My Secret to PERFECT Eyeshadow! Welcome to Makeup!

My Secret to PERFECT Eyeshadow! Welcome to Makeup!

Hello Beautiful and Welcome to Makeup!!!

I’ve had a lot of comments asking how I do my eyeshadow Perfectly every single time! The first part is this blue print I follow and then just practice and experimenting! This ‘Blue print’ works for any monochromatic colour of set of colours for me. This secret works for my eye shape, if you have a different eye shape it may not work as well/ at all. But, that doesn;t mean dont have fun and play in some makeups!!!

Any other makeup looks you want to see? Any other videos you want to see?

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Note: I have not been paid to promote any products used in this video they were bought out of my own pocket ❤
Sin stick:
Eyeshadow Palettes and highlighter: Jeffree Star Cosmetics Jawbreaker
Morphe 35B Colourburst
Eyeliner $4 from Kmart:
Eye Feathers:
Lips: Chi Chi sex bomb
Contour: Seems to be no longer available so when my best boy Marc runs out I’m going to cry…