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Hi, I'm Jean Godfrey-June I'm the beauty director at goop, and I'm here to answer all your beauty questions

There is a best clean nontoxic eye makeup remover It comes from Ursa Major, and it's a little packet to make this incredible mixture of botanical extracts, oils, totally good for you, totally good for your skin You're just gonna do the bottom, do the top, let it be smudgy for a second, and then go in and clean it up the thing to remember is you want to be really gentle It's your eyesβ€” you don't want to tug at them

Scrubbing is just gonna irritate them and make you look puffy in the morning The great thing about these is you know you can stick it in your back pocket, your gym bagthey are kind of good for everything

This is just the ultimate like fix-everything, but it really takes off eye makeup Hope that answers your question Try it: You get a big bag of a bunch of them, and they're fantastic Thanks for asking, and I hope you love it