Mod Cat Eye Makeup

Hey guys! Today would be a quick one I'm jumping straight to my eyes I'm wearing contact lenses from Iris Beauty in the color Emerald Green

I chose this color because I thought it would suit this makeup since it looks quite feline It's my first time wearing such a vivid green and I'm pleasantly surprised at how nice they look I have a 15% discount code below if you're interested They got a whole bunch of other colors as well First I'm applying the sleeping lip mask to moisturize my lips while I do my face

I'm working backwards today and starting with liner first You can use the brush as a guide for the wing Just face it from the inner corner into the outer corner And that's the direction we're going for And I just extend it about this much

Then I'm going to draw a line starting from the center here, joining it to the end And I try to keep the top line as straight as possible I don't have a desk to lean on when I film so both my arms were just hovering in the air We'll clean up the edge with a concealer later I'm extending the line into the inner corner of my eye as well

Keeping it thin so that it tapers Now I fill up the gaps in between my lashes It's easier to see when you lift up your eyelid (with your finger) like this I'm taking Chromatic from the Morphe Dare To Create palette with a wet brush and instead of the usual dome shape, I'm going to create a low skinny one instead And I'm using a patting motion to lay the wet shadow down first

Then I'm slowly shaping it to the shape I want Keeping it low and long to create a feline look Taking Granite, I'm going to apply it at the outer corner to deepen the shape I'm using Chica Y Chico's concealer to clean up the edge of my liner It's very pigmented

So it's great for things like this I'm using it with my Sigma E46 brush Then using Iris Beauty's Ultra Defining Eyeliner in black I'm going to thinly line the underside of the wing And also my waterline This will help blend in the band of the false lashes later I'm curling my lashes with the Shu Uemura curler and applying these half lashes onto the outer half of my eye

Then I'm filling up the gaps between my lash line and false lashes with a black eyeliner I forgot to apply mascara so remember to do yours (laughs) This is Skinfood's Fresh Fruit Mellow Blush in BR02

I really like this blush It's kind of a mysterious color And wiping off the lip mask before I go on to lipstick I chose the MLB B color and just dabbing it on for a soft wash of color Smudging it with my finger

Applying a little bit more at a center for a slight gradient That's the completed look This graphic mod cat eye I've been seeing this kind of blockish eyeshadow in editorials lately so I thought I would give it a go, put my own twist to it and I hope you enjoyed it Thanks for watching! And I will see you next time