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welcome back to my channel I hope you're having a great day today's video is November favorites i have makeup and hair care for you this month so if you would like to see my November favorites then just keep watching ok so let's go ahead and start with makeup and a couple of the products on two day the first one is the marc jacobs lipstick in the color shut the door number 2 30 packaging on this lipstick is really cool and it like clicks back its magnetic but it is this color on my lips right now if you watch it looks like that i didn't put anything else on top of it so this is the color I love these lipsticks they are expensive but they're very creamy and long-wearing I actually wore it to a friend's party a couple of my friends were like oh no it's not left color I needed it's just a really nice kind of new with some don't and i have been using it with my other favorite the your lip pencil in the shade grown jungle number 5 32 and it looks like that must watch the next to each other's this is the lip liner and this is the lipstick i did not fill in my lips with this lip liner and just outline my lips I've been really liking the combo of those two together these your lip liners are very nice there long wearing and they're nice and creamy and they are sharpening lip liners which I like sharpening lip liners I find mechanical eye liners or lip liners break and I don't like that I guess that's personal preference but these don't break when you're shopping them and they're really nice quality my next favorite is this physicians formula blush in the shade rushing natural it looks like this i bought this blush because i wanted a blush that was multi-tone so if you were in a hurry you can just use this and add some color to your face and not have to use bronzer and highlighter also so this one has like these darker shades it has some much lighter ones and then it has some peach and pinky ones in it so i really like this I I've on today as my blush and its really pretty just give your face like a really natural healthy glow another one that i have you is the blushing peach but for my skin tone I found that one to be a little bit too fair i gave it to my daughter but this point shows up perfectly and I really really like it and physicians formula is from the drugstore it is a more affordable within the last two products and i just talked about it goes on very nicely blends very well it's not patchy good staying power like it another drug store favorite is the Milani powder foundation i got mine in the shade natural number three it looks like this and it was pretty cool has a mirror in it and then it has this whole little area for a sponge that's like a decent depth you can see that so the sponge can go in there and when I got this i wanted to try out the sponge just to see if the sponge is worth anything and the times that i have used this foundation i have used the sponge to apply it goes on really nicely really evenly and i just put it on the sponge and then just basically stripe it on my face course you can use a brush if you prefer that method and i use the sponge dry you can wet the sponge if you prefer that method i found that it went on really evenly and had a really nice natural look to it I wore this to thanksgiving and i got quite a few compliments on my skin and it is because this looks really natural on the only problem i would say is there's not that many colors i think there are six to eight colors and they do have some deeper skin tones and then they have some lighter skin tones it's like all the ones in the middle that it's not going to be as exact as maybe you would like but it is a really good price it's a really good product it blends really nicely it's really fine when you rub your finger on it and then you just go to rub it on it doesn't come off like in big chunks and patches these two products together are great for like a fast makeup day to swipe this all over your face throw some of this on and some mascara and you're good to go another product from the drugstore that i have been loving is this Maybelline master good job eyeliner looks like this it has like this really big huge tip but it's really skinny at the end and it is a very nice intense black color and you can make like a really skinny line with it i have it on today and I made the line a little bit thicker and I smudged it out with some black eyeshadow and I really like that effect it's like a really quick easy way to give some o2 your eyes look this is in the shade onyx crushed by the way it does smudge very nicely which I like when you want to get that smoky eye you want to use eyeliner that is really easy to smudge you don't want to use one of those long where lasting eyeliner and then as soon as you put it on there long we're so they're really hard too much out this one smudges really well but then it has really good staying power it doesn't transfer out onto your eyelid it's a really nice product at a really affordable price last makeup product and then i have one makeup brush is this Ben I luxury powder in the color banana I don't mind on amazon and i've been using this product to car out my cheekbones a lot of times I'll use the Kat Von D shade of light palette and then I started throwing this into the mix and say it's a little more intense than the Kat Von D shade light out as far as the carving out action so use it for like nighttime it is a really nice finely milled powder you can use it or setting your under eyes and to give it some brightening they're also the only thing that is really bad about it is the packaging like how are you supposed to use a powder that's like this so I kind of try and like gently do one of these and then when I'm car at least one covering up my cheekbones the brush is smaller so we've got to get in here but then you have placed in product because you're going to put the top back on you know anyway I don't really enjoy the packaging official cut like a regular loose powder but other than that this is a really nice powder if you haven't ever tried it i would definitely give it a try if you're into these yellow powders can remember how much it was but i think it was too too bad especially for the amount of product you get like I said you can get on Amazon how we get below last makeup related thing is this hourglass brush now i have had this brush for almost two years i got for christmas from my daughter not last year but the