Hello girls welcome back Ami channel! I fell in love with how my eyes look Please subscribe, give LIKE, and of course do not forget to click on the bell so they know when upload new videos ami channel 🙂 Do you see this pigment in my eyes? Its wonderful I fell completely in love with this look! let's start with my eyebrows I am using the pencil of the Ardell brand in dark brown color to define my eyebrows Now I am using the brush of the same eyebrow pencil to brush my little hair on my eyebrows for my face I will use this moisturizer brand AirRepair Complexion boosting moisturizer and I'm going to apply it on my face to moisturize my skin a little bit more I'm going to spray on my face Complexion quenching mist of the AirRepair brand and I will also wear this lip balm of the same brand AirRepair on my lips started with my eyes will use I'm going to use Urban Decay eyeshadow first potion and I'm going to blur it on my eyelids with my fingers for the base of your eyes use a shade of the color of your eyelid preferably matte and apply it in your unemployed and little bones of your eyebrows Now I'm using this Alamar Cosmetics palette Queen of the Caribbean Vol

1 and I will quickly apply the color "Coco-Taxi" in the eye socket and yes girl! I was surprised with the pigment that has this shadow When I applied it to my eyelid, I said WOW !! unfortunately my camera did not shoot when I put this shadow "El Malecón" in my eyelids GIRLS DISCUSS !!! They do not know the courage that gave me> 🙁 now I will put the color "Cafesito" I will apply it on the outside of the mobile eyelid of the eyes blends shadows well now back using "coco-taxi" use a long hair brush and blur the shadow use an eyeliner This is the EM Cosmetics illustrative eyeliner brand the tip of this eyeliner is fixed, although this brand has another brush type eyeliner with small hairs I will use it to delineate my eyes for my eyelashes I use the brand of NYX Professional makeup Worth the hype eyelash mascara to give a little more drama to my eyes I will wear false eyelashes Ardell brand demi wispies black using the Hudabeauty glue to stick them I prefer to use my fingers to apply them since it's easy to me ??♀️ although you can also use eyebrow tweezers next I will apply "coco-taxi" at the bottom of the line of my eyelashes and coffee on the outside bottom of the line of my eyelashes finally my favorite shade from this palette "El Malecón" I apply it near the lacrimal for my base use Mega Cushion by WetnWild and I'm going to use the sponge that comes with this base to apply it to my face now I use this Maybelline corrector Better Skin in light / medium and I'm applying it to my dark circles to cover them and in other areas of my face with the help of my Realtechniques sponge Blur the concealer to seal your base I am using a powder of Maybelline Better Skin applying it to my face with the help of a brush for the outline of your face I am using WetnWild Megaglo Contouring color palette Dulce de leche begins in the contour of your cheeks your jaw forehead chin and nose for my cheeks use the blush Tarte amazonian clay color Paaarty to create the illusion of my eyes look bigger I'm using a kohl pencil from Sephora in color Infinite beige for my lips use this color nude / neutral of Maybelline Hot Lacquer color Unrea Use this color deliberately so that do not remove the attention from my eyes and when I thought it was over my makeup tutorial

I GOT PANIC !!! I almost forget apply my illuminator I'm using Physicians Formula shimmer strips in Vegas strip / light bronzer by applying it in the parts where the sun hits my face FINALMENTEEEEEE !! Siiiiiiiiiiii! This makeup tutorial has finished! I hope you liked watching this video you can find me at INSTAGRAM @LISSETBEAUTY Please SUBSCRIBE Give LIKE to this video And until next time! Remember YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL !! THANK YOU FOR WATCHING THIS VIDEO !!! ?