my first time applying makeup

Hello, some of you may or may not know that I don't wear makeup I have never done it in my whole life, so I've seen about like, a billion makeup tutorials so I really think I'm gonna be okay I'm only gonna do

this eye [laughter] I don't know how to do the rest of my face So, I'm gonna do this section right here So, here's the before And I really think it's gonna be glamorous Whoa [laughter] I don't even know what this stuff is I think we start by like just drawing–straight up drawing on ourselves And we cover our blemishes

I think This is going pretty well Any person who does their makeup is gonna be like "she's doing it wrong" [laughter] So, I've framed my eyebrow cus I'm pretty sure that's what you do

I don't have a beauty blender I just have these cotton pads, so I'm just gonna do this Honestly, or just use your finger

reallylike ♫ for-get that ♫ I think I just wiped it all off So

that was pointless Next This is some stuff that I actually have used before, like to cover up

if I have a really red blemish somewhere, I'll just put this on the spot I think this is how you do it I don't have a have a beauty blender or something that makes more sense than just putting it on a cotton pad but, this is what I'm gonna do with it right here is just, dab, dab, dab

Smear it all in All overthis

areaaa Until my skin turns orange [laughter] And just, like, put it everywhere in your entiresoul Yeah, I think I'm doing this right! This is This is goinnnng pretty bad [laugh] There, I think I've successfully blended this Now, the area looks like this [whining] I don't know what I'm doing! ♫ dab, dab, dab, dab, dab, dab, dab, dab, dab, dab, dab, daaaab, dab-dab ♫ Q-TIP! I dabbed the q-tip in some of the liquid and I think I just, like put it around my–oh my god, my eyebrow has literally lost all color Just paint it? Cover up that pimple

Or don't cus TBH, I don't care Yeah, I've got 'em You know who else has got 'em? Oprah [laughter] I think I'm good! And now I have to fix it again [groaning] MAKEUP IS FRUSTRATING! Now, I'm pretty sure we start messing with our eyes So, let's do that This thing

and I think I use that to, like, fill in my eyebrows some? ♫ boop, boop boo-boo, boop ♫ glamour [laugh] If you spill a little, cus I spilled a little bit So, I'm just gonna go like THAT! Okay

Let's just–let's just move on here And I think I use this on my eye as well So, I'm just gonna put it, like, right here That–oh my GOD, you see I just got an eyelash in my eye! Stop it okay, makeup makes your eyelashes fall out Put a little bit–or I think, this might be a lotI don't know [stabs myself with the pencil] [screams] Put an amountaround here

And then fill in the corner of your eye for that, like, emo 7th grader look And just do a littlething right there [laugh] And now we're gonna do, like, a wing? I'm gonna go like this

and thendraw it [whimper] boop This is a really long [laugh] I think this is really the definition of glamour right here like, everyone else is doing it wrong we look like Cleopatra now I think I'm supposed to put it on the top ♫ booooo da-da-da ♫ This is actually lipstick, but it's got like a point on it So maybe that'll help point it out some

No it just made it fatter Okay [crying] I don't know what I'm doing right now [gasp] Ooooh! I messed up I– [grunts] This look is almost complete

I just gotta clean up where I spilled There's something in my eye Oh my god, again! But I can't take it out because [sobs] Okay so, um my eye burns

SO BAD! But, this is the finished look Very glamorous as you can see Compared to my other eye pfft whatever [crying] I'm just kidding, this was really complicated This is not okay, I– don't let me do your makeup

Don't anyone let me do your makeup this [crying] I have to take this off My face feels SO heavy right now

This whole area right here feels like Ohh my gosh [clock ticking] I think the general consensus I've reached on makeup is [laugh] never again

I feel like the constant dragging down of my face will cause somthing to happen to me later in life Yeah, I'm just gonna say pass This girl ain't havin' it [laugh] I just gotta say, like, kudos to y'all Mr's and Mrs' and everything in between who do this EVERY DAY Oh my god They should literally have a makeup awards show That needs to be a thing

The Makeup Award Show I FAILED and this was exhausting hard work Like, even getting it off, this is pain It's very, very dark under here right now Um, I'm trying to get that off, but

I don't know maybe that's just the circles under my eyes that are always there Some people are SO good at it, and it's literally an art form, like it is expression You're working with brushes, aren't you? Ergo, ART [Sigh] Alright, I think that's as good as it's gonna get Peace and blessings! ♫ It's just another shape ♫ ♫ right angles on this hardwood frame, you see ♫