Peekaboo Black Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial

After priming and setting the eyes, I'm going to go in with Sauce, which is a nude blush shade With a large fluffy brush, blend this shade above the crease

This is our transition shade Next I'm taking GOAT, which is a slightly lighter matte fleshy brown

I'm going to work this color into the crease with a very light hand Ideally, you would use a smaller brush than this, but we work with what we've got I'm mostly starting by placing the pigment and going in with a clean brush to blend If you only have one blending brush like me, you can clean it with one of the hair donut things and then wipe the rest onto a tissue Next I'm diffusing the edges with Fresh, a matte cream shade

Next we're going to cut the crease with a small, flat brush and some concealer I have a slightly hooded eye So, you can still see most of my lid, but when I'm turning my head aroundThere's a little bit of overhang A good trick for even slightly hooded eyes is to begin by applying the concealer to your natural crease

Then, look up See that transfer? That's going to map out where the cut crease is going to go This not only serves as a guideline, but will help prevent any unwanted transferring later on You can skip this step, but I think it'll really help to add depth and make the cat look like it's resting on top of your eyelid And then before it has a chance to crease I'm just going to set it with that matte cream shade

Now you can see when the eye is looking down or closed we have this nice big halo, and then when it's open you can just see what's on my lid Next I'm very lightly going back in with GOAT just along the edge of the crease

This is just to add a little bit more depth to really make that color pop And I'm not bringing it down all the way to the inner corner because I want that part to stay a little bit softer Now I'm just going to lightly blend that into our transition Next I'm going in with Celia, which is a shimmery turquoise shade And I'm just placing that on top of our cut crease

You want to pick a color that is rather light so that it'll contrast nicely against the dark black cat Now for the fun and kind of scary part I'm going to use a liquid liner, or maybe gel liner, whatever you've got And we're going to draw a little cat on our eye *laughs* First I'm just going to map out the shape of the head

So you're gonna want the head to be over here, and then save room for a paw here and a paw over here Next I'm going to save a space for two little circle eyes I'm putting a little line right down the middle to try to keep the eyes symmetrical and then drawing the circles Now I'm just going to fill it in Next I'm going to add his little ears

I'm just going to give his head a little bit of a better shape Once you're happy with the shape, draw three little whiskers on each side of the face Next we'll give him some tiny paws so that it looks like he's holding on to the cut crease and hanging over it Next I'm taking just a really tiny brush and a bit of concealer, and we're going to use this to make the eyes really pop Next we're going to take a shimmery emerald and apply that on top of the concealer

Finally, give him pupils Clean up any fallout and apply your usual facial routine Next we're sweeping Sauce all along the lower lash line Be sure to connect everything to the outer corner Next I'm taking G

OAT on a flat angled brush and placing it just along the lash line And softly blending that Next I'm taking Celia and really just concentrating it right along the lash line

And blending one last time Next I'm highlighting the inner corner with El Macaron, which is a metallic gold with olive undertones Next I'm using Tarte EmphasEYES to brighten the inner rim along the waterline And what would a "cat eye" be without a cat eye? *cricket noises* No? Using the angle of your lower lash line as a guide, begin to map out the wing Starting not quite at the tip so that you keep that point extra sharp, begin to connect the wing to your upper lash line

Fill in the gap Beginning at your inner corner, draw a thin line right against the lash line Connect the wing to your lash line, slowly thickening the line as you go Your goal, for most eye shapes, should be to create a flat, straight line when the eye is looking down Finish off the look with some mascara and you're done! Please like and subscribe if you enjoyed this video

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