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Hey Awesome ones So today I thought I'd show you the little area that I carved out for my makeup and it's pretty condensed

It's pretty compact, but I'm going to share it with you in just a few seconds Now if you've seen some of our other videos you know that Bill and I really scaled down We downsized and what I really needed to do was find a little corner in the bedroom that actually faced a window which we were able to do with this particular home So yay for us I needed makeup

I needed to have my makeup available, but I also teach a lot of you about living a little more simply and that sort of thing, so let's take a look at what we've got here And first of all I have my little stool to sit on and the comfy little pillow underneath And I have my makeup mirror which I don't think they make this brand anymore, but I'll try to find something like it I'll put it back in the blog and then maybe you can purchase something We make a little Commission

I've got to say that That's what I have to do and hey it really really helps us for keeping these videos going So on this little mirror I actually I don't turn it on, the light on during the day, because why bother? I've got this real natural light, so I just sort of use the various styles of the makeup mirror that way So there we go What I also have here and I'm just going to back up a little bit so I can show you, is one of these fabulous

all right goodfabulous little uh I don't know what you call them, but they're plastic and they hold a lot of my makeup So in here I, let me just sort of you know what I'm gonna do? I'm going to sort of pretend I'm doing my makeup So the first thing I would do is I would grab a brush like this, I would put on some concealer and by the way most of this makeup I'm also going to put in the first comment link back to the blog, so if you want to purchase some of the makeup that you've seen me wearing that's the time to do it

And then I also have the foundation Makeup, I also got myself dirty there I also have my powdery makeup which I've got some brushes hiding back here to put the powder on So just depending on whether I want full coverage foundation or a lighter look, I just choose depending on the dayAlso I have some beautiful blushes that I might put on and then I have a brush like that for the brushes for the blushes and what else do I have I'm actually feeling warm right now so this is a good one you know that anti-shine that I love love love so much

So let's just take a moment to powder my nose and underneath here It's a hot day today, so I need that baby Oops I forgotI forgot, forgot sorry before I put on the makeup I've got to have either a regular primer or I'm going out in the Sun this is an SPF 50 So sorry about that I'm just sort of throwing everything at you here but don't forget your sunscreen alright so we got that If I'm wearing an eyeliner we've got the eyeliners all here

Once in a while I'll get the red out of my eyes Not every day, but once in a while I'll do that What other things do we have here in this little bag of tricks here Oh the lipsticks section I'll have to show that to you here

I don't think you could have enough lipstick sometimes because you know sometimes you want to just have it natural like I've got a couple of these lip balms that are colored Sometimes I just you know, I've got a couple of different pencils Sometimes I'm going for a coral and sometimes I may be going more for a pink So got all of those in there as well and you might be wondering you know what this little bag of tricks is back here and you probably noticed I'm a very pale person So sometimes I have to put some airbrush legs, some tanning on on my legs and of course an eyelash curler

You know that sort of things Or some wild colors for maybe a little bit and I don't go too crazy on the lipstick, but sometimes on the eye shadows I might sort of put a touch of blue or something like that So I've got those in there as well So what else do we have here Of course we have I'll get to the eyeshadows in just a second

Oh how about right now In this drawer I have this beautiful palette that I love love, love, love that I use I also if I'm feeling like I want to be in the pink I'm maybe doing something along those lines with the pinks and purples Also in this little drawer I have I like to keep mymy pencils really sharp I don't like them too dull And of course what's the point of having a beautiful makeup if you haven't brushed your teeth and grabbed a mint along the way

I don't know Me I just like having mints and it just gives me that little confidence booster but yeah so we can close that up Now I have my various brushes that I use for putting on the eye shadows and I've done someyou know whatI'm going to show you up there somewhere one of my makeup videos that you can take a look at so we'll show you somehow about hooded eyes will put hooded eyes up there so you can see some of these brushes that I use This is actually for under the nails too When I don't want to wear nail polish and might as well put that one up there as well Wearing really a natural look nail polish Anti nail polish because there's no nail polish on it

Alright so we're going to go over here to you know the contouring So I've got a nice little we've already put on the blush and we can do some contour around a little bit, not too much, you don't want to overdo it and then also what I have here is the kind of what do we call itit's a highlighter So we've got that there and very, very pretty Don't use too much of this either and I also did a video on ten makeup mistakes that people do and some of them are way too much bronzer, way too much highlighter So if you want to see that one oh I'll put that one up there as well, but yep and I always have some nice clean makeup pads so that when I am putting on a foundation they're nice and clean and of course you can reuse them by what just washing them out So there you have it

I know this is kind of a short video, but we're not finished yet because I know a guy who doesn't wear any makeup Who is he? So when I think about it most guys don't wear makeup, but anyway this little guy certainly doesn't wear makeup Although Hurricane, you have the most beautiful, beautiful eyes You actually look like you've got a little bit of eye shadow and mascara on dosen't he, but anyway Hurricane and I thank you very much for coming into our boudoir and taking a look at my little makeup area It just goes to prove that you don't need a lot of space in order to do this and hey throw that makeup out if it's getting old or if you're not using it anymore

You don't have to keep years and years of makeup Just keep it fresh and you know enjoy as you go One of the things that we're enjoying as we go, are you our subscribers I justyou, you mean so much to us you know It's kind of not easy to do videos every Tuesday for the lifestyle ones and every Friday for the beauty and fashion, but Bill and I and even little Hurricane although I do see you yawning they're a bit We might get tired, but we certainly are inspired by all of you that are joining our community and subscribing So thank you so much for that and in the meantime I just want to say keep it awesome and we'll see you next time

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