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natural glam date night makeup tutorial women over 30 makeup night out makeup for mom hey guys! welcome back to my channel I hope you're having a great day if you're new to my channel then welcome today's video is a makeup tutorial on the makeup I am wearing right now this makeup is inspired by two things the first is this picture I saw of Angelina Jolie in US Magazine She's very natural but contoured and also Jaclyn Hill's last makeup tutorial that she did it was a daytime makeup tutorial with a ton of highlighter I was going to film this makeup look separately then I saw Jaclyn Hill's video & I thought they were like the same thing so I combined the two & put my spin on it & came up with this look for a natural date night glam makeup look no bronzer, it's contour, highlight blush light on the eyes with a little black for a little pop give this video a thumbs up if you liked it don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already if you have a friend that would like this natural date night glam then feel free to share the video so let's go ahead and get started with the tutorial if you'd like to see how I got this makeup look and what products I used then just keep watching! natural glam date night makeup women over 30 makeup I'm going to start by priming my face with the Make up for ever hydrating primer this primer is similar to the Too Faced Hangover RX primer but I had a sample of this so I was trying it out then I'm priming my eyes with the Smashbox photo ready hydrating eye primer this really helps my concealer go on better it helps with the dryness so I've really been liking that then I'm using the Laura mercier radiance primer and I'm just putting it on the high points of my face where I'm planning on putting highlighter later because this primer is very radiant so I didn't want it everywhere but if you like super radiant put it everywhere then I'm going to fill in the lines on my forehead with the amazing cosmetics line filler it's my favorite line filler and then for the larger pores on my cheeks I'm using the Dr Brandt Pores No More it's my favorite pore filler it's mattifying and does a good job of smoothing over your pores and even problem areas I put it on my cheeks, the sides of my nose and my chin a lot and then I'm going to color correct the dark circles under my eyes with the peach side of the MAC studio conceal and correct duo I like to put it where I want it to go using a small concealer brush and then I like to tap it in with my finger I feel like the beauty blender picks up too much of the product and I make sure to concentrate the product on the dark circles you can see it immediately brightens your undereye then I'm going in with my foundation using my Too Faced Born This Way Foundation in the shade Natural Beige I know it looks really orange but I promise you it matches my skin tone I've been having a lot of problems figuring out how to make the foundation look good on camera but I'm working on it I really like this fondation it has a nice natural finish it goes on really well with a beauty blender it's medium coverage that's buildable I haven't built it up to what I would call full coverage but it does give a solid medium coverage i just go back in with more product where i want more coverage like on my cheeks where there's redness or acne scarring it does a pretty decent job of covering it up once you put the powder on it's good to go but it is a good foundation & I like it a lot and of course I put it on my neck because it's super white compared to my body or my face i'm using the NARS custard concealer for additional brughtness then I'll go in with Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer in Medium light neutral and the bare minerals stroke of light as a liquid highlighter sometimes I'll do this where I put all the highlighter & concealer on at the same time and then blend them all in and i like the effect especially for underneath my eyes I do like to start bledning on my chin and work my way around so it has more product on it for the more precise areas and then where it doesn't matter as much under my eyes because it's fine if theres more product on it i make sure i get in the corner of my eyes because i have additional darkness there and i'm also priming my eyes with the concealer today it does make the application process go a little faster when you do that i'm setting my under eyes with the maybelline fit me translucent powder i like this powder to set the concealer and liquid highlighter it has a little bit of a white cast to it so it adds some brightness then i'm setting the rest of my face with the laura mercier translucent powder and this is the sigma f50 face brush i love a big powder brush this is the morphe 35o palette this is the color idea i got from the jaclyn hill video when i saw the Angelina jolie picture then I watched Jaclyn's video this is the only color she used in her tutorial and i have this palette so i thought it was a good starting point i really like this Sigma E35 brush and i'm using these bigger messier movements for this eye look instead of being so precise as i usually am, basically going to town i'm making sure theres an even layer on the outer 2/3 of the lid then i'm going in with this darker shade putting it in the outer v and because i have hooded eyes so i have to apply the shadow above the crease i'm working this color into the outer v and above the crease so you can see it when my eyes are open & I'm looking straight ahead so if you have hooded eyes this is a good way to make sure you can actually see your eyeshadow but again with the messier movements for the application it's just kind of a messy sexy not really grungy but just more messy and less precise and im blending out the edges and making sure its all blended and putting some cream eyeshadow up top then we'll go ahead and highlight using the hourglass luminous light shade i picked this highlighter because it's a really pretty highlighter that's not overpowering i'm going to start packing this on to the inner portion of my lid bringing it up as i'm doing here into the inner corner and then on about the inner third of the lid to really brighten up the inner portion this highlight is perfect for this because its still going to be natural but will give your eyes that pop that you are looking for for this look and then this is the original shade that we put down and I'm using my pencil brush and connecting it on the outer edge there this is the second shade we sued same thing, putting it on the lower lash line making sure it's connected on the outer edge becaue it's a messy onger eye where the eyeshadow is coming out more than usual just make sure it's connected on that outer portion and then for eyeliner i swatched all my black eyeliners on the back of my hand this is the blackest one that i have that happens to be this Smashbox one just use the blackest black eyeliner that you have and apply it to the outer 1/3-1/2 of your upper and lower lash line and this is goig to help draw the eye out and make your eyes look longer it's a really cool effect then i decided this eyeliner wasn't black enough so i covered it with black eyeshadow and this is my Sigma winged liner brush i used the black eyeshadow out of my lorac pro palette if you have a kohl eyeliner you probably wont have to do this if you do just use any black eyeshadow that you have then i'm creating a little eye tail it's not really a wing im just trying to make it a little bit longer then i'm using the it cosmetics tightline because i dont like to tightline my eye the too faced better than sex mascara is my favorite mascara for a dramatic look becaue i dont wear false lashes this maybelline colossal cat eye mascara is awesome for your lower lash line because it's curved and then we're going to contour our face using the Kat Von D Shade & light palette you want to put the product in the hollow of your cheek bone then blend it upwards not downwards using small circular motions i blended the edges because im not going in with bronzer to make sure it's not a harsh line then i'm putting a little more contour up on my forehead down the sides of my face, along my jawline i like to do this to even out the contour on my face then im using the yellow shade of the kat von d palette to carve out my cheekbones to get a really contoured effect i chose this hourglass blush because it has a really nice sheen to it and a very subtle color because i wanted the ret of the face to be natural and have the eyes be the focus & the eyeshape we created then im using the hourglass luminous light highlighter again on the top of my cheekbones, above my eyebrows, down the sides of my face to give you a really nice glow as you turn your head the center of my nose, the tip of my nose and my cupids bow being pretty generous with my top lip here for added drama and blending it out with my duo fiber brush this is the revlon color stay lipliner in the shade nude i like these lipliners

they arent the creamiest but they do have good lasting power and then i love these revlon matte balms this is in the shade enchanting they have great lasting power and feel so good on the lips i covered it with MAC Peachstock to give it a little gloss set it with the urban decay de slick setting spray and we are done so that is it for the turtorial! i hope you liked this natural date night glam look my daughter and her friend loved it and my husband loved it so i hope you liked it too if you did please give it a thumbs up and dont forget to subscribe all the product info will be in the description box below along with the links to my instagram twitter snapchat and facebook so check out the description box and i will see you in my next video bye! natural glam date night makeup tutorial makeup tutorial for women over 30 link for how to pack for a vacation! makeup for women over 30