year before that and I never really got into using it that much i always use like the fan brush for my highlighter but lately i have been using this brush when I want to just give some glow to my face like this and I don't want it to be as like hey here's my highlight and it is really nice it's really soft it puts on like such a nice amount of your highlighter it doesn't overdo it doesn't undo it and then you just have this really nice natural glow to your skin I've been using it with their ambient lighting powder dim light for the most part when I want that kind of just natural glow that is the one that I use but i use it with some of the more intense ones and it's still go for putting it on the tip of your nose and your Cupid's bow you can still use this brush for that but you can see like it's really nice and densely packed you get quite a bit of product on the brush and then it just gives you such a nice natural glow i really really love it and I looked up how much it was it is thirty-eight dollars so not that bad but definitely not cheap but it is a very high quality brush so if you don't like that kind of fan application or you're going like to use highlighters because then you just end up kind of being a little bit too stripy you know with your highlighter give this brush the trolley the way that it applies the highlighter is really really beautiful onto haircare a couple weeks ago I saw and I think us magazine us magazine or people magazine a whole spread on how to get more volume for your hair and i'm always looking to try out volumizing products and it has some shampoos and there's a different products about three of the products that they suggested and I really really like them so i want to share them with you the first is this L'Oreal new boost it knew I said new like that's part of that name the Loreal boosted air with dancing foam it's in this packaging is purple packaging i really like a moose to put up here on my roots to give this part in volume and i've been using the alterna bamboo mine so I was thinking okay this is a dupe for that and I can save myself some money that would be really really happy and this works just as well as the bamboo one that i've been using it smells really nice and it was incredibly affordable i got it on sale at CVS the other day for like less than five dollars says it's instant density touchable balance and weightless it is touchable I really don't like when you put product in your hair and they give your hair too much stick i blow dry my hair with like a big brush and so that I can't use my big round brush because it just like sticks to it too much and I feel like I'm pulling out my hair so this one does add some volume but you can still touch your hair you can still blow dry your hair and it's a really nice product highly recommend one should have known as an opposite order because like the order that i use them and would have been smarter the next one is the swab volume 24 hour volume and hold weightless blow dry spray so it looks like this and it says voluminous roots smooth and so what I do is I spray my it's a 10 miracle light on my hair as the detangler and that I will spray all this time like here down to give this part my hair more body and more texture and then I put this on the top of my head but you could just use this and put it on the group's I haven't done that yet i've been doing this like Muhsin this method and again this is really really affordable i think it was about seven dollars but i will link all these products down below and I'll find the cheapest price for you guys but this is what i would use in place of my bumble bumble thickening spray i would like in this to that but you can just spray on your air and it gives your hair more texture this is basically doing the same thing and again not too sticky I can still blow dry with my big round brush so i really like that one and be in the last hair care product is the john frieda forever full hairspray build fullness and hold for fine hair it looks like this i really like this hairspray you can my kind of hold your hair like where you wanted to be spray it and then it will hold it there or you can spread at the roots and give yourself some volume that way it's not touchable hold hairspray though it's like a spray it and you'll leave it kind of deal if you're a girl that likes to run her fingers there were a lot and you just want like a hairspray to kind of keep the style but you still want to be able to touch your hair this isn't the hairspray for you it's not as touchable as like the unmet one that I use it a lot so i would use this as like my nighttime going out set my hair hairspray and continue to use that all night wondering the day makes i touch my hair a lot more during the day but when i go out at night i don't but i really like this product for its volume in the way that holds the shape and again super affordable alive that's not the last hair care product this is the last hair care product this is the living proof all drive volume last instead plastic volume and texture i talked about this in my Sephora haul if you haven't seen that i will link it down below I got the little bottle and what you do is you stretching off your hair and spray it in the roots and its supposed to get your hair volume and it does it is really nice it smells so good i saw this magazine also has said it was developed by um MIT graduates so I thought okay maybe we'll actually work and it does it definitely gives your air more texture it gives your hair more volume which is what i'm looking for for the day that I wash my hair is to give it some otherwise it will just be like so if you have fine hair or super soft hair like I do and you're looking for some volumizing products give these a try they are really nice and i recommend them all and that is all i have for you this month i hope you like this video if you did please give it a thumbs up don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already all the links for all the products will be in the description box below along with a link to subscribe to my channel all X for my social media will be down there my Instagram my Twitter my snapchat Facebook so be sure to check those out thank you so much for watching and I will see you in my next video bye it is a shame Mitchell inspired makeup tutorial this is the makeup that she wore to the iheartradio event i believe it is and I saw her picture on Instagram and it was this picture right here