Hi sisters! James Charles here and welcome back to my Youtube channel I was looking at my calendar a few days ago because I'm doing some traveling very very soon Which I'm very excited about and I noticed that we were at the end of September Which means October is coming up, Sister's Spooky Month! favorite time of the entire year literally cannot wait But that also means that my anniversary of the first time that I ever put on makeup is Coming up in a few days and oh my god I am literally so excited It is about to be our three year sister-versary

I literally cannot believe this has been my job for three years now I pinch myself every single day and it's literally so cool and I thought for our three year anniversary We should do something very very fun and good and fresh and special I'm working on one other video right now that you guys will see in a few short weeks but it required me to go way back in time and open up the history books on both my Instagram and my youtube channel and Through doing this I came across my first ever youtube video Which I literally have erased from my mind If you've been a longtime subscriber, you know that I have changed drastically So for today's video I want to react to this video and see what has changed I know I've gotten way more comfortable on camera My talking speed is probably multiplied by literally a million at this point And I also would love to try to recreate the look and kind of modernize and see how I would do the same exact look In today's makeup skills

I am praying that my makeup has gotten way way way better Oh, yeah James 2016 sharpie eyebrows There's no way I could even lose at this foolproof plan without further ado Let's pull up the first ever video and take a trip down memory lane Okay, this video is titled blue brown serpent before I even finish that sentence literally why makeup tutorial from J Charles Beauty If you've been around since day one that was my original Instagram name before? I got James Charles This has five hundred eighty-three thousand views Oh, not bad and was posted two years ago I don't want to click on this, okay VIDEO : "Oh lord here we go" Okay pause 8 seconds in and i'm already horrified I forgot that I oh my god, okay Okay before I had this really beautiful good and fresh hair that I love

I used to have a man bun– and it was bad ๐Ÿ™‚ Disgusting and horrible And cutting that off was probably the best decisions I've ever made in my entire life So in this video I am rocking Gray, man, bun which was a bad choice VIDEO : "Hi guys! My name is James for those of you who don't know me" "I'm a Sixteen-year-old makeup artist from New York" "And I run the instagram page J Charles Beauty" "Lately–" Sisters was not a thing yet, either This is so weird Oh my god I'm talking so slow

Hi guys My Name is James I'm a 16 year old makeup artist from New York and I run the Instagram page J Charles Beautyyy I don't even think I could talk about that now if I tried for an entire video VIDEO : "literally 150% of my comments have been" 'You need to make a youtube channel, you need to make extra credit on this look" "So," Queen of editing VIDEO : "Here I am, on youtube, with my lights, with a whole lot of makeup in front of me "Today, I did this blue, brown and green teal chrome look "I'm gonna call it serpent and if you guys want to–" First of all, Ew Everything about this paused, HUU The man bun being tied up, and the sides not being shaved Looks Gross, the eyebrows are taking up half of my, already very large forehead I would love to know where I got trio chrome from because the only color that I'm seeing here is green But then again that could be the fact that I was literally using one light to shoot this video that cost me $50 from Amazon, my nose, because of the contour looks like it's about hmm A Good inch thick, so, we love that and my top lip is not there OH MY GOD! I– I forgot I have lip filler! OH my god, this is why VIDEO : "If you want to learn how to recreate this makeup look" "Make sure to keep on watching Hi guys I'm gonna be starting off today using my benefit Porefessional primer" "I have a million little bumps and pores all over my face" "So doing this would really help me smooth everything out and get an even foundation application" "Next I'm going into my la girl pro color correcting concealer in orange

" "Just to color correct–" COLOR CORRECTING? "My 5'oclock shadow" I literally cannot even tell you the last time I color corrected my face I feel there were so many makeup trends one of them being color correcting That were like so big at one point, that now literally no-one talks about them "If you don't have this problem obviously don't color correct because this is not pumpkin glam" "But if you're like me and you get negative 15 hours of sleep, this might be for you" "I also color corrected my–" Queen of Hilarability "acne spots using a green color corrector also from LA girl" "And then blended it out with my beauty blender" Or just use a full coverage foundation Now I'm going in with my Makeup forever HD Ultra foundation in the shade Y 255 and just putting a bunch of little dots all over my face Obviously, we're gonna blend these out later on but it just helps create a really even application That is yellowwww that is literally y e l l o w Nothing has changed I still can't match my foundation but good lord We want a smooth transition

