Makeup tricks for women over 50

– Hi ladies, it's Donna, and I was asked to give you all some makeup tips for women who are over 50 like myself and you want some new tips about how we can look our best but you know still look the best that we can be for our age Now a lot of us are just using some of the same techniques that we learned when we were younger

When we were younger if you remember the goal was to try to look older, to try to look more professional, or to try to look older than we were so that we could get in places and things like that Well we're still using some of those same techniques, and if you're over 50, we have to use some different techniques now Because we are trying to kinda combat what gravity is doing and try to reverse some of those looks by using some camouflage and different illusion techniques So that's what I'm gonna be sharing with you today, eight little tips that I think are really gonna help you out when it comes to looking your best Now the first tip that I'm gonna tell you, and I've already got makeup on, but I'm just gonna kinda go over what I already have just to kinda show you

But if you really wanna know the best thing that you can do if you're over 50 for your makeup, it's to use a primer A primer is going to allow you to use a less thick makeup, and so you'll be able to use more of a cream, a BB Flawless cream, which is lighter It's like a tinted moisturizer, but the primer is actually gonna help it adhere and stay on longer So you're gonna put primer all over your face, and you can see our primer is just very very silky, it's clear You're gonna wanna put it all over and especially where you have those fine lines and wrinkles

And so you're gonna wanna put it where you have heavy pores, where you have fine lines and wrinkles, and you're gonna want it to stay at least set for five minutes So that's when normally I'll go finish my hair or brush my teeth or go get a drink of water or something like that But primer is really going to make all the difference in the world Think of priming when you're doing a painting of a room If you try to paint a dark color in the room without priming it, you know what's gonna happen

The color's not gonna be true to what the little picture was, and it's gonna show imperfections Well the same is true if we don't do primer on our face So if we want to get the sheer, the perfect color foundation to look right, our eyeshadows to look right, our anything that we're putting our blush look right, then if you want it to be true to color, you're gonna have to put that primer on And it's also gonna fill in fine lines and wrinkles It's going to give your foundation a nice smooth base to be applied to

So that's gonna be the first tip Now some of you I know are using like some heavy heavy creams because you feel like maybe you have age spots that you wanna cover and things like that But to be honest with you, the really thick creamy makeups are only going to look real cakey on you If you use your primer, then you're gonna be able to use something a little bit lighter like a BB Flawless Now what I love about BB Flawless for women over 50 is that it is going to put that real glow, that luminescent glow in our skin that we don't have as we get older

It just gets more ashy and dry So it's really really a great suggestion to stay away from those thick cream foundations when you're older And I've just seen such a difference The other mistake that you might be making is either applying your makeup with your fingers or a sponge If you want the sheerest, smoothest, most youthful looking technique, you're going to use a flat brush for your BB Flawless, and you're gonna wanna apply it

But watch just as I put this on It just is going to look very dewy, and it's gonna make my skin look way more youthful than it is if I used a heavy cream or a powder foundation So I'm using our BB Flawless in Honey I have Honey and Bisque And I really really just love, it's a light tinted moisturizer

My skin is so dry it just soaks up the moisturizer But it allows me to have a nice glow All right so like I said, I really am just touching over the makeup I have just to kinda show you the technique, but I did wanna show you how if it can show through the camera how golden and dewy and just kind of youthful it's gonna make your skin So I really love it And even though it's not as heavy a coverage as some of you want, if you put it with the primer first I think it's gonna do a fantastic job

All right so that's the first thing And you wanna use a brush with it to really make it thin and smooth all over All right so then the next thing I'm gonna tell you is that when you're doing your eyes, we're so used to putting concealer under our eyes When we were younger we were told to go one or two shades lighter for under our eyes, but the older you are, all right you can still what I would suggest you do is to take your BB Flawless and you don't wanna put your concealer on first I would take your BB Flawless and put that under your eye right in this triangle

Now I'm using one shade lighter, just one little shade lighter, but it's still, it's not concealer It's not a heavy concealer It's foundation And you can actually even use the same color if you want of your BB Flawless Just make sure when you're applying your makeup that you're going right here under this eye area, and that's why the flat foundation brush works fantastic for this

So by putting this light moisturizer again what is it gonna do? Number one it's not gonna look cakey It's gonna moisturize under your eyes, which is what we need And it's not gonna appear like you know valleys and cakey, and we really need moisturizer under our eyes That's why it's a very thin layer of skin and it's dry and wrinkly because it needed moisturizer and maybe we didn't moisturize our whole life So that's what I'm gonna suggest for concealer for you

