Natural Travel Makeup Tutorial | Cate Trunnell

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel I hope you're having a great day today's video is a tutorial on the makeup I'm wering right now it's the makeup I wore when I went to NYC because I didn't bring that much makeup with me I thought we were going to a beach area I brought this NARS Steven Klein Palette with me and one other eye shadow so I used all of these as eye shadows so it's a tutorial using the NARS Steven Klein palette it's what I would consider a travel makeup look a makeup look where you can look put together and it's a fast makeup look it's not time consuming because you don't have a very complex eye look this is a good everyday natural looking makeup look with a little extra because I did put on eyeliner and heavier mascara & I thought it would be cool to show you guys how to use these as eye shadows so if you travel you don't have to bring so much stuff with you I used limited brushes as well I also tried to use as much of the products that were in my last haul video as I could so there's a lot of haul video products I used in this makeup tutorial so if you'd like to see those products in action & how I got this makeup look then just keep watching I'm going to start with this Urban Decay B6 Comlplexion Spray, it's nice & refreshing I'm going in with the Tarte Under EYe Primer I couldn't find my Smashbox one so I used this one I do prefer the Smashbox one This is the Too Faced Hangover RX primer basically as an additional hydration layer not as much as a primer then I'm putting the Amazing Cosmetics line filler on the wrinkles on my forehead it's my favorite line filler then since everyone is using this Nivea shave balm Im going to try it out also it did make my makeup last all day but other primers do that also so I don't know for my pores I'm using the Dr Brandt Pores no more it's definitely my favorite pore filler I put it on my cheeks and my chin where my pores are a little bit bigger then I'm going to conceal the dark circles with my favorite concealing product the MAC studio conceal & correct duo, and I like the peach side I do put it in the corners of my eyes also not so much on my eyelid because I don't want my eyelid to get super cakey then I'm trying the Make Up For Ever foundation stick This is the first time that I have used it I read on their website you're basically supposed to strip it on your face like this and buff it in with a buffing brush i don't think it mentioned a sponge so I used the Morphe 439 brush I buffed it all over my face it looked really nice from my eyes down but I felt like it really accentuated the lines on my forehead I have only used it this one time I'll keep trying it and see if maybe my skin was a little dryer that day ot what the deal was then I'm using the Sephora bright future concealer I like this concealer but I can't stand the wand you have to go back in so many times to get product it's really irritating so I may break up with this concealer, we'll see I'm highlighting with the color custard the other color was the color Madeline I'm blending it out with the Real Techniques sculpting brush I like the brush for blending out the concealer because you can get it into the corners of your eyes easily because of the shape i did like that but i did find it a little bit messy underneath my eyes the product goes all over a little bit then I always like to run this Sigma Precision brush underneath my eyes on my eye lids and the corners of my nose also after i've buffed in all the foundation & concealer I use this just to make sure that there's no excess product in those areas then I'm going to set my under eyes with the Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Power I love this powder

I good drugstore alternative is the ELF high definition under eye setting powder it's just as good in my opinion I use that one quite a bit also & it's in a smaller container so that's better for travel also i'll also set all the highlighting concealer with this also on my nose chin and forehead then I'm going in with the Maybelline setting powder the new Master Fix one, and I really like this powder it does have blurring properties and is matifying it does help make your makeup last linger its a great product this is the Clinique brow mousse I like this but it is definitely thicker than the Benefit Gimme Brow you can get a bolder brow with this brow mousse than with the benefit one if you don't like the Benefit one because it's too natural give this one a try I always comb through it with a brush just to make sure they're all nice and even and that the hairs are all going the way I want them to go then if you get a little messy with your eyebrow product you can always take one of these precision Q-tips and clean it up then for the Steven Klein palette I'm going i first with the bronzer shade putting it in the typical spots, up on my forehead on my jawline this is the MAC 135 brush it's expensive but I do love it then I'm putting it on my cheekbones if you make the bronzer face you make the bronzer face you can get a sculpted look then i'm going in with the contour powder putting it right underneath where I put my bronzer then I'll blend them together with the other side of the brush that I didn't use to put the bronzer on I use that side to blend then I'm using this apricot peach color on my cheeks and sometimes I pat it in like this if I rub it the powder & foundation move sometimes then I'm going in with the highlighter and put it on the tops of my cheekbones, my nose cupids bow & all that good stuff this highlighter is not very intense though If you like a more intense highlighter I would definitely bring something else with you like Laura Mercier, Hourglass or champagne pop then I always go over it with a duo fiber brush it makes it look way more natural this is the Wet n' Wild Creme Brullee eyeshadow it probably my favorite drugstore eyeshadow I put that all over the lid then i'm going i with the Sigma E35 and putting the bronzer shade into the crease and I'm just going to build it up until it's the intensity that I want with the circular motions and the back and forth motions then I clean up the edges then I'll go in with the contour shade and the same Sigma E35 brush I'm just not pushing as hard & I'm being more precise in your motion you can get a more precise application in the crease so there's a gradient between the two shades then I'm putting the highlight shade on the eyelid this is a great rick especially of you're traveling & you're tired if you put a light eyeshadow on your eyelid it opens up your eyes and makes you look more awake so it's a great travel look or work look so you look awake even if you're tired then I blend the edges very carefully I'm using the same highlighter on my brow bone that's the MAC 242 brush that I used to highlight and on the lid then I'm putting the bronzer shade underneath my eyes with the Sigma E30 pencil brush and I'll put the contour shade on top of that just to deepen it up a little bit then I'm going in with my beloved Vincent Longo gel eyeliner in brown and the Seta brush I absolutely love this combo it is so easy to work with and I love making a thin line it defines your eyes more and makes your eye look way fuller than if you don't have any eyeliner on just use short strokes for the eyeliner & it will turn out great then I'm curling my lashes and going in with It Cosmetics tightline it makes every mascara look better and you get a tight line effect without putting eyeliner in your eye then I'm using the Revlin all in one mascara this mascara had a really nice effect but I don't like the tiny brush and it did flake on me more than a lot of mascaras that i've used lately so I wouldn't recommend this mascara even tough it does look nice it just flaked on me like crazy it was a little disappointing then I'm going in with the Stila lip glaze I'm not lining my lips because it's travel makeup or my husband is waiting on me and we're going to go eat breakfast and I'm going to mess up my lipstick anyway then I'm setting everything with the Maybelline Setting Spray it's just like the Loreal one that's it for this tutorial I hope you liked it if you did give it a thumbs up and dont forget to subscribe if you haven't already and all the information for the products I used will be in the desription box along with all the links to my social media my instagram, twitter snapchat and facebook so be sure to check the description box and leave me a cooment if you have any suggestions for any videos you'd like to see and I'll see you in my next video