Photo Inspiration | Episode 29 | with Anya PinkSweets | ASMR Makeup

Photo Inspiration | Episode 29 | with Anya PinkSweets  | ASMR Makeup

Welcome friends! 4F Beauty is aimed at ALL skill levels, from beginners to expert, so my films are longer as I take time to explain each stage. Please feel free to speed the film up if you are at a more expert level.

I hope that 4F Beauty will make you smile, show you some techniques you may not already know but most of all, entertain you.

Episode 29 of my photo series, oh my goodness, I love that my YouTube friends still want to collab with me on this! Today is Anya, doing only our second solo episode, although we do have more films as the Bitches of Eastwick! Be sure to pop over and watch her film one you’ve finished watching mine.

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Music written by and used with kind permission of Paul Atwell, contact [email protected]

Sim me created by the wonderful Elle Loves Tea on YouTube.

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