Pink Smokey Eye Makeup Look with Kelly Strack | COVERGIRL

What's up, you guys? Welcome back Today, I'm super excited, because we're going to be doing a drugstore only video

And we're going be testing out some new products from COVERGIRL I am super stoked I got the opportunity to partner with them on today's video They have been dropping so many new and cool products this year And I'm like, OK, COVERGIRL I'm here for it

So I was so excited to get to do this today Today's look is going to focus more on the eyes, because that's a lot of the new products from them that I have They have a new brow product, a new palette, new liners, new mascara, and a new lippy And without further ado, let's go ahead and get started So first things first, we need to get these brows looking right

So I'm going to go in with their new pomade today This is their Easy Breezy Brow Sculpt and Set Pomade I really love their brow pencil, and I have that one in the shade Honey Brown So I got the same shade in the pomade to test out for you guys today On the top here, there's a little brush that you can use

And then you just have the pomade part right in here So I'm just going to stick the little brush in there, and we are going to go ahead and define out our brows So I'm going to start with the underneath part of my brow And I love this shade, because it's very cool toned It's not super warm, because a lot of browns can be very, very warm toned, but this one isn't, which I like

So I'm just going to sculpt my brow out It's also so pigmented And the brush is really nice, because it's very thin So it allows you to really have control of where you're applying the product And this is only me dipping the brush in once

And I feel like I don't even need any more product A little bit of it does go a long way And what I do like about pomades is, they really set your brows, too You don't need to go in with a separate brow wax or anything when you're working with pomades, like sometimes that you would have to do with a pencil I'm just going to lightly feather that in the front of my brow

I actually really, really like this Honestly, I normally use brow pencils and not pomades But this actually works really well and looks really natural, too, which I like Pretty good Going to go in and do my other brow

And yeah, I did that whole brow with only dipping it in once So I'm just going to do the same thing over here I really want this look to be defined by the eyes and the lashes, a very doll eyes look So I want to use my brows to sculpt out the eyes, and then just do more neutral on my face and my lips Up next for our eyes, we're going to jump into this new palette

This is what I am so excited for So this is their COVERGIRL True Naked Sunsets palette I tried out the True Naked Chocaholic, as well as the Peach Punch Those ones are scented This one is not

But I mean, these colors, though They look beautiful So I am super excited to go ahead and dig into this So I'm first going to go in with this shade right here on the end in my crease This is a bit deeper of a shade

So I am going to go in with just a little bit, like a very light hand, because we can gradually work it up And she is pigmented Yes, please All of the COVERGIRL eyeshadow palettes this year that I've tried, I've really been very impressed with They really stepped up their formulas and their packaging, as well

They repackaged all of their products, the entire line, and I love it Then to go ahead and deepen up the crease, I'm going to go in with the burgundy shade right here I'm going to go in with a bit smaller, more defined brush to bring this into the crease I'm actually going to put a different color in my outer corner So I just want to keep this in our crease area, just really to define that out

And these colors build up really nicely and layer on top of each other well, which is good, because sometimes, mattes can be tricky when blending on top But these seem to be blending totally fine I remember, just a couple of years ago, you literally could not find good quality eyeshadows at the drugstore There have been certain products that I feel like, throughout the years, you've always been able to find good quality from the drugstore Mascara, specifically, is one that stands out to me

I feel like you could always find really good mascaras at the drugstore Even lipsticks, as well, I feel like you could always pretty much find a lipstick shape that you would be looking for But eyeshadows was something that I feel like it took a while for the drugstore to catch up to high end But now, a lot of the formulas are so amazing So it's been really nice to see that shift, because when I was younger, oh my god, the palettes were bad, you guys– literally no pigments, so dusty and chalky

And now, do you guys see those memes where it's like, me when I was 13 versus 13-year-olds now, and they're so much cuter? Yeah, I was that awkward, weird 13-year-old with powder-blue eye shadow from the drugstore that was horribly pigmented, because that's all we had And now, there are so much more options I'm going to go in with that same burgundy color, and bring it down beneath my lower lash line, and just connect everything together OK, so I actually only brought that lower lash line halfway, because I think what I want to do is kind of do half and half on my eye So I think I'm going to start with this kind of purply undertone shade, and then I want to cross to the gold as we get to the inner corner

I think it would look kind of pretty having that gradient eye sort of look So that's what we're going to try for So first going, I'm going to go in with this shade I'm going to pack this on the outer corner Wow, that's pretty

I don't even have any Fix Plus or anything on my brush It is completely dry, because I wanted to see how it applied on its own at first– super pretty I'm going to bring it about halfway And then we're going to transition and blend into a gold And hopefully, that'll look pretty

I've never really done that before But I feel like it'll flow in my head And then we're going to make the switch over to this gold I'm going to just pack that Ooh, how pretty

Oh, dang So I'm going to just pack this on And I'm going to bring it into my inner corner and beneath, so everything meets each other This is such a pretty champagne gold color I love it

And again, just applying this with a completely dry brush My brush is not even wet I may go over top after with a wet brush, just to see if that changes anything But it's beautiful on its own I'm going to grab a little bit of the COVERGIRL All Day Setting Spray Mist

And I'm just going to spritz my brush with this And let's see if that makes it any more pigmented But ooh, that smells so good It's like cucumber I like that, very fresh

And we will just go over top Oh yeah, it does actually brighten it up a little bit But it was honestly beautiful without it, as well So you don't need to wet your brush Just kind of depends on what look you're going for

