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welcome back to my channel! i hope you're having a great day if you're new to my channel then welcome! today's video is a makeup tutorial on the makeup I'm wearing right now this is my go to beach makeup look from when I was in St Maarten I used the travel palette I showed you in my last video if you haven't seen that I will have a link pop up right here so you can go watch that video I showed everything that is in the travel palette everything that was in that travel palette I used to create this makeup look it's quick, it's easy, it's a natural smokey eye you can change out the lip a berry lip or a coral lip if you wanted something bolder please give this video a thumbs up if you liked it don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already thank you so much for watching lets go ahead and get started with the tutorial natural and glowy everyday beach vacation makeup tutorial natural and glowy everyday beach vacation makeup tutorial i have already filled in my eyebrows with the Loreal brow stylist definer in the shade brunette and the Anastasia brow gel in the shade brunette so per usual eyebrow action I already exfoliate my lips with the bubblegum lip scrub from Lush this one is on its last leg then I put the Milani moisture lock rose hipp version it's supposed to help with wrinkles if you go on a beach vacation definitely take something with you to exfoliate your lips even if you put on sun balm on your lips they'll still get dry and start to flake a little bit i'm using the Sunday Riley effortless breathable tinted primer it looks like this on the bottle it says it provides a touch of radiance so that''s perfect for our beach makeup look and this is in the shade medium then since we are at the beach i don't try and make my face matte it's counter productive, it's not going to work but i do like to put something mattifying right here where i know it's really going to get oily it's not going to keep you completely matte but it will help a little i'm using the Becca ever matte poreless priming perfector this you really have to work into the skin or you're not going to like it you want to work it into the skin until it starts to feel tacky and then for my eyes i did use my boobi brown hydrating eye cream and the smashbox photo finish hydrating under eye primer again this is pretty typical application for me i filled in the wrinkles on my forehead using the amazing cosmetics like smoother primer this is my favorite line smoother i put a little bit of the dr brandt pores no more on the pores on my cheeks and my chin where they're a little bit bigger now we are all primed and ready to go i'm going to color correct my dark circles using the MAC studio conceal and correct duo and I prefer the peach side i like to put the color corrector where i want it to go using the small japonesque 910 brush you really want to keep the color correcting on the dark circles you don't want to make a big triangle using the color correcting product i will also run this into the inner corner of my eye i find it is easiest to blend it out with my finger a beauty blender or real technique sponge picks up too much product for my liking this is my favorite color correcting product i've used a lot of them and i like this one the best it's hydrating and a nice thin consistency it doesnt cake up under your eyes now we're going to go in with our foundation and I'm going to use the Giorgio Armani foundation in the shade seven and the makeup geek foundation stippling brush i got this a couple weeks ago and i really like it i'm going to go for a medium coverage

i dont want it to be suer heavy because if you are actually on a beach vacation and you're going to go out to dinner at the beach you dont want a really heavy face of makeup on it's going to be hot and you'll start sweating and it will look bad i want to even out my skin tone but i don't want it to be really heavy of course you want to run your foundation down your neck if your neck is white like mine is wherever i want a little fuller coverage i use stippling motions to put extra product where i have addition redness as you can see the combination of this brush and this foundation gives you a really nice natural looking medium coverage before i move on to concealer i'm going to prime my eye lids with the benefit stay don't stray i was using concealer and kind of going back and forth but it seems like the concealer is a little too heavy for my eyelids i'm going to use this sephora concealer brush to buff it in this product will help your eyeshadow last longer and look better i like how the shade counteracts any redness or discoloration that you have on your lids you can run the excess that's left over on your brush under your lower lash line we'll set it really quickly before we move on with the laura mercier translucent powder and the japonesque 915 brush now we're ready to move on to concealer i'm going to use the NARS radiant creamy concealer in the shade Ginger for right on top of my dark circles then i'm going to use the naked skin concealer in the shade medium neutral for the rest of the triangle then i'm going to highlight using the bare minerals stroke of light in the shade luminous two then i'll blend it all in with my dampened beauty blender i like to start in the smaller more precise spots first so there's less product on the beauty blender and i get a more precise blending in of those areas i can't really contour my nose because i fell off my bike when i was in middle school and i did have it fixed but if i contour it you can see that there still is a bump there so i contour my nose by highlighting not by shadows so i like to bring the highlight all the way in to the edge of my nose to make sure there's no shadow there so it doesnt appear wide and i'll put the excess on the inner corner of my eye and then i like to take the brush or beauty blender and run it along where the highlight & concealer meet the foundation to make sure it's blended there and there's not a harsh line i also like to run my sigma precision tapered p86 brush underneath my lower lash line to make sure there's not too much product there before i go ahead and set it we're going to go ahead and set all that concealer i'm going to use the anastasia beverly hills banana powder on the dark circles portion this is my Elf Blush Brush I really like this one and the Japonesque one are my two favorites for setting under eye concelaer the anastasia banana powder is so fine and doesnt go on heavy i find the japonesque brush, because it tones down how much product you're putting on there doesn't get quite enough n there so this elf brush is better with this powder then i'm going to use a mixture of the banana powder and the golden peach powder both by anastasia beverly hills to se the rest of the concealer i'm going to set my face using the Laura mercier Translucent pOwder i