Makeup Tips: How to Apply Bronzer for Fair Skin | COVERGIRL

Hey, que tal? It's me, Paulina, and I'm on the set today with CoverGirl And we're going to show you how to achieve that perfect bronze look

I love bronzer because it gives you that glow, and it keeps summer going all year round So I can't complain about that All right, check it out So I'm going to start off our look by using some BB Cream This is Smoothers BB cream in fair to light number 805

I love this BB Cream because it's smooth It's light It's hydrating, and it covers your blemishes So it's amazing It has SPF, because if you're going to be getting that bronzed look, well you might as well have some protection, right? Starting with just a dab on my forehead, nose, and cheeks, I'll blend the BB Cream with my fingers

This will be my foundation with a bit of sun protection and moisturizing to help my skin glow Keep blending until you've achieved an even tone without any hard lines near your jaw or hairline Now that we have our BB Cream all set, we're going to go back in a concealer I'm using the CoverGirl TruBlend FixStick in shade L1-4 It's totally blendable, fits right in with your foundation, or BB Cream in this case

It covers all of your blemishes or any redness that you might have Begin under your eyes Take a little concealer along the darkest area under your eye in a crescent shape Be sure to apply to the inner and outer corners of your eyes as well Take the pad of your ring finger and blend lightly, without irritating

Use your ring finger because it's the weakest, which is a good thing here You're finished with concealer when your face looks bright and awake, and everything is well blended So now that we've done all of our concealing, before we move on to the bronzing, we're going to go ahead and give ourselves a glow So I'm using the CoverGirl TruMagic Luminizer, and this is really pretty It smooths out your pores, and it gives you really luminous look

So here we go Take a bit of the TruMagic Luminizer and highlight with dabs along your nose, above your top lip, on your chin, an in a downward triangle on your forehead, like this The heavier you apply your highlights, the more dramatic impact, and the more your face will glow Now, with a brush or your finger blend it in evenly So now that our skin is moisturized, perfected, and luminized, we're going to move on to the final step– the bronzer

I'm going to use the CoverGirl TruBlend Minerals bronzer in number 435, golden sunrise This powder bronzer will give you an iridescent glow With a brush, you want to do a light application starting in the middle of your forehead and then out and down your hairline and tow your cheekbones, then out and down your jawline Picture drawing the shape of a three on your face Just do a quick whiff, and you're done

And there you have it Enjoy your summer all year long And I hope that this video made your life a little bit more easy, breezy, and beautiful Hasta luego Thank you guys so much for watching

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