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neutral halo eyeshadow tutorial for blue eyes halo eyeshadow for blue eyes how to accentuate blue eyes how to make blue eyes pop halo eyeshadow tutorial halo eyeshadow technique neutral halo eyeshadow tutorial for blue eyes Welcome back to my channel I hopr you're having a great day! today's video is a makeup tutorial on the makeup I'm wearing right now it's this halo eye look that I created using the morphe 35O palette I'm sure you have heard all about this palette this is what it looks like I didn't get it when it was all the hype before but then I kept hearing that it was back in stock so I went ahead and got it so I used this Morphe 35O palette to create this halo eye look this halo eye look is by special request from Eveline so thank you for the suggestion of doing this eye look if you have any other suggestions for any other videos then definitely leave me a comment below so if you would like to see how I got this makeup look then just keep watching so I'm going to start by priming my eyelids with the Benefit Stay Don't Stray and I'm going to buff it out with the Sephora domed crease brush then I'm going to set that with the Laura Mercier translucent powder I usually set it with eyeshadow but I thought I'd try something different today then I'm going to go in with the Morphe 35O palette I'm going to use this shade right here as a transition shade this is a sigma E40 these eyeshadows are really nice but they do have some fall out to them so tap off the excess of your brush before you go in I'm going to buff this into the inner corner through the crease and to the outer corner you want a light transition shade for everything to blend in to I get the boxycharm box and I got the revolution boxycharm set so I'm going to go ahead and use those brushes I'm going to use the revolution BX 90 brush anything that you have that's like this brush will work and I'm going to further define the crease using this shade right here and I'm just putting the shadow on the end of the brush, on the more tapered part and then using a really light touch I'm going to work this shade into the crease first for a halo eye look you want to keep the eyeshadow off the center of the lid during this process then I'll pick up more color, tap off the excess and do the outer corner and then I'll do the inner corner I think using the right brush is key to a good halo eye look if you use too large of a brush on the inner corner it's going to end up such a hot mess you'll just get really frustrated and then you can blend out the edges and then I'll deepen up the inner and outer corner a little bit this is the Revolution BX95 it's a smaller version of the other one it's like a bigger pencil brush and I will use this shade right here but if you're using a different palette just do a light brown, medium brown then darker brown shade you can do this look with lots of different color schemes you just go light medium then dark and make sure you keep the darker shade on the very outer portion to deepen it up but you want to make sure there is still a gradient between the one you just put down and the darker one and then do the same on the inner corner the point of doing a halo eye look is once you have the pop of color in the middle and it's darker on the edges it draws light and the eye to the middle so it makes your eyes look bigger once you have that the intensity that you like blend out the edge between the two colors I took the too faced shadow insurance glitter glue eye lid primer because I'm going to use this color right here and it's a really shimery shade and I wanted it to stick to my eyelid and not transfer up too much because I have kind of hooded eyes and i'll use the last brush that came with the boxycharm box, this is the bx80 I'm putting a little on the back of my hand then I'll put some of this on the center of my eyelid then I'm going to use the Sigma E55 shader brush I'm going in with the shade I just showed you don't forget to pack off the excess an then pack it on there then when you get to the edges you can do a ittle shimmy maneuver to soften up the edges a little bit ad then I took this shade here and I put a little of that right i the middle to add a little extra oomph then I'll take the same brush that we used before to put down the first shade and blend out the edges really gently you don't want to move the product around blend the edge gently you don't want to get your brush into the shimmer shade and move it all aorund then I'm going to highlight my brow bone using this shade right here it's the lightest matte shade and I'll pop it up here on the brow bone then I'll take the tiny flat head brush i have i've had this forever its Vincent Longo then I'll use this shade right here it's a light shimmery shade and further highlight the brow bone I'm going to color correct using the MAC studio conceal and correct duo using the peach side I'll put a little bit on each eye this is the Japonesque 910 brush I like to keep the color correcting product directly