PRIDE Tribute RAINBOW Eye Makeup Tutorial!

hey it's Jackie and welcome back to my channel for today's tutorial I've teamed up with Revlon as part of the #Revlontourage 2018, you guys might have seen some of my previous Revlon tutorials and I have another trend report today on the tropical escape theme so my inspiration photo is a soft rainbow and this is so perfect for pride this month or any upcoming of music festivals so I really hope you'll try it out and I decided to make it more of a foolproof look because if you're not used to wearing every vibrant color of the rainbow on your eyes then it can get muddy really fast so I decided to go the more iridescent route and this is what I would personally or deprive so thumbs up if you enjoy it and if you're new to my channel be sure to subscribe and hit the bell notification so that you don't miss an upload and I want to know in the comments what your favorite color is on the rainbow mine screen yeah I see points great anyways you'll see some really cool products in this video and like the new color stay full cover foundation this has amazing long wear with a matte finish and then also at the ivali amazing mascara from Revlon so party on and pride on and let's get started I've started by prepping with the Revlon Photoready primer for a smooth base and we're going glam for this look so I'm using the new color stay a full cover foundation I'm using the shade sand beige and testing if it's a match on my jaw line because I applied some self-tanner and it's actually perfect this consistency is more like a mousse and it blends over the skin amazing it's full coverage of for 24-hour wear but super comfortable it doesn't feel wet or heavy when you apply it and this is my new go-to for a matte finish and it's great for long wear through humidity I tested this out it held up amazing so if you need to wear something for a pride or a festival this one is an amazing foundation to try out and I don't need a ton of concealing after the foundation but for a little bit more added brightness to the high points of the face I'm using Revlon youth effects a fill and blur concealer and fair I'm gonna use some powder to set I love the Revlon Photoready translucent finisher I use this in a ton of my tutorials and the skin combo looks amazing for some more warmth to the skin got a bronze this is the Revlon bronzer in bronze beauty and I'm applying this to my forehead temples underneath the cheekbones and down the neck a bit and to keep the tropical vibe alive I'm going pretty tanned here and I'm using some powder to contour my nose as always I like to make the nose appear a little bit more structured with sharper lines because the rest of my features are very rounded so this gives a bit more balance the translucent powder is great if you need to lighten up the sides of the nose after contouring when packed on it does have a brightening effect but when you just use a little bit it still is translucent and I'm skipping blush for now and I'm gonna go straight into brows my favorite brow pencil from Revlon is the Revlon Colorstay brow pencil and I'm using the shade dark brown to fill in the head of my brow with small strokes I love creating full natural looking brows for my own looks and I'm using the spoolie brush and this really makes the strokes that we've made and look a lot more realistic okay now finally on to the rainbow eyes I've prepped with some foundation and powder and we're using a lot of different shadows but this look is really easy to recreate I'm pretty much just using one brush a clean Revlon lip brush because I really like the shape and size for this rainbow effect starting with a vibrant purple create an exaggerated crease shape rounded through the center of the eye and then taper out into an extended wing because this is my pride look I wanted to go bold so while I'm still using rainbow shades that are a little more toned down and the shape is more out there and the inner and outer portion of this line I'm using a lighter purple shadow to give a bit of a gradient effect and next up same effect with a baby blue just lay this above and because the tones are close and shade in a little bit more iridescent you don't need too much blending because the shades will already blend easy next a mint green and we're using this yellow based gold as more of a yellow I'm adding this in between the brows and the nose bridge because I like to structure my makeup like this but you can always skip this step and of course more gold through the brow bone the lightest shade in the same palette is perfect for really highlighting the top of the brow bone and I added some of this shade to the tail of each color to help fade them out I added a light shadow to clean up the lid and I'm adding a final rainbow shade the deepest purple and we want to focus this a more on the outer crease and then trail off we want this to be cleaned so I will touch up with the light shadow we used on the brow bone and again with the highlight shade all over the lid and into the inner corner under the bottom lash line from the tear duct to the same winged out shape bring back that yellow gold and liner time I love the color stay liquid liner and for this look I'm going to apply a very dramatic wing following all of the rainbow shades but you can always that keep it a little bit shorter do what you got to do on the waterline I'm using a rich black brown liner this is Revlon Colorstay liner to bring in some depth to the bottom lashes and I love this liner because it has a built-in sharpener I like never sharpen my pencils unless they have a built-in sharpener so it's very convenient now we just need mascara I'm using the new Revlon volumizing mascara this has an ultra creamy and quick building formula infused with nourishing olive oil this is awesome for all day glam because you can thicken up those lashes while making sure they are smudge proof and flake free all day I love how my lashes look so I'm gonna finish up the look and you don't always gotta use falsies when you got a volumizing mascara like this one but bringing in the blush I went with a baby pink heavily up the cheekbones to bring attention to the eyes with a bit more color and I love a good highlighting collet this is the Revlon Photoready at galaxy dream highlighting palette and it's so fun for a mermaid like highlight I went with a pink based highlight through my cheek bone apple of the cheek and nose tip this palette is subtle enough that it doesn't pick up the look of your pores but you still get that pretty tint of color when the light hits okay I'm gonna show you to lip combos first I went with a baby pink liner lipstick and gloss finishing touch on the eyes with purple in a little line from the bottom lashes I love this shape with super winged out eyes and then the unique line really draws attention to the eye color baby I shouldn't call you or leave a message at all so I try to be patient cuz nothing is written on the wall and then we have the new Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in a creamy matte formula that pampers the lips Revlon lipsticks are my fav I find it's really easy to not use any lip liner for this one this shade is a dare to be nude love this for it everyday shade so let me know which lip combo you think suits this look best I thought the baby pink was fun so I decided to add the gloss over again and that's my soft rainbow look for hair initially I was going to add ribbons but then I liked more of the undone vibe so I added some crimps for volume left my natural texture hairspray to keep that wave plus if you spend quite a bit of time on your makeup you may not have as much time to do some elaborate hairstyle so this is really cute and this outfit was so fun to put together got on a bright bando some overalls that have kisses all over them some themed accessories and these are insane shoes if you want to see where I got everything check out my Instagram you can always find me under Jackie I hope you've enjoyed this colorful makeup look and if you did make sure you give it a thumbs up and if you try it out please tag me on Instagram I love to see you guys that's switching up your style and use the hashtag lip only because Revlon wants to see your looks as well what else do I want to say if you didn't know I was just verified on Instagram literally today so that's cool check it out follow me on Instagram if you want to see the upcoming videos and just everyday pictures and if you missed on my late blue my latest a Revlon video I did a really cool above recreate that's not super proud of so watch that if you want to keep on watching videos right now and I'll see you in my next one