Makeup tutorial – How to Apply the Perfect, Flawless Makeup Base Foundation

Hi, I'm Nikki I'm a makeup artist and today I'm going to show you how to do your base and how to add some definition to your face

[Makeup Tutorial: How To Apply the Perfect, Flawless Makeup Base Foundation] Begin makeup application with good skin preparation So I've already cleansed and toned and now I'm applying moisturizer Buffing that into the skin all over, you get the corners of the mouth, lines that go from the nose to the mouth Don't forget under the eyes I'm using an eye cream by Estee Lauder

It's called Hydra Complete Use your ring finger because that is the one with least pressure The skin under the eyes is very very delicate So make sure you use minimum pressure Now I'm going to do Kavya's face

Kavya doesn't need a lot of foundation She's got very clear complexion, not too much to cover So I'm just gonna use very little and press it into the skin So using my fingers to blend the foundation into the skin, fingers are good, because the heat melts the foundation into the skin So it looks extremely natural and sheer

To the corners of the nose, chin, corners of the lips, jawline So, when applying the foundation use downward strokes whether you are using a sponge or your fingers or a flat brush as this helps the hair on the face to be flattened downwards So you get a smoother finish So I'm using NARS Sheer Glow in the shade Syracuse and I'm applying that under her eyes and down the centre of her face in almost like a V-Shape, blending it in well, also applying it to her eyelids You can see that it's brightened up the front of her face and also made it a little narrower

Don't forget the inner corners of the eyes – that's where a lot of darkness occurs Also doing around the mouth and the chin, basically down the whole centre of the face and the centre of the forehead Now, I am just buffing it all in to blend both shades together I hope you enjoyed watching this video Do subscribe to our channel [BeautyHouse] and come back for more [Click to Subscribe]