don't want to put more coverage on because this is a beach look i think the coverage we have already is enough so I wnt to use a translucent powder to set the rest of the makeup we're going to go ahead and bronze up the face i'm going to use the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer in the shade medium deep along with my MAC 135 brush I'm going to go to town with this bronzer putting it in all the typical spots on my forehead down the sides of my face and on my cheekbones if you suck in your cheeks so you can see where the cheekbone is and don't put the bronzer below that you can get a contoured effect with the bronzer without using contour powder if you're careful with where you put it I like to run the excess of the bronzer down my neck and my neck is way whiter than my face and my body I find that makes it blend in really well we're going to move on to blush in the travel palette I did have the NARS Orgasm blush but I do prefer peachy blushes for summer looks so I think I'lll get a pan of a peach blush I'm going to go ahed and use Milani Luminoso it's just a really nice peachy pink shade it has a little bit of luminosity to it which is perfect for our beach look I'm going to apply this to the apples of my cheeks and work it back just a little bit but not all the way to the hairline when you apply it like this it just looks more natural if you bring it back to your hairline or back further it just looks more makeup-y in my opinion I'm going to move on to highlighter I brought the Laura Mercier highlight 01 this is probably my favorite highlighter anyway so thats convenient that I have a small one for travel so we're going to put this on the top of the cheeks down the mose cupids bow and then I like to run the excess around here for a looklike this so you look nice and glowy I don't like a heavy highlighter personally but if you do then go to town with it and then what you can do, which is really quick you can use the brush that you set your concealer with you don't even really need to put more product on it if you've used it a couple times it has extra product on there already you can carve out your cheekbones and it will give you extra contour without having to use contour powder then we are going to run the Sigma duo fibre brush over all of that the duo fiber brush really softens up the look especially on the bronzer, blush & highlight portion and I love the effect that it gives i've been experimenting around with setting my makeup I've been setting it before I do my eyeshadow I don't like it to get all over my mascara especially but also the eyeshadow I don't feel like I need it on there so I'm going to go ahead and set my makeup now because I'm done with all the face this is the Shiseido see how I can say that?! Shiseido quick fix mist I got this on one of the Sephora special promotions this is a pretty good size it smells really good but the sprayer on this is terrible, it's not coming out as a mist it's coming out in droplets so i'm going to put some Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting SPray on top of it because I don't really know how much got on there do you guys know you're not supposed to make facial expressions while the setting spray dries? I didn't know that until Jaclyn Hill said it and I was like ohhh you're probably right so remain very stoic while it dries then we'll move on to the eyes I'm going to start by using Makeup Geek Vanilla Bean and the Sigma E60 large shader I'm going to put this eyeshadow underneath my eyebrow down to the crease and then the inner portion of the eyelid you can bring it into the inner corner as well then I'm going to use Makeup Geek Creme Brullee and this Sigma E35 brush I'm going to take the Creme Brullee and put it in the outer third of the eye and work it into the crease using small circular motions and back and forth motions windshield wiper motions because this is such a light color you definitely want to cover all the ground of the crease outer edge to inner edge and build it up to the intensity that you like and then because I have hooded eyes a little bit I like to put the eyeshadow up a little further and then I like to look straight ahead and make sure i can see some of the eyeshadow when my eyes are open and I'm looking straight ahead and for me I find lately that if I look down that I can see all the lidspace and it's easier for me to apply my eyeshadow that way and then with the same brush I'm going to use Makeup Geek Frappe we're going to put it on the outer v using small circular motions are fine for this it;s not a precise look and I run the excess into the crease we're just trying to add a little bit more definition then I'm going to use Anastasia Beverly Hills Vanilla with the large shader brush and I'm putting it on the side of the brush like so and then I'm going to put that on the eyelid on the inner third just to brighten up the eye and also bring it into the inner corner and a little bit on the lower lash lline so the other colors will blend into that then I'm going to put Creme Brullee on the lower lash line and Frappe on the outer third and you can make sure it's connected and deepen up the color on the lid by the upper lash line then I'm going to take Anastasia Beverly Hills Hot Chocolate and my Sigma winged liner brush and apply a really thin line on my upper lash line this will thicken up the lash line this will further define our eyes more we're going to put the excess of the hot chocolate on the lower lash line really pushing it up to the base of the lashes I'm using Anastasia Vanilla to highlight underneath my eyebrow using the same Sigma large shader then for my mascara today I'm going to use Maybelline The Falsies Bg Eyes Mascara and my It Cosmetics Tightline when you use It Cosmetics Tightline you want to work one eye at the time it dries kind of fast I focus the the tightline at the base of the lashes to finish it off I'm going to use the NYX Maga shine lipgloss in the shade sugarpie i wanted to keep the lips natural and glossy for this look this has a great shine payoff then our eyes can be the focus of the look and that's the finished product! this is my go-to beach vacation makeup look this is what I wore almost every night when I was in St Maarten it's pretty quick, it's easy, it still looks pretty on the eyes it's a more natural smokey eye and i love it with this glossy lip i hope you liked this video! if you did please give it a thumbs up! don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already all the info for everything I used will be in the description box below along with all the links to my social media my instagram, twitter, snapchat and facebook if you could follow me on one of those that would be great so I can keep you guys up to date on what's going on in my life thank you so much for watching! and I will see you in my next video! Bye!

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