And the last thing we need is Moses parting the foundation sea on your face *your kidding* Ohhhh my god, I literally thought I was the funniest person since sliced bread! *dying* Oh my god, I literally thought I was YouTube's next comedian what is going on? "My la girl Pro concealer in the shade porcelain" Woahhhh Im drawing little triangles on my face, in the middle of my forehead, in the middle of my chin On my mustache area, and just one line down the center of my nose This will just make all the high points In my face that standout and then once again blending out with my Beauty Blender Now I'm setting my entire face using Cody airspun powder Cody air spun powder Let me tell you great powder if you need to literally lock in your makeup for the next eight years This is what created Flashback Mary ( อกยฐ อœส– อกยฐ) That's all I need to say on that I don't think I need to elaborate any further "help to set everything in place and to reduce creasing To further highlight my face, I'm gonna use my Morphe E48 brush and this light color from my cosmetics-" That's before I had a coupon code Ha! Gonna put it in there now use go James for 10% off Oh my god, I didn't even have code James then, this is so crazy! This color usually comes in the contour palette But I actually deep potted it and just put it in my Z palette with all my other contour and highlight shades once again remember when z palettes we're a thing and everybody used to have like their little custom shadows in their palette that they Bring everywhere Does anybody even still do that? Oh nobody uses a pallet because they had their scandal *haha oh shit* moving on

Still hated the fun still hated the Fife at that and today nothing has changed Whoo at least sleep on one similarity next to further define my contour I'm using the same verses before and make up a cocoa bear It isn't eyeshadow, but I never used blush and I look so this really helps to just warm everything up If you've been in the make up community for a very long time you were probably very familiar with makeup geek shadows because everybody had pretty much their entire line makeup geek shadows are some of the first ones that I ever ordered when I started doing makeup the shadow that I just used Coco bear was one of my all-time favorites for brown smokey eyes, and I just used it to Contour my face I know you can't really tell because the lighting is the worst I'm already looking yellow because the foundation my contour is orange Yeah, yeah, of course the angles are gonna turn out that when your brows look that ugly OH MY GOD I cannot believe that these eyebrows literally were once mine They still are not perfect now like they could I'm sure be a whole lot better with the amount of hate comments that I got On my eyebrows on a daily basis, which was an alarming amount for any sixteen-year-old kid to be dealing with I don't know how it took me that long to fix them the first day of convention I ever went to I waited in line for over an hour to the meet and greet for Anastasia Beverly Hills and she had been following me and she was like, oh my god James I recognized you and I was literally fangirling so excited and she literally looked me right in the eyes and said you need to fix your eyebrows they're horrible Like I *triggered* Swear to god I wish I was kidding and in that moment

I had such a big ego at this time I was like, oh, please and she literally sat there I was like, no you really need to tweeze off like the entire bottom portion and like lift them up and I was like Oh, please lady They look fine I've actually if I had listened sooner we wouldn't have it You know how to deal with this issue Although the hate sucked at the time Thank you Honestly truly for the bottom of my heart to everyone who ever left a hate comment on my eyebrows I needed this like, That's what they look like right there "This entire look I use my morphe 35K palette I still love that palette

my morphe m44 brush and once again just a medium brown tone from the 35k palette I'm putting that in the inner and outer views of the eyes and then just taking whatever excess product is left and going in windshield Wipers just to find that crease Okay, honestly, not gonna lie my tutorials skills back then Although it may not have looked pretty we're pretty decent Like I will say now I definitely do get a lot of comments complaining that I skipped through everything which I definitely do But like kinda did a good job explaining everything here making sure it's like eventually all the right angles Good job sixteen year old me In the waterline I'm just going in with the Italia deluxe eye pencil in turquoise I got this at the morphe store If you don't have this eye pencil, you can easily just do black It's really up to you, but I wanted another pop of color on the bottom I actually lost the clip but I did use the NYX jumbo eye pencil in black bean Just so mimic the halo effect that we have going on on the upper lid and then once I did that I'm just going back Under the lower lash line couple end everything out and connect it back up to the top That was the longest sentence I've ever heard my entire life Oh My god queen of run-on sentences The speech patterns really have not changed in the slightest bit "I'm just going to burn mascara benefit roller lash It's so good and makes my eyelashes look so long and not clumpy, so I would definitely recommend

" I still like that mascara I use the Blackmagic lashes in siren I include my eye shot what I try to do on camera so definitely not gonna do that again Anyway its a lesson learned That is true I talