hello everyone welcome back to my channel so today I'm gonna be doing a pride inspired rainbow look for you today I've seen a lot of inspiration on Pinterest that sort of got me inspired to do this tutorial I'm sure a lot of other people have done this already I wanted to put my own spin on things and make it my own so that's what I'm doing today and of course June is Pride Month so I thought no better time to do a pride themed tutorial so without further ado let's get into it I've done all my base makeup so now I'm literally just like focusing on the eyes so the first product that I'm going to use for this tutorial is the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion this is amazing just to sort of make a base for your eyeshadow and just create something that is a spectacular on the eyes so I'm just going to just squeeze a little bit out of cheap and just dab it on my eyelids basically the last you have the batter for this I'm just sort of like letting this just sort of a very miniscule amount for each eyelid and just gently moisturizer into the eyelid sorry I just got like so I apologize after that I'm going to take the Urban Decay Naked palette which is a staple of mine personally and it's basically a favorite that I use on most my makeup stores if you look back at my makeups chose mine weeks ago you'll see that this is very much one of my favorite palettes full time in though is quite old planet now I flew I think it's like a few years old but anyway so say yeah this isn't our palette I still love it to death and I pretty much wear every time I wear makeup which is probably really used few times a week depending on what I'm doing subsea I work at home a lot so I don't really to wear makeup as much but anyway I'm rambling so from the Thank You palette I'm gonna take the shade version which is or something it's basically this like sort of whitey shape and I'm just gonna take that and just double it or wave my eyelids using the real techniques be a full brush which is an ugly puffy shadow brush which looks like this I might actually come a bit closer for you guys so you can see exactly what I'm doing up close found a bit of trouble focusing sigh have lunch buddies double that all over it's just a so great like wine nice baits I think it will help the eyeshadow stay for longer as well but you're saying which is so important quite like show so I'm gonna be using the morphe Picasso planet to get started on this leg which I'm just so so excited about this is pretty on my favorite palette ever like the colors are so bright and insane and it's just perfect this tutorial so I thought why not go ahead and use them so I'm gonna start off with this purple shade here just off from the lid go up to the crease put about 3/4 of the way on both sides okay so here are my beautiful eyes and I'm just going to take the purple shade you say it's the same brush that I've used this one is to do it here I'm just gonna sort of go about here onwards and just sort of dust it along the eyelid both sides I am going to use the Real Techniques shading brush which looks there like a clears and I'm just gonna sort of put a little bit of the red shade which looks like that one and I'm just going to dust it sort of bits of area and just like blend out as well just so the colors match a little bit more any sort of like a little shadow brush you can get is perfect for this I'm just using a little cog a cosmetics one which is a double-ended one which has got like a angled saw brush on this side use of brows usually and then a little brush at the end and this is the one I'm using for the next one because you have to be so bloody delicate with this that's just gonna go wrong for you I'm just adore thank you and I am gonna from doing yellow on the inner corner which is quite cool and for this I'm still using the morphe the castle apart by the way I'm using light yellow shade okay I'm just gonna double this on the inner corners of my eye and literally was gonna align the bottom lashes with a nice blue color so to do that I'm gonna use my brush from the urban decay this is the brush from the Urban Decay Naked palette which is a double-ended brush which has a smaller of rounded brush and then more of like our shadow brush I'm gonna use this little one here just to go under my eyes it's like perfect and for this I'm gonna use this blue shade here which is ideal just to go unto the eyes to make this so now I'm just gonna blend out because it does need some serious blending and it's pretty crave right now I'm not gonna lie is crazy I'm just gonna blend this out a little bit with my fluffy brush ace I've planted out I make up I really really love this look is so so cool so you just to finish things off nicely I am just gonna add a little bit of mascara this is the Max Factor for a luxurious false lash mascara in black because it will just make the eyes stand out even more which is literally the expressions I make and I'm doing mascara I've got my mouth wide open look zombie nurse but it's not my province just like massive classroom mouth I know I'm just got fish wings on the lip color so they're kind of amusing just to finish off this sorry this I love eyes more named Andy McCarthy just sewing giving him Bernie wake up so the lip color I'm using is the new look super matte liquid lip in the shade dark rose which is beautiful so that is the liquor so beautiful and it matches playfully actually that eye shadow which is what I wanted I just need to literally my sight spray and which is the of course the all nighter setting spray I actually had to go do a bottle recently because I literally was getting so fed up with the solution not coming out and after so he tries get so better yes I bought a new bottle and is so good just have like a fresh bottle it's like best thing in the world and I got a deal I think I got like one pound off or something it was like crazy anyway it's all in my face just to set my me so this it's my finished look I'd love to me your foot in the comments what you thought about it if you liked it if you didn't that's cool with me I really love this lip it's so so cool it's very colourful it just by me I think I'd literally like wear this out you know like just like going out up a town you know that sort of thing I think I would let you wear this if you liked this video please remember to give it a thumbs up because and leave me a comment maybe if you loved this video or what sort of makeup Stroh's you'd like to see from me next that'd be very very helpful and very much on the makeup bandwagon as you know recently a lot of my posts have been beauty related rather than fashion but I can now safely say that we are moving or I am moving out my parents house in the next couple of weeks so I'll have all my clothes back I continue to let books I can do out of the days I can do all that good stuff so the fashion videos are coming back for sure you a lot of my videos and you'd love to see more of me please 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so be that or be square and if you're really serious about my videos please remember to hit the bell so your played I played it you'll know it by every time that played because YouTube is shit I am going to see a show in a couple of days so I'm really hoping to do a vlog of that for you guys which is the awkward thing it's because like I've never flogged in front of my mum and me my mom are getting to see Ed Sheeran say it's gonna be interesting to say the least a vlogger but I'm really really hoping to do a vlog just for the memory of like going to concerts and just sort of having the experience of the day just online just so I can watch it whenever I find that so so cool that is what I'm hoping to do on Friday I'm gonna film that all for you guys and show you my experience at a shearing concert which I'm so so excited about I cannot even begin to tell you I had a sneaky look the setlist that he's might be playing in Cardiff and I was like like the so many of his good songs he's playing and I'm so so States so yeah keep an eye out for that next Saturday thank you for watching and I will see you next week guys bye