Quick And Easy Indian Festive Makeup Look

While everyday of our lives is worth a celebration, festivals tend to get all the credit for magically bringing in that extra dash of joy An outburst of light with an overdose of color, the festive season is an opportunity to spend time with our loved ones and take a break from the day to day

One element that truly defines the onset of any Indian festival, is color! We all have unique ways in which we use color to get our celebration mode on, and as for me as a makeup artist, it’s definitely through creating a striking makeup look Hi! I’m Heli! and welcome to Makeup Basics with Maybelline New York, 20! This makeup series has a whole bunch of techniques, tricks and tips to help you take your makeup skills to the next level Today we’re going to create a look that I really like and is perfect for this festive season This is a refreshing blend of two classic looks “Deep Red Lips” and “Molten Gold Eyes”

What I like about this combination is that, it’s very versatile, easy to pull off and most of all festive-worthy I can’t wait to start off already! So, this is Maybelline New York's 24k Nudes Palette, I’ll be using this to start creating the look It has a selection of beautiful shades, right from nudes to metallics and warm toned browns they are really perfect because they compliment the Indian skin tones as you can see and they are ideal for the look Some of you may prefer finishing off your base first before you start creating the makeup look, but I prefer doing it the other way round, so I can clean up any fallout that happens during application It’s a personal choice, so you can go ahead with whatever falls in your comfort zone

For now, let’s continue with creating today’s look I have already filled in my brows and have a light coat of foundation on my lids I always opt for a light dusting of gold as a base for my eye makeup because it effortlessly sets the tone for my entire look and also it amplifies anything that goes over it, just like that I’m using this lovely metallic gold from the nudes palette on a flat brush and gently patting it on my eyelids

So as you can see the pay off is subtle and not super glittery, which is just what I want, because I don’t want to overpower any other color that I’ll be using later So, since I’m going for dark crimson lips, I want to keep my eyes a bit muted, not nude, but just a tad bit low key A clash out there, and I’m sure I’ll look like a makeup enthusiast, butnot in a nice way! Moving on to the crease

one quick tip while accentuating your crease area is,always go for warmer tones like browns, plums or rust colors Warm colors beautifully define the crease area while giving your eyes that super hot sultry look So I’m going for this woody brown shade on my fluffy brush and just blending it around in simple circles Make sure you don’t leave any stark lines behind It has to be a seamless job to say the least

So, work in those circular motions! By the way, I use this trick all the time it has a zero failure rate and my makeup looks a hundred times better Ok! I have my crease and lids all under control and now it’s time to unveil the dark side What I really mean is, completing the look with a smoked black cat eyeliner We all love, love, this classic look, but how do you smoke out a cat eyeliner? Let me show you how it’s done I’m going to start by creating an outline of the winged look with a matte black eyeshadow like this shade with my angular brush

The aim is to get a smoked wing, so you don’t need to create a perfect shape just yet So relax and enjoy drawing this out, because unlike every other time you draw out a wing, you can’t screw this up Now comes the fun part! Always sketch out a cat eyeliner using the “dots and dashes” technique It’s the fastest way to create the perfect wing in a single shot! I personally like using a gel liner, since it doesn’t dry up quickly and gives you enough time to play around with your look I’m going to be using this Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in the shade black

It definitely does complete justice to its name, because it’s super pigmented, smudge free and waterproof too! So draw dots or dashes and then join them together Now once you have your outline in place, fill up the empty space, like this Now I'm just going to amply the smokey effect, using some of black eyeshadow and a smudger brush No makeup look, I repeat, no makeup look is complete without a dollop of mascara A mascara is THE ultimate ending to this eye makeup love saga

So the Maybelline New York Lash SenSational Full Fan Effect Mascara is my current favourite This eye makeup look goes well for most eye shapes, so regardless of what shape your eyes are, you don’t have to worry about carrying this look off, it’s going to look fantastic on you! Just like our Indian festivities, this look has a few more surprises in store for you What I’m about to show you, is definitely something you’ll love! For my look I’ll be using Maybelline’s Super Stay Matte Ink Lipstick in the shade – Voyager and along with that the Facestudio Master Strobing Cream in Nude which by the way is a lovely highlighter Now here’s the thing with liquid lipsticks They mattify faster than a normal lipstick, and if your lips are not adequately moisturised, it’ll crack too soon