My Best Friend Does My Makeup Challenge

Parenthesis presents (B: What is it ?!) My friend does my makeup tag Hi guys So, as you can see, Today we are going to shoot a video of makeup I mean let's try, I do not know how it's going to be but today we're going to tag my best friend do my makeup J: So, let's start B: yes J: yes, perfect Okay, so we always start, it's not true with a good cheap base because your friend will not let you use the other because you do not want to spend I do not want to spend my mac base because I'm not rich so instead we will use a base of cheap sleek It was not so cheap, it was 7 pounds not Do you want to base this? J: this one? B: I mean you do what you think B: use this J: ok dirty my hand OK I can not see anything Maybe it's because you did not do anything No, I can not see J: just a little bit here Can you stop laughing please, spoil the process

a bit here You'll make me stand in your eyebrow Why are you doing this ?! J: Just like, well? a bit on the chin do not get stuck while I'm doing this is doing very well in my opinion Why are you doing this ?! I have nerves, I can feel things you know do not be nervous So let's mix it up Are you sure you got it right? So let's find out when I mix it up honestly you're the worst shut up, I happen to be some painting is going very well excuse me, you can turn your face

thank you in this direction Wow, it's getting really good contact me do not contact him because he's too aggressive J: Okay but it's getting beautiful or not B: I do not know, I can not see sad for you so why are you doing great DO NOT LOOK! I'm afraid look up it's more or less the same maybe but a little bit because you're just a little f- that's not the right brush (offended) would you say I'm a little ugly ?! J: what! nooo B: idiot I do not really like makeup on my forehead because I always turn gray awhhh, you should have said earlier not because you're doing my makeup not me I swear Jackson I'll give u punch Okay, we're going to do a bit of a broker now this is small what? is small is not it appropriate? Oh, it's just for the straight? Where are you going? I'll guess you know, places you want to correct people usually put it here Okay, it was a bit close to your eye

Okay now let's use this close your eyes, please oh this did not go very well I'm not saying anything Why are you doing all my eye type in the ball of my eye? can you?! let the artist work oh my god oh nooo You can stop laughing, you're kneading your face J: You're watching

very beautiful very very beautiful Now that we've made the base my God, you're very good now that we have made the base and the corrective we will pass to B: Can I see with myself? J: No! But why?! J: in the end! B: You have no rules about it You know what It's my rule, okay? but there were no rules shadow I do not know why your face looks like this let's use the 'amber' oh this looks like shade and it is almost the same color as the box so let's use Let's look at your face I'll choose

this one! I do not know why your face is so close the eyes oh wow, it's very beautiful Jackson, are you really trying? simm J: (whispering) this year was a good idea now the next Are you done yet ?! Is it done already ?! Haha There's still a lot to do but let's take one eye at a time with one product at a time Honestly, are you a professional? B: not J: you can see B: but you are not either It will look very beautiful I really liked what I did here, YOU CAN STOP! a very good technique for you doing makeup use your finger whenever

you want wow this is great next eyeliner ready for this? B: simm J: let's use this one I'm with medooo, I mean you could be very good B: I doubt much more J: I'm an artist Bruna Can you stop talking like this? You can speak louder! J: I do not know what I'm doing and I'm worried eww Jackson you spit in my face !!! ready? I am not

It's not even in your eye yet I'm worried erreiii wow, I'm very good at this, can you turn your head, please? wow, it's great it's not really Okay, Bruna, ready for the next eye? Are you ready for the next eye ?! I said, are you sure you want to do the eyeliner? (imitating Jackson) "Yes because if not your eyes will be lost at the base

" that's why I can not because you do not collaborate look down I can feel it going wrong wow that's it What are you doing? this eye is not too bad No, the other one is Now is eyebrow time, ready? great What do we use? I use black eyeshadow to make my eyebrows Right, and where is it? this one Can you relax, please B: I use this J: I use this one and then excuse me, you can stop talking I'm trying to be an artist B: I use this for kind thinking I do not trust you to do this part J: What is it? B: no nothing J: I can do it B: Not Jackson, no

J: no I'm serious we have to brush them my God 100 times better What are you trying to say ?! that you do not brush your eyebrows if you did it every day a queen here wau

we do not even need to do it we need to we have neighbors and my sister is in the room J: What ?! I did not know there was someone home B: yes J: you could have told me I'm here embarrassing me you're always a shame so you do not have to worry you can not twist my neck this way wow it's very handsome You can be quiet, I'm trying to make your eyebrows I'll make it a bit clearer here and obviously we have to get dark oh this very handsome I can see ? B: I mean this is not terrible J: needs an adjustment Are you going to leave the other one like that?

No, I'm doing this for now you can stop kneading your face, you will get wrinkles and it will make the makeup come out very ugly The makeup is really ugly this is rude it's just a fact now let's use this J: will absorb B: no, do not do this, please J: Bruna B: Jackson

because then when I'm putting my base to mine it's going to turn black J: uhh ok, I'll use the one we're going to put in the trash B: because you're doing it J: because trust me! B: Why do not you use this one? J: Trust me! to do what? To do this J: Okay, give your opinion then B: ok ok, use the other then! J: You know what? I'm going to, and you'll see how good it will be I'm absorbing trust me trust me what is this ?!?!?! what is this?! What is what? Oh ok Let's meet Bruna You can

you can focus on me J: what ?! B: nothing J: Are you trying to make this harder for me ?! B: I can not to sit in any other way how can I sit down I literally can not J: a bit of sculpture

because every good artist B: you are not an artist J: sculpting the eyebrow great now let's mix Fantastic Now let's do This one this is called outline turn your head not like that like this It's a very natural makeup

with that golden shadow ?! Turn your head, please ready to spend a night out or at home let's mix and now let's add

shine I'm the artist and mascara? Oh yeah! Can you trust me, please? and now we're done Bruna, what do you think of your makeup? could be worse right ?! I'm looking like crap here it is in my opinion I would score very high J: Bruna is not a good model B: back to reality J: Okay, your eyeliner is very bumpy

Your eyebrows are crap Your shadow is also trash honestly, I'd give you -10 points J: could be much worse B: ok you knew some names of things J: Thank you so I would give you 0 points please put in the comments that score you would give my art I'm going to take a photo and here J: You could be worse! B: thanks for watching J: thanks for watching our video If you liked the video, give it a like B: No, I made a mistake !! let's try again if you liked the video of a like and subscribe! if you did not like the video of a like and subscribe! See you !