on the dark circles I don' want to bring it down I'm trying to keep it where the darkness is and into the inner corner also Ilike to put it where I want it to go with the brush then I blend it out with a beauty blender if i dont have eyeshadow on or my finger if I do and i need to be more careful today I'm going to use the cover FX foundation i'm going to see if i can get a full coverage look today all the other coverage I've shown you guys has pretty much been medium I want to see if I can get full coverage out of this foundation I want to cover up all this redness I'm usually light handed and cautious but today I'm going i with some foundation! I already primed my face using the make up for ever step one primer this is the smoothing one i put the amazing cosmetics line smoother on my forehead wrinkles and the dr brandt pores no more this is in the color G30 I'm going to buff it in using the morphe 439 then I'll go over it with the beauty blender I'm going to conceal using the Dior Star concealer in the color 3 and the naked skin concealer from urban decay i the color medium light neutral the dior one has kind of a color correcting effect to it it's peachy i put that one by my dark circles I'll use the Urban Decay naked Skin concealer on the rest of the triangle to give the face some dimension in my last drugstoer haul I showed you guys I got this Maybelline sponge it's pretty hard even with water on it when you do your concealer you can clean up your eyeshadow i'm going to use the bare minerals stroke of light in the color luminous two I'll put that down the center of my nose my cupids bow and my chin and the tops of my cheek bones and I'll blend it out with the beauty blender I'm going to set my under eyes using the laura mercier secret brightening powder I prefer the brightening powder over the translucent powder for setting my under eye area I'll throw that on the highlighter that I put on also I'll set the rest of my face with the Benefit Hello Flawless in the shade All the World's my Stage Beige because I'm trying to get a little extra coverage s lets go ahead and finish up the eyes we'll go back to the Morphe 35O palette we'll duplicate what we already did we'll start by putting the transition shade on the lower lash line then we'll go in with the second shae that we used and we'll put that in the outer corner and the inner corner on the bottom you want to keep the darker shades away from the middle when you get to the outside part you can fill it in on the outer edge so it's connected then we'll use the very darkest shade again and put that on the very outer part and then you can go over the dark corner to make sure its all blended and then put a little on the inner corner then I'm going to use the small flat head brush that I typically use to highlight my browbone to put down the shimmery shade that we used on the inner third of the eye lid on the lower lash line we're going to highlight the inner corner with the same shade we used to highlight the brow bone I'm going to put down a very small line of vincent longo gel eyeliner using my Seta brush with a halo eye look you don't want to do a big huge winged liner it will take away from the effect you're trying to get so either go without eyeliner or put a thin line down to make your eyelashes look fuller then i'll curl the lashes then I'm going in with the It Cosmetics tightline then I'm using the Blinc mascara amplified it was in the boxycharm box this month I'm using my too faced chocolate soleil bronzer in the shade medium deep and my MAC 135 brush then I'm going to contour with I hear her she's coming are you going to do any talking stuff tonight? I'm talking right now I'm contouring with the Benefit Hola Bronzer an oldie but a goodie I'll blend it together with the side of this brush I use the least then for blush I'm going to use the Chanel #55 In Love blush this is expensive you could use Milani Luminoso or whatever blush that isn't going to over power this eye look then I'll run a duo fiber brush over that to soften the edges then for highlighter I'm going to use the Becca Champagne Pop i don't really use it that much because to me its pretty intense so i'll put it on the tops of my cheek bones this is the Morphe M428 brush middle of my nose cupids bow since we're pretty much going all out here we may as well go all out this is the Marc Jacobs #40 mirage filter I'm going to use the yellow shade to carve out my cheekbones and I'll use the elf brush to do it so make the I want to contour my face face do you see that? and then I'll just brush off any excess then we're going to finish off the look using the kat von d liquid lipstick i got this today it came i the mail and my dog found the box before I found the box so my liquid lipstick looks like this remember how long this lolita shade was out of stock? it's finally back in stock and I bought it and my dog chewed it very sad thats all i have to say about that so that's it for this neutral halo eyeshadow makeup tutorial

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