hooded eyes what you can't do that all the awesome girls with more lid space can do your non hooded eyes Is follow the end of your bottom lash line all the way up So I'm looking dead at my mirror and hopefully you guys can see this or actually Let me look at the camera If I followed my lash line my bottom lash line all the way up and I did a liner there Look what's gonna happen It's gonna cut right into that hood and I've done that before and then what happens is you this part of your eye looks so Heavy and it almost looks like you've gotten into a fight or something because your eyes are swollen So what you have to do if you have hooded eyes is you almost have to make a straight line That goes out and for me Especially with this this I can't believe you guys can see I have so much of an extra crease right here So I don't have a lot of option like I have to get it exceptionally straight for me to create a winged liner That won't cut into that hood

So that's what makes my eyes super challenging And so I wanted to show you guys how to do this And this is the way that I do it So if you have extremely hooded eyes For a winged liner pay attention to this technique and hopefully it changes your life like it's done mine So what I do is I look dead into the mirror I look at my brush And again, it's turned the opposite direction And so I'm going to lay that brush down So I lay it right there because it'll voids that crease line and then what I can do I'm gonna bring my Maryland closer because now you guys know where the line is I Can make my line now for the rest of my wing and then I'll turn my brush over again about halfway And then you can take your Baby closer

Oh, it's so hard to do You can um, take your wing now Oh That's got excess on it We don't want that And now I have a wing that's further out Okay, I went to I went to high and that's okay I'm gonna show you guys how to clean that up because it still works the same So let me finish this part So I went out a little too wide here which makes my eye look really heavy we don't want that I want a nice thin crisp line I think it's just from having that mirror not being right for my face it is when I do my makeup So let me show you guys if I clean it up Oh my gosh, I'm getting eyeliner everywhere This is as real as it gets right now guys makeup is never perfect At least for me It's not I mean There are just times where it's awesome and then other times I make a few mistakes and here's the good news You can always clean it up

So dip your brush into some makeup remover Make sure it's not super oily I cleaned the brush off first to get all the black off of there And then what I'll do is once I've ensured that that is like that I'll dip it in there And I'm just gonna erase okay, so what I'll do is Erase that line Love it That's the beauty of this and then I can fix it Now that I've erased all that excess Can you guys see that? Just add it back That's what I was trying to create last time so that is how I do a winged liner and I love this I've got a little bit of black excess over here and I don't have on any eyeshadow So it's gonna look a little funny what I have on any mascara So let's put that on and see how that looks Okay, you guys I have mascara on so now you can kind of see the difference I don't have any eyeshadow on it all of them What was on that brush

It was leftover, which was pretty much nothing But this is how it would look so if we cover up this side of my face and you guys just see the winged liner And I'm looking at you now This is how it would look if I'm looking at you when I look down and when I look around and that way I'm not Cutting off any of my eye, which is amazing It doesn't make my eyes look heavy and that gives me a really nice wing So now let's look at this one and so this is a bar liner and this is what I love because it's really natural looking especially once you get the mascara on and There's a slight wing there that you can see but it's not super duper Long or big and so that just gives you a nice like full looking lash and that's what I love about this one So I hope you guys enjoyed this today I hope it helps you out if there's something that you feel like I'm in store Do you have a question, please? Let me know down in the comments and I would love to know if there are any of these or techniques that you absolutely love For your hooded eyes that work super well for you Let me know down in the comments It's always my favorite part to get to connect with you guys down in the comments below Thank you guys so much for joining me today And if you haven't had a chance to subscribe yet Go ahead and do that now so that you don't miss out on future videos and I will of course See you guys next Friday on my channel for another video Hashtag reform tomboy family

I'll see y'all next week