OK, honestly, obsessed with this eyeshadow palette and obsessed with my eye look This is a really, really pretty, and it looks like I created this with a $50 palette from Sephora, not a $10 palette from CoverGirl So I am obsessed It is beautiful Highly, highly recommend this

Up next, we're going to jump to eyeliner And they have two new eyeliners which I'm super stoked about One of them is a gel liner And honestly, gel liner used to be my jam I've been on such an eyeliner pen kick recently, but I don't know why

I'm like, wait, I love my gel liners So I think I'm going to use this one today But they do have another liner as well, which we're going to test out This one is the COVERGIRL Perfect Slice So this is like one of those pizza cutter eyeliners that you might have seen

These are really, really popular now And these are great for doing a straight line You can also definitely do a wing with it as well But yeah, it looks like a little pizza cutter Please don't mind the self tanner on my hand, OK? I'm showering it off later

That's what it looks like And then you can just create these really precise lines This is also great for graphic work OK, I guess I'm doing a tic-tac-toe board on my hand But that is crazy

And look at how pigmented this is It's still going I haven't even dipped it back in Draw a K, K for Kelly But yeah, like– oh, that looks weird

It's backward in the camera But yeah, this is super, super cool But I think, on my eyes today, I'm going to be using the gel liner OK, so the gel liner that we're going to be using is called the Just Gimme Noir gel liner And this is in the shade Intense Black

And it does come with the brush You don't have to buy it separately or anything, which is awesome So I'm going to go in with this to do my liner today So just going to get some on my brush The thing that I love about gel liners, and why I used to always use them, is because even if you have watery eyes, which I do, gel liners aren't going to fray nearly as much as a liner pan or a liquid liner would

They stay put much better And that's what I really love about them I want this look to mostly focus on my lashes I want to do big lashes So I might just do a straight line and not do a wing

You know what, guys? JK We're going to do a little wing today I can't live with no wing, so we're just going to do a little baby, just add a little drama to the outer part of our eyes All righty, up next for our lashes, I am so excited to try out their new mascara This is the COVERGIRL The Super Sizer Big Curl mascara

I am a big fan of their Super Sizer mascara And now, they came out with The Big Curl So what this is supposed to do is really lift and curl your lashes, while also still keeping that awesome volume So I'm super excited to see how it works The wand looks amazing

It is so big and curled I normally really like wands that are curved like that And bigger ones normally give me more volume So let's hope that's the case And I am just using this in the shade Very Black

It does come in a variety of different shades, though So let's go ahead and test her out and see how she does The formula doesn't seem overly watery or runny, which is good, but it's not sticky either It's right in between OK, so that is with one coat

You guys can see the difference in my eyes My eyelashes are literally translucent, so you can't see them without mascara So now, I'm going to go in with a second layer and layer it up to really get tons and tons of volume This is layering up really well and making my lashes super voluminous without being clumpy Do you guys see the difference between this eye and this eye? Like, OK

And it really lifted my eyelashes, too, which I really like It's like hairspray for your lashes Lifts them up and leaves them there So I'm going to go ahead and do the same thing on my other eye– two coats OK, I was honestly concerned, with how big this wand was, that it was going to be impossible to get to my bottom lashes

But actually, having the curve makes it very easy All righty, eyes are done, so we're going to move on to the face I'm going to jump into the CoverGirl Peach Punch highlighter palette And I'm going to go in with the bronzer in here to contour So I'm just going to sculpt out my cheek bones

This palette smells so good I just want to do a natural face This isn't a very dark or deep contour, or anything And then I'm going to go in with a little bit of blush right here– so pretty And then, for my highlight, I'm going to jump into their Chocaholic contour palette

I'm going to go in with this gold highlight and just pop that on my cheeks So pretty Oh my lord Blinding All righty, and then last but not least, for the lips, I'm going to be going in with the COVERGIRL Outlast All Day Lip Color

And so basically, with this, you get a lip color, and then you also get this moisturizer, which you'd think you put the moisturizer on first, and the lip color on top With this one, you actually do it different So you put the lip color on, and then you let it sit for 60 seconds, and then you put the moisturizing top coat on top So I think that's pretty cool I'm using this in the shade Brazen Raisin

This color is going to go perfect with our eye look today So I'm going to go in with this Ooh, this smells really good And I like the side of this doe foot It has a very precise side

So you can almost use it to align your lips See? When you kind of flip it on its side Oh my god, this color, though It's so pretty It goes so well with the eye look

I love it So I'm going to let this sit for 60 seconds OK, so this is completely dried down to a matte This lip is not going anywhere So now, I'm going to go in with the lip topper

And this is going to add moisture and shine So if you wanted to keep it matte, you could just keep it like this But I'm going to go ahead in with this and apply this on top Oh my god This is cool Ooh, this also smells really good

Oh, wow And it makes it into, like, a glossy lip I like this Whoa, and if you guys see, I thought that this lip color was going to be all over this It's literally not even on it at all

That's how you know, this lip color is not going anywhere Like, literally nothing is on here Wow And it says that you can continue to apply this throughout the day onto your lips if you want to continue to moisturize them All right, so that is everything, you guys

Honestly, I am so impressed Like I said, COVERGIRL has kicked up their game like 1,000 notches I'm obsessed with their products I think everything worked really, really well The eyeshadow palette is– [CLICKS TONGUE] –top notch

I love it And I really like how my eye look came out today I hope you guys did enjoy today's video Thank you guys so, so much for watching I love you guys so much

And I'll see you very soon in my next video Bye