Makeup Tutorial – How To Apply HD Foundation

Hello everyone this is Avik a make-up artist from Kryolan City Delhi Today we have a model Shivani with us and we are gonna do a little bit of high definition make-up on her especially the high definition base

As we can already see Shivani's skin is pretty OK and pretty nice I would say and nice and tight and the high definition make-up and the high definition base would go absolutely fantastic on her On Shivani we would use the High Definition Micro Foundation Cream and the cache pallet For little bit of concealing on her under eyes around the mouth and there is not much problem with the forehead So we would basically cover the little bit of eye portion and the mouth area So lets start with the application of high definition base on Shivani

So we have already cleansed our model's face we have toned and we have used a moisturizer Now what I am using is the Micro foundation Primer It is called the HD Micro Primer and this is how it looks like I will use the HD Micro Primer on our model When I am using the primer I am also using the primer with the foundation brush which has synthetic bristles to it and the primer should also be applied in the direction of the facial hair

Else the facial hair would stand up and would look really unnatural after the entire make-up is done You need to apply the HD primer evenly throughout your face After the application of the primer we will start with the concealing part and the concealing part will be from the Micro foundation Cache Pallet This is number 180 micro foundation cache 180 number and this can vary well used for under eyes concealing For the concealing you can use the concealer brush or you can also use the foundation brush whatever you are comfortable with

The concealer colour that I am using is has a wonderful yellow tinge to it which actually neutralizes the darkness under the eyes We will also use little bit of concealer around the mouth When you want to take a concealer or a neutralizing colour, you should use a neutralizing colour which has little bit of yellow undertone or something which is orange If the problem is little too dark the intensity of orange also has to be a little more The yellow colour to be little more

The undertone colour of the concealer can be a little more yellow if the problem or problem area is a little too dark So because my model here, she has pretty nice skin what we can do is and what we are doing is we are applying the concealer number 180 which again has a little yellow under tone to it and kind of neutralizes the darkness that my model has After I have completed my concealing I will start with a base application This is the High Definition Micro foundation Crème foundation and the number is MFC 240 While applying the base you need to keep one thing in mind wherever you have not applied the concealer you can run your brush very well you can blend the base well with the skin

However wherever you have applied a little bit of concealer especially on the eye are or around the mouth the base when you are applying you have to apply in a dabbing motion and do not blend it If you blend the base on top of your concealer the base and the concealer will blend together and the concealer will actually loose its intensity Remember whenever you are applying your base, apply the base in very small quantity Wherever base is required you apply in that are of the face and wherever you find there is very less requirement of base take a very small amount of it and blend it through Also there is another very important trick which you can follow by doing any of your base is after the application of the base if you still find there is some area which is felt grey you can take your concealer and you can blend through it again

So I still find the area around my mouth to be little grey What I can do is this is my concealing colour which is MFC 180 You can take a little bit of 180 and you can blend it through So the yellow pigment in this colour will neutralize the little bit of greyness on the mouth So there is no hard and fast rule of using the concealer only before the base

You can also use the concealer after you are over with the base Once we are satisfied with the application of the base and we are OK with the colour and the skin is more or less even toned we need to fix the Micro Foundation Cream Base with the finishing powder from the HD range Which is called the micro silk powder or micro finishing powder We would be using two different shades from the HD powder which is called the Micro Silk Powder # 5 which is little ginger in colour and we would also be using MFP which is micro finish powder which is one and the same thing Micro Finish Powder #11 which is light in colour

So we will mix these two shades and we will use it with the help of powder brush This is one very important point to be kept in mind while application of powder over the base that is whenever you are applying loose powder on top of any base with the help of a powder brush please do not swipe it through your base else there will be stroke marks of the bristles on the base You can dab it through you base That will give a more even finish to the entire base When we apply loose powder on top of any cream base we actually see a very powdery finish

But you can actually take a look at the model's face wherein you can see even after applying the micro silk powder on top of the HD Cream base you don't see a powdery finish but the natural shine of the face still remains on her In order to take out extra powder particles from her face we are using a buffing brush in a very gentle sweeping movement so that the extra powder comes off and the natural shine of the skin peeps through the powder application So now you can see how wonderful our model's face looks like after the application of make-up After the application of HD Cream base and the Micro Silk Powder you can still find the natural sheen of face remaining on her face which is giving a wonderful life like radiance So you know how wonderful HD Micro Foundation Products can be on your skin too

To complete today's look I will give a gloss to Shivani of her choice and we will see how the final look comes out See when I am applying a gloss on my model's face I am not applying it with the brush which is dipped in the gloss What I am doing is I am taking the stick out and I am taking the gloss on my lip brush and applying it on my model's face This actually keeps your gloss safe from any kind of infection and also it is pretty hygienic So you can see how wonderful our model looks on her and it is just the base and lip gloss that is creating such a wonderful effect So yes if you want a free trial for the HD Cream Foundation or any other HD foundation for that matter be it liquid or mousse you are always welcome to visit our store

Or if you have any query for the HD range of products or any other product from Kryolan you can drop us a mail at [email protected]