Now we will use concealer, but we're not gonna use it in the same way we did when we were in our 20s So what I'm gonna suggest if you've never heard of it, for women over 50, get away from the powdery eyeshadows You know anything that is dry, when you're over 50 is only gonna enhance the fact that we don't have that nice full of collagen youthful radiant skin So you're gonna wanna use as much as you can for eyeshadow our cream-to-powder eyeshadows, our Splurge cream-to-powders Now right now I'm gonna be showing you three different Splurges that I love, and there are gonna be two different reasons that we're gonna use them

So the first I'm gonna show you is Victorious Now if you have dark dark circles under your eyes, so I don't, so I didn't do this, but what you can do now after your foundation is if you're fair like me but you have dark circles, you can take our Victorious Splurge and put it right under your eyes So it's go on as a cream It's a little bit thicker than the BB Flawless, but it's going to tone down the darkness of your eyes okay If you're darker complected though, you're gonna need something peachy because peach is gonna neutralize the dark circle

So if you're you know more tan, then you're gonna wanna use our Bittersweet, which is our peachy color And the peach is going to neutralize So it won't look like white white and it's not gonna look like peach It's just gonna look like your skin So that's what you're gonna do, Bittersweet under your for your dark circles if you are darker, and Victorious if you are lighter or paler, but you still have dark circles

Now where I like, so that's the first way I love using Splurge Now I love using Splurge as a primer Now we have wonderful eye primer, and I strongly suggest that you put the eye primer on, which I did this morning so that was good But if you're out of eye primer, you can't get everything at once, our Victorious Splurge works great as a primer So you would put it on with our cream shadow brush, and so it is gonna dry to a powder, but there is no, since it's already a cream when it's going on y'all, there's no fallout, which I love

Now with this first color, the Victorious, you're gonna wanna just go all over the eye It doesn't matter how far out you go for this color It will for the others All right so that's what I like to do first, just kind of white which is gonna lift and make the eyes look brighter Then what you're gonna wanna do is pick a neutral color

So I either have this Jubilant color that I can show you or a brown But we're looking for something not too flashy, not too much color, but something kinda neutral So I'm gonna use Jubilant for right now It's a nice peachy skin flesh tone And I'm gonna put this on my lid and a little bit in the crease

So you see it's just making a very very subtle subtle shading Now with my dark color now, I'm gonna be very very careful about not going past, see with these lighter colors it's okay to go beyond the eye because that light color's gonna lift But when we go to the dark color now, you wanna be very very careful that we don't go past the eyelid So I'm gonna start in my crease And then normally and all of my videos I show the windshield wiper technique, but you're gonna have to be careful if you're over 50 and we're trying to do everything to lift up

So I actually don't like that technique I like to start right where I said I'm not gonna go past this edge of my eye I like to actually go backwards and go up, and then just kinda lift it up, blending it up, up, up Because gravity is already pushing us down, down, down So we don't want to help gravity, so I wanna go up, up, up

And I don't wanna go past my eye Because I wanna give the illusion, and look already how this eye looks more droopy, and by using all of these light shades, keeping the inner eye bright, that it just, it gives more of a lifting approach So that's why we wanna keep the eyelid pretty bright, and then you just wanna very very natural neutral shade like I have over here to just kinda keep everything up and bright And so I used Victorious all over, Jubilant in my crease to just try to help blend, and then I used Faithful as my dark, my dark powder Now I always talk about blending, and you can still blend with a cream powder

So I wanna just go in my corner, make sure everything is nice and soft Okay so now that we've got our eyeshadow on, don't be afraid of lining your eyes The only thing that you have to remember is that you don't wanna, you don't wanna go all the way into this water, you know tear duct line You wanna start and leave a little opening in your eye Okay that's the only thing we need to remember as we get older

You also wanna go thinner here and a little bit thicker on the edges of the eye And I'm just going over what I already had And then the same is true for the top Don't go all the way in You wanna start kind of right where your lash line starts, and then go out

And that's the only thing you need to really remember is we don't want any, we don't wanna make our eyes appear you know smaller So as long as we're leaving that corner area bright and white, then that'll be great Now with your lashes, I really strongly suggest either our Epic or our 3D Fiber mascara because your eyes and our eyes and our lashes and our eyebrows, they get thinner as we age and so we want not so much that we want these long long lashes, but we just want them to look full and thick And you can actually achieve that with our 3D Fiber, increase the thickness and the length like 500%, as well as our Epic One-Step mascara So you just want your lashes to look thick

