Natural Makeup Look on Your Eyes (Over 40)

in this tutorial I'm going to teach you how to get a natural makeup look on your eyelids in six steps I'm gonna teach you how to practice with neutral shades all the way up to the middle tones and the deep shades of color for your skin type whether you have blue eyes green eyes or if you're a brown eyed girl even with olive skin tone and fair skin tones this natural makeup look is gonna transform your eyelids from normal to stunning I'm gonna teach you what brushes to use I'm gonna teach you what process to use for each brush we are going to use matte colors from a really pretty palette that is great for over 40 eyes if you have crepey eyelids this process will help you get a natural makeup look for your eyelids that are going to look neutral but natural and they're really gonna make your natural skin tones and the beauty that's in your natural skin tone shades really pop the shades in this palette are really light so that you can layer them and build from really light shades to a more medium tone or to a darker shade based on how many layers of this eyeshadow you put on even if you put on several layers of this eyeshadow it is going to look velvety soft and just gorgeous and natural for your skin tone and as your makeup confidence grows with practice and errors you can add some bright colors bold colors stick around to the end if you want to know what exactly you can do to add a little more personality with bolder colors to your natural makeup look over 40 does not mean frumpy natural makeup looks do not have to be boring before I start any eyeshadow look I use a white cream primer and that is gonna make the colors stay on your eyelids all day I can promise you that so step number one is a double layer process we are going to use a skin tone matching eye color shade and I'm just pressing a flat brush in that shade and then I'm gonna stipple that shade over this primed I'll and that's gonna give a really good palette for every color that we're going to bring out to pop from and also part of the first step is to use a fluffy brush mixed in with this natural matching skin color shade and we're gonna put it all over it's kind of like a dandelion weed brush if I were to blow it lots of powder is going to come off of this brush so that's why we want a fluffy one to start with do not miss step one this is the base that you need and I am all about it now for step two I'm going to use an angled brush but your brush does not have to be angled you just want a brush that is going to apply makeup but it's not gonna disperse it everywhere like my super fluffy one we're going to use a windshield wiping motion with our hands and I'm using the next shade up you find a transition color that is good for your skin tone this is a little darker than my skin tone so it's it's almost like the wrong ramp of a highway it is building up to the finished product that is going to transform my look I am going to have a natural looking eye shadow look using four shades so this is shade number two and I absolutely love this palette because these colors will look like velvet I place this right where I want it to start my fingers are Midway to towards the end and I'll just go back and forth back and forth you'll see how natural it looks I could leave the house right now without blending and it would look fun but I really like since I like this transition shade I really want to build that one we're going to 15 miles per hour all the way up to 30 miles per hour oh it's just a gorgeous color now if I forget to say this after every shade you do need to blend around the edges I'm using like a pointed blending brush because I want most of the color to stay where it is instead of a flared blending brush that's gonna really sweep the color over more of my eyelid step number three is going to be using a greyish color on your screen it might look green but it's really gray ish and what I'm doing is I'm tapping the brush a couple of times and I'm giving it a tap and some of the excess color is going to go off and then I'm just gonna be swiping it I'm not wiping it across my eyelid because right here in my crease is where I want it to go I'm going across because I have hooded eyes I think with color you should never go all the way down because it is going to make your eyelid look droopy when you have transformed your makeup look and then you can go back a little bit and then when you've dispersed a good amount of color onto your eyelid then you will windshield wipe it back and forth to kind of blend it in while you're wiping see that see how natural that looks and then I can put another layer on that if I want to if I want to bring it more across so let's see how that looks I'm staying in the crease once you practice with whatever color palette you use you'll be able to see that oh I don't need to bring it over here or with your eyelid shape you may need to keep it up a little higher on top of the brow bone right here I made a video on giving yourself a hooded eye lift if you're over 40 and I will link it below if you're watching me on your phone just click on the little upside down triangle and that will give you the description box that gives you a synopsis and other videos you can watch and it shows you what colors I used and by the way welcome to my channel if this is your first time my name is laurie and my channel is lauriepop ideas that pop and i create youtube videos about ideas that just pop into my head and then i share them with you leave me a message if you want and introduce yourself alright step number four we are going to choose the dark brown or dark gray color and I'm just pressing a tighter brush into this dark color I love using browns and grays and light cream together I think that gives your eye shadow look a very natural velvety almost rosy color based on your skin tone and this color we are just putting it in the outside edge I'm not bringing it down I'm just putting it in the outside edge and you can see I need a little bit more so I'm gonna just swipe swipe swipe this one I will not do the windshield wiper because I want it to really bring personality and lift to my eyelid when I talk to people or I'm expressive now this one I'm going to make sure I blend around here oh it just looks so so pretty but I have not made a totally natural eye shadow look yet you have to finish with these two steps you're going to use your eyeliner pencil I use the Mary Kay one you want an eyeliner that glides on like silk you want to kind of like poke it in between the eyelashes and if it comes up some right here and shows the skin color under it you want to make sure you bring it back down to the eyelashes and then in the corners I just kind of pick at it right on the lash line you can smudge it with your finger or a flat brush like out of a little covergirl compact or something like that and then you you can also use your finger to smudge it across if you get too much down here you can just use your finger to smudge it across as well less is more with eyeliner you've done all this artwork on your eyelid and now this really is gonna make it shine it's like putting a spotlight on a piece artwork and then I grabbed my sample bottle which is my new favorite way to buy mascara my sample bottle of this it cosmetics superhero brand I have very short straight eyelashes and I think this stuff is like magic it's my superhero look at that natural look that just looks velvety luxurious and put together it is neutral so it is gonna match so many different colors like I have the Pantone color of the year ultra violet look at that isn't that just gorgeous if I use black against my skin it looks really really good as well you see different shades coming through so we are bringing out with neutral colors we're bringing out our natural skin tone colors and they are going to pop like artwork off of our eyelid when you look at my eyelids can you tell that I have four different colors of eyeshadow on here I use five brushes and this is a natural look using neutral colors that are going to transform your eyelids when you use these six steps they are going to really make you look natural but really pretty look at that isn't that just beautiful compared to my natural look sidenote you are just as beautiful with no makeup on because of your inner beauty that shines like the stars above so I don't need to say that every single time but I feel like I do for every single makeup video that I create as women over 40 we are confident but we're also insecure about some of our makeup techniques so I want you to feel confident because you're being creative you are just highlighting the natural beauty that's already there thank you for sticking around to the end here is what you can do if you want to add a little more personality you're going to use whatever color you want and you're going to use kind of a tight brush that doesn't fluff like a dandelion seed weed that doesn't fluff powder everywhere and you're going go in just like we did with our darker color you're gonna put it right there in the crease notice where the wrinkle is in your eyelid when you open it if you have wrinkles who doesn't you're gonna put that color just swipe it just a little bit and blend and there you go you have a creative look that gives you a little more personality after you've practiced this look I recommend practicing this natural makeup look and then going about your business during the day look at different mirrors in your house and see how that eyeshadow really looks on your skin tone with different colored shirts and critique it in a good way critique it in a smart way you're not assessing your feelings you are assessing your practice and you are going to make errors let yourself make errors learn from them and then keep being creative and have fun

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