what's up everybody, welcome back to my channel! good morning, hi how are ya? now in today's video look I'm scared, I'm terrified and I don't know what's about to happen but everyone please pause this video and pray for me alright you guys ready to get started today we are doing a very weird makeup review now I have tried a million products on this channel all the way from putty highlighters to a thousand dollar foundation now bitch we have something crazy today that it wouldn't by roll all over Facebook and I bought this a while ago it's been sitting on my desk and today this is the DDK mascara that has 4d fibers in it that is allegedly gonna lift these lashes and build them up to Jesus now I don't know what is about to happen none of the instructions are in English so we're gonna have to do some investigating but I have someone that helps me find weird makeup products all around the world and they sent me this into my office and I was like what the hell is in this box Google this and this is about like 15 dollars so that is not a lot of money it says if you want to know how to use in English search this word on youtube so girl I already did it we're gonna pull it up in a second but this is what the box looks like it comes in this I mean this is a large box or a mascara we all know mascara looks like this but what is in this box let's open it find out all right now all over here there's literally nothing in English except here it tells you what other customers or actual results that have been found it says most women said it was easy to apply and in flake in their eyes well thank God it says most women said it was a rich black in color and made her eyes look bolder and then it says most of women said they will buy it again and recommend to others let's open this up here oh wow okay so when you open it it has – messieurs maybe I don't know what the hell is in this but let's keep opening it I'm someone that just ripped it all open girl notebooks okay okay so we have this so it looks like this and then there is a smaller one I'm not sure if it's the same product or if it's like a primer that is also like this I have no idea if these are supposed to be the same it says the same exact thing in here should we open it up let's do a little first impressions and see what the hell this even looks like okay so there's this looks like a normal mascara to me it almost smells like a liquid lip with no fragrance kind of mascara but like nothing crazy okay now what is the other one I'm like how is it supposed to give me crazy 4d lashes at three oh wow what ain't I okay camera we're gonna zoom in on this really quickly close up it looks like little like a little black cotton ball almost like almost like like if you dipped a q-tip into black hair dye oh my did not expect that okay now obviously I don't know what to do with this verse so we're gonna hop online right now and let's see what the Internet has to say so I went to the official website and the instructions you need tweezers people to apply mascara then gotta have a pair right here step one use product like normal mascara then use tweezers to stick three eyelashes together and wait for them to dry you can brush a little silk fiber this will make eyelash dry faster okay so we're gonna do that and then we're gonna put on the fibers after the eyelash has dried completely twisted the three eyelashes like twisting thread if I don't have any eyelashes after this okay then it says start with the one-third at the top of the lash partly brush cream and partly brush the fiber and after three seconds brush the cream again oh my this is a lot of back and forth like I need to assist it and then it says repeat to twist the eyelash like little thread then go on to do the brushing try several times practice always makes perfect with our product oh great and then it says number eight other ladies can do it you can do it too trust yourself I don't think I've ever been more perplexed in a review of my life eyelashes I'm so sorry I have a major photo shoot for my holiday campaign in a few days so if I have zero lashes lipstick Nick I'm so sorry so we are going to use the mascara like a normal mascara I just did a soft little look with blood sugar I used glucose sugar cane cake mix and ouch and girl easy-peasy by the way this will be in stock very soon it keeps selling out because you guys will not stop so thank you for making this such a success okay back to the review now let's just apply mascara like we were just finishing up our look okay we'll do the bottom lashes in a minute because it says do these quickly then use tweezers to stick three lashes together before they dry so literally hold on a second oh my god this is so wrong huh oh my god I'm so sorry my eyes this feels really wrong I'm just feels like I'm putting on lashes and I'm like sticking them together okay those are stuck and then once they're together you can brush a little fiber on them and they'll and it'll make the eyelashes dry faster okay let's do this part oh my god oh my god okay it looks like I just dragged a rug through my eyes and then after the lashes dried completely twist the 3d lash like twisting a thread all right I'm gonna do the other eye quickly so we can see how they both look together okay we have both tops done um oh my god I definitely want to do the bottom as well so let before we twist and do all that craziness let's do the bottoms all right now we're gonna take the tweezers and press some of these lashes together oh my god this is so wrong this is not okay oh fuck I'm in the hospital like two when they really tortured that bitch Oh God okay they're kind of pressed together my bottom lashes are like what the hell are you doing okay let's take the 4d fiber oh my god this is like actual silk I'm like is this real life like someone invented this you guys they like they were like you know what this is going on right now okay okay just one more coat up here and all right we're gonna twist them like it says and let's see what the hell happens where's like a thread I'm like twisted like a thread how do you even do that what in that you guys see what's going on down here look all this all these little fallouts remember I said it wouldn't go in people's eyes lies literal lies oh my god it's raining down over here what enough okay let's do a little twist over here oh my god twist like a thread I have to Google how to do that I'm like oh wow you can't even talk okay it says repeat so let's put on more mascara remember what all the fibers just came off with this next coat cuz I think I just saw that all right and then it says apply this again it looks like a tarantula like Facebook to me that's really what's going on right here whoa okay that looks crazier than the other side now okay this is looking a little crazy so the instructions you guys it says start with a third top of the lash partly brush the cream and then one third partly brush the silk fiber after three seconds dude the cream again repeat fibre and cream all partly brush up and down repeat to twist the eyelash like twisting the thread and then go on to brushing go over and over and over I still don't get the twist thing maybe I have long nails and it's more annoying but like that is the only thing where I'm like what the hell are y'all talking about oh my god this looks really weird like my lashes look a mess the twisting thing is what I don't understand like am I an idiot I don't get how to twist these you guys I'm gonna say this on record this is probably or if not the worst mascara I've ever tried in my entire life and on this channel my eyes are itchy there's little fibers in my actual like the whites of my eyes I had to lick my finger off-camera real quickly and like get a few hairs that were like already on my eyes it's raining down on my cheeks my lashes oh they feel like a like tarantula hair honestly it's like and then they also feel kind of hard at the same time like cement but velvety like I can't handle this so um it's safe to say that this mascara is not jeffree star approved it is not Jeffords are approved I am so scared I want to like go run and wash my eyes out really quickly because I'm scared about about what's about to happen I don't know the diss feel like oh it's so itchy I don't know how to explain it anyways no I have put a lot of things in my eyes and this is not a fun one oh my god they're itchy okay I have to end this review I am pretty much scared for my life right now um no normally when I try anything like I'm good by the way Fanta okay it hurts I'm honestly leaving I love you guys so much this mascara is scary please watch this for a laugh and please laugh with me because um I don't want anyone else to try this out oh my god let's just rub and see if any of this silk comes off her look Chris hasn't moved oh my god it's like on there zoom in right here this looks fucked look at all that it looks like um I don't know I don't know what it looks like it looks like a bunch of like dog hair on a white piece of carpet yeah Wow I like scary okay love you guys see you on the next one oh my god