Prom season is upon us.
Although I am a junior, I’m excited for prom because I’m going to be making some money doing makeup on some girls!!

I hope this tutorial helps those who want to do their makeup on their own or at least gives some people a little inspiration on the makeup look they want to do. :))
I tried my best to explain and give some helpful tips, but I’m new to this so don’t expect me to be the best at giving clear directions yet lol.

This makeup look will go with any color dress. I wore this look with my navy blue dress for military ball, which is basically prom for ROTC kids (and their dates, like me lol).
Tbh, it wasn’t the best idea to film a tutorial while getting ready because I was running late and didn’t have time to do my hair, oops.

Sorry that this video is going up a little late; I didn’t realize that Prom season started in April since my school’s prom is in June.

Thank you all so so much for 300 subscribers!! I can’t believe that 300 people like my videos enough to want to watch more. It may not seem like a lot to some people, but this is crazy to me. :,)

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