Makeup tips

Makeup tips Makeup tips hi my name is the leak of men I'm like 10,000 colleges here on behalf of Expert Village in the series I'm gonna show you how to do makeup like a pro the next section and look liner the whole diagram where you can do it if you don't know how Sasha you wanna put it on as wanted to show the color have you seen it's called plan it's a sharpened pencil kohl pencil and I'm just in a little bit darker series conceição on the video but you know you feel any claim that you want to pay on your skin type I color anything like that so when you put it on and depending if you like arch if enter the peak then what I do they do little dot on each side for your lips go up and you try and hack straight down then you draw a line down from the Middle on and for the son are here with this on the bottom any disconnect from the corners to the middle I like to do it and little wind don't drive if they want her to be a very cricket line you want history measure diagramMakeup tips