Makeup Trends Everyone Ditched In 2019

Makeup Trends Everyone Ditched In 2019

Makeup trends seem to be evolving faster than ever before. Bold statements like neon eyeshadow and even glitter made their way into the mainstream in early 2019, but many were already fading out by summer. So what looks won’t be cruising into 2020? According to the beauty experts, here’s what everyone ditched in 2019.

Instagram brows are officially dead! Much to the delight of, like, everyone we talked to.

Rick DiCecca, creative director of makeup design for Artistry by Amway, revealed,

“The days of using 15 steps to make your brows look perfect have ended — we don’t have time for that.”

Instead, he claims people are focusing on celebrating their own, unique beauty.

Professional makeup artist Bryan Cantor agrees that ain’t nobody got time for Insta brows anymore, saying,

“No one wants to spend ten minutes with five or six products just to put on their brows.”

Of course, a trend as big as Insta brows can’t go away without another one swooping in to take its place: “Virgin Brows.” Cantor added,

“The trend is moving to fluffier, more natural-looking ‘Virgin Brows’ that require far fewer products and steps to create.”

Likewise, Ally Seago, makeup artist and founder of Ally Things Beauty recommends a full and neatly groomed eyebrow. This is much easier to pull off than the Insta brow, considering you’ll only need powder for filling in, and maybe a brow gel to add some definition, according to Seago.

Watch the video for more about makeup trends everyone ditched in 2019!

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Bye-bye, Insta brows! | 0:20
Fade away, full-coverage foundation! | 1:26
Hold that highlighter! | 2:25
Cut it out with the cut crease! | 3:13
Not feelin ya, faux freckles! | 4:04
Skip the super bright under eye! | 5:00
Buh-bye blunt contour! | 5:45
No more matte lip! | 6:34
Ditch the disco! (Or don’t?) | 7:13
Over those overlined lips! | 8:27
No more matchy-matchy! | 9:29