I'll be showing you the Epic right now, and I already have some on But you just wanna start at the base and make sure that you're getting the mascara so that they look very very very thick, and that's gonna make you look more youthful and make your lashes look better And then if you don't, if you say well Donna I don't have thick lashes, the Epic One-Step mascara has polymers in it and so it's actually going, they're already built in, so it's in the mascara so it will automatically, if you start at the root, make it look thicker And then the bristles are special bristles on here so that they actually grab, there are high and low bristles, so that they grab your lashes and so that you will get those polymers built in so that it is all thick And then if you need even more thickness, you can use our 3D Fiber, and go ahead and put the gel, put the fiber right in the where the root is so that they can get thick and then just go back over it with the gel

All right my whole line got a little bit crazy right there All right so that is what we wanna do Now when you're doing your bottom lashes, you wanna go in a Z effect, kinda like a Z like that Okay Now the next trick that I'm gonna tell you about is your lips

Now I'm not saying that I want you to go over on the outside of your lip line, but what I'm saying is a lot of people will line their lips on the inner edge of their lips Our lips we want them to look fuller The fuller our lips, the more youthful we'll look So we want you to do is we wanna just kinda go on top of the lip line Don't overline them, but just kinda instead of going on the inner edge here, go on the top

And it's gonna give the illusion of fuller lips All right Now our lip liners are waterproof, so I love lining my lips and then filling in with it Since it's waterproof, I can go have coffee, I can drink, I can kiss someone, and it's not gonna come off Now if you wanna do this and you still have your favorite shade of lipstick that you wanna put on over it, that's fine

You can also do that All right so I think I'm gonna put Conceited on All right, so then when you wanna do your cheeks, so what most women do when it comes to the cheeks is they wanna do like we did when we were younger and go on our cheek bone But like all of us, our cheeks are a little bit lower than they used to be, so the trick that we need to do as we are older now is we are gonna want to apply our blush to the apples of our cheek and lower than the cheek bone So much lower than a lot of you are still doing it up here

But I want you to do it lower, and it's definitely gonna make you look younger Because when you do it up here, it's just gonna draw attention to your little saggy apples And this way you're seeing your eyes, it's showing your cheeks, and it's not gonna take away from anything All right so then the next thing we're gonna do is I told you about concealer Well guess what we're gonna do with our concealer? That light concealer that you used to put under your eyes, we are gonna use it now, but we're not gonna put it under our eyes

This is what you're gonna do You're gonna take your concealer, two shades lighter than your what your foundation is And what I want you to do y'all, and this is really gonna help lift your eyes, I want you to do a little line right there where we said don't go past your eyes Just like that That's where we're putting our concealer

Then you can take your finger or you can take your brush or if you use a blending bud, but we just wanna kinda blend it in And it is really going to lift your eye And see once you don't go past that, it just all of a sudden everything looks more youthful So this is like my favorite little trick for women over 50, is to use that concealer where it counts Because our eye area is where we wanna lift without surgery

(laughing) All right so that is where you're gonna use your highlighter Now if you want to put something on your cheekbones, then I would suggest you can do a little Luminizer You can take just a little bit of Luminizer right on your cheek bone instead of your blush And once again all of this is just gonna help to lift our face The light is gonna lift our face

All right and so the last thing, or there's two more things I'm gonna show you, is our brows Now most of us are have our eyebrows too dark And this little technique I'm gonna show you here is really really good for making it look natural You're gonna brush your eyebrow hairs down Then you're going to take either your I'm gonna use a pencil now

I'm using our very light pencil with Younique And you're gonna draw your line while your hair is down on the top Little bit hard to do on my phone Then you're going to lift your hair back up And so what that is doing is it's kinda filling in behind the actual hair which is really great

Then you're just gonna kinda fill in the bottom too And what I like to do right in the corner to make it look more natural is to draw lines up and down to mimic our natural hair So you see how that works So I've got my hair down over here I'm gonna do my top line while it's down

And then I'm gonna shape it Fill in And then do my up and down right here Let me double check it over here My mirror

And so I feel like that is like the best technique for eyebrows, shaping them but making them look really natural We have three wonderful shades in Younique for that So then the last thing that you're gonna do, I know what you're gonna say is, and I want you to notice the BB Flawless Do you see the glow and the dewiness how much more youthful it makes my lips look? Now I'm gonna put a little bit of gloss on my lips too to make it all look dewy And then the last thing that we all wanna do is put setting powder, right? No, after over 50, it's really best not to use a setting powder because we just done all of these wonderful things to make our skin look youthful and glowy, you wanna use a setting spray

So that is gonna keep your look on all day, your makeup on all day, but not take away and make it look dry So with our setting spray, we're gonna close our eyes, you're gonna make an X and a T Let it dry, and your makeup will stay on all day So I hope you enjoyed these eight tips to help women over 50 look youthful and do some makeup tips that will help us be the best us that we can be I hope you enjoyed it, thank you