Pink & Red Gradient Smokey Eye | ft. Bling On The Glam Palette

After priming and setting the eyes, begin by applying a soft matte peach shade above the crease This is our transition shade

Next apply a matte mauve into and slightly above the crease Preferably using a smaller brush than this, apply a matte burgundy shade to the outer corner and crease Blend with a large fluffy brush Using your finger, apply a white base to the lid This will make the next color much more pigmented

Pack a metallic pink/ruby shade on top of the white base You can use a wet brush, but I prefer to use my finger Blend the edges into the crease Continue to apply and blend until satisfied The more you take your time going back and forth between shading and blending, the more seamless your final look will be All of that blending means pigmentation loss, so go back in with that burgundy to deepen the outer V

Notice that Iโ€™m applying this at about a 45ยฐ angle in a V shape, hence the name โ€œouter Vโ€ I felt that the look needed a bit more pink, so here I'm taking a dusty rose slightly above the crease Buff out the edges using a matte cream shade Clean up any fallout and apply your usual facial routine I like to sharpen the outer corner with a makeup wipe

Next I'm sweeping that dusty rose all along the lower lash line Using a flat angled brush, apply the metallic pink just along the lash line And as always, blend Deepen the outer third of the lash line with the burgundy shade Be sure to connect everything to the upper lash line

Blend one last time Highlight the brow bone and inner corner with a frosted golden pink Brighten the waterline with a nude eyeliner Begin your wing by using the angle of your lower lash line as a guide Starting not quite at the tip to keep that point nice and sharp, connect it to the upper lash line

Beginning in the inner corner, draw a thin line nestled right against the lash line Finish connecting the wing to the rest of the eyeliner Your goal, for most eye shapes, is to create a straight, flat line when the eye is looking down Finish off the look of some mascara and you're done! Please like and subscribe if you enjoyed this video You can follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, where I post sneak peeks and updates