Neutral MakeUp Tutorial for Over 40 – Natural Makeup Tips

hey there thanks for visiting my LauriePOP channel ideas that pop on youtube today i'm going to show you how to achieve a natural look for running around town doing errands wearing your activewear a natural look this is a natural simple makeup routine for you a lot of women like to go around town in their active wear you have that you've got your workout shirt and you've got your little necklace because you slept in it last night that's your favorite and you have have a little bit of makeup on what I want Scotland friends thinks it is so funny when she sees Americans with their activewear and they're having coffee or they've gone out to eat or they've gone to the grocery store she's like do you think you should go home and take a shower first did you bring extra deodorant after we talked about that she sent me a video you've got to youtube it i will link it below is this song and this parody about what people do in their activewear like one of the things you do is absolutely nothing in your activewear activewear I understand why we do that and why I do that but i'm going to show you a natural makeup look to go with just running to the store for errands or if you're just cleaning up Christmas decorations all day you're going to be in your home you're not going to see anyone but your family this is just a an easy natural look that will help you and not make you look super made up with makeup alright you've woken up you clean your face first of all that's very important that you do it in the morning then you put on your moisturizer and sunscreen if that's something that you use today I want you to look at my face i want you to see like the different colors that are in my face without any makeup on alright my lips are in terrible terrible shape i have a awful habit of biting the lips and picking them up so i'm going to cover those up real quick with my everyday where I just use Mary Kay's cafe au lait lipgloss you can choose whatever lipgloss you want i just put it on so the reason that I put on some makeup everyday is to even out my skin tone if you see my skin colors you see I have Reds i have white i have Browns i have oranges you look above my eyelids you can see all these different colors don't look at my facial hair and then my neck is always super white no matter what time of year or tan that i have so i recommend this BB cream by Maybelline it is one of my favorites for using a BB cream now BB cream is super sheer that's why I'm recommending it to you for uh for everyday wear I usually would after my moisturizer and everything underneath my skin correcting skin tone correcting stuff i would use CC cream it's a little thicker and denser and it has sunscreen in it but BB cream is like a CC cream with tons of more benefits that's where the b comes from BB cream is a little bit lighter i can't i can't find the perfect shade for me but the two that i have tried I really like the Maybelline BB cream and i'll link this below i'm going to try to link everything below on amazon com because a lot of you got amazon prime for Christmas alright and it gets you two day shipping and free shipping okay for the most part alright so I put a lot on but it's going to go on like water okay I'm just wiping it on you can pat it on you can use a Beauty blender if you are new to make up this is a perfect foundation for you to use because it is so sheer you cannot tell you have on makeup like when you look at someone and be sure to bring it all the way down in your neck down your neck even if you're using foundation CC cream or BB cream it just helps even out and balance that adjustment down there ok while that's drying i'm going to put on my eye shadow primer shadow primer if you don't even want to wear a lot of makeup my eyeshadow primer is going to keep that all natural look on you all day long and it's not going to wear off and show the gray the blues it evens out your skin imperfections like the veins that are there the crepey type skin for some of us older women who are in middle life stage some of the best stages of our life and then while that's drying you immediately need to use one of the brushes that I'm recommending ok i use the bareessentuals concealer brush and you can see that this has the light powder on it i'm using a yellow color and i'm just going to stipple it on top of this cream that I put on my eyeshadow I mean on my eyelid and it's just gonna transition from liquid to powder ok but it kind of sets this base look and then everything can go on top of it now once you're my age maybe before 40 but once you're in your mid forties I'm almost there i do not round up yet you will need to use under our corrector alright and i'm using a Mary Kay color duh I don't sell it but I've always used it and i love it notice how it is a salmon color and you're supposed to use a salmon color if you have blue undertones which I totally do and i am bringing it inside my eye okay and i want to put it under that shadow and all along here and that I'm it is not gonna look like I have more makeup on it just covers it up and the thing with this kind of concealer i just bought some other concealers I can't wait to compare them on a future video so now you're just going to take a dampened beauty sponge you can use one of those pink beauty blenders but these you get like a dollar fifty and you get like 50 of them in there you just put it under the water for a few seconds like three seconds 123 and then you let it go and you squeeze it out okay it just makes it so that it doesn't wipe your makeup off it doesn't wipe this concealer or corrector off it blends it better ok and it gives it like a dewy finish so that it doesn't look caked-on I wish there was a makeup that could truly take out the puffiness that you can just drain it every morning just put a little straw here just so let's put a little bit of blush you're going all the way out on your you're one of those things called those cheekbones so now we're going to work on the eyes were using a very natural palette a matte palette it's perfect if you have wrinkly or crepey eyelids if you have mature eyelids they are all matte colors and don't be afraid of how dark they are that helps them be more neutral ok it helps them go on so softly and just gently enough alright so we're going to work on a neutral palette that if you're in a hurry and you've got to do that absolutely nothing in your activewear then you are going to have this look in under five minutes i'm explaining everything to you because I want you to feel confident and feel like you don't have tons of makeup on your face when you just want to throw something on we've got BB cream so far under eye corrector and the primer and a shadow and we just finished with blush all right you could go from there but we want to add just a base to your eyeshadow to to make it look natural and to show the personality in your eyes because of your eyelid making your eyes pop but i'm only gonna do that with a little bit of color so stay with me if you only want one eye shadow brush you can buy a cheap one from any store they are really good i have bought probably four different kinds and i just now this Christmas spent 20 something dollars on this brush it is the airbrush precision shadow brush by it cosmetics i love it as number 112 I don't know how to explain it I've watched YouTube videos for a few years and makeup tutorials and they always say oh it just feels so good so dense but it it there right but it's so hard to explain we're going to start with this yellow that you already used on your stippling brush and you're just going to put it more around here alright so I've done both eyes and I could really go from here I could go to the store it would be fun i would just add some mascara maybe but i want you to look do you see the color that is in my eyelids when I lift it up that's my natural coloring coming through and your natural coloring might be a different tone like it might be a gray or greenish line is kind of a orangey color so that is the color that I'm going to accent just in the crease you can get a crease brush but I begin using this it brush and I'm going the next shade up it's an orangey color it's very neutral and I just swirl blow and tap because i want to apply it very slowly so I start right here in the corner swirl and then I go over and because i have hooded eyes you've probably seen my hooded eyes video I have to make one so you can tell i have any color on eyelids but i have to make that color go all the way up here almost so that's what I'm doing swirl I just build slowly and then after I've done it a few times I'll go all the way across to kind of blend it like that and then use a blending brush to blend it in it's not that noticeable but you'd be surprised and that the difference it makes and you can see it's a little too orange but when i finish my eyeshadow look I'm going to go back over with that yellow color to kind of blend everything even better i want you to feel confident in exploring with different colors that you think might be in your skin skin complexion tone right now let me go over it with a lighter color right now i'm going over with this yellow color you may need to use white just look at what goes good on your skin tone all right I'm going I'm going over this the bottom and the top i'm almost acting like I'm blending everything ok but i'm also applying the color ok I'll see it's a little muted and if I backup you can see that it is very natural looking now these two steps or what I'm going to show you and then i'm going to show you the giveaway because we've made over 100 subscribers all because of y'all I love it I appreciate y'all and i'm going to go over what I'm going to give you it is a huge giveaway so stay tuned after these two little tips all right finish off my eyes I'm just going to do a very light eye liner all right you can see that right here it's a little you can see that little line so you can use your finger or you can use just like a cheap smudger brush but because i put color i usually put some blue on this i'm doing on both of my eyes in case there's any residual shadow coming on down right and then I finish off this with mascara first i'm going to go ahead and set everything with my bronzer and it's going to give me just a sun-kissed look so that you can't tell that i have the under our corrector on just in case and i'm using bareminerals bronzer it looks really dark but it is not because you put a little bit in the top and then you really shake it off so it there's barely any that comes on and you just do across and then under here and then i reapply and that's when you bring it down under your neck you really do not want your neck to be white in your earlobes you want to cover those up with a with a powder that helps them be the same tone okay you're not going to have all this thick makeup down there but you're just going to add a little bit of color down there and I will bring it down to my chest sometimes because I'm so white I'm finishing this with a little bit of mascara just to cover up powder just to give me a little bit of pop glory pop out there now it's not for the giveaway and because i am so grateful to you all for watching my videos and commenting i'm giving away several things what you have to do is comment below on my youtube channel just write a little comment down there or on my facebook page if you're watching me on facebook if you want to get to youtube remember you just click down here and that will take you to the YouTube page it will not mean you're subscribing it's just going to take you to the YouTube channel page alright first gift it's a set of three really really nice brushes these are real techniques and another one is the ultimate brand one is for the all-over face powder or your bronzer powder it's just a big fluffy brush and then I've got this quick one sweep color brush I just think it is a knockout it's so beautiful and look how big the brush is it's going to cover your entire arm really easily with that base yellowish color and this is the point crease that is going to give you a more defined look in wherever you place your eyeshadow with that brush and all right the second randomly chosen person will receive a fabulous red color and OPI and guess what the name is it da da da Danke-shuney red danke means thank you in German and I'm saying that this color is Danke-shuney red ok bright red gorgeous its a bright red color I love OPI colors and I love you guys for watching my channel right and the next is the set that I bought up from ulta and it is the it pretty naturally pretty essential they do have some shimmer in them up but it's a it's a small little case that you can take with you and it comes with their mascara their superhero it mascara i love it brand if i could buy everything and it i would I love their stuff there's and imagine wonder dream passion entry and a lure those are the names of the colors of the shadows anyway so one person will get that randomly chosen leave a comment on my youtube channel page or my facebook page if you're friends with me on facebook and i will randomly choose a winner alright yall pop over again soon for ideas that pop on youtube and thank you again for watching my channel I so appreciate you i hope you had merry christmas and a happy new year and I hope you win one of the prizes I will list everything below for you and thanks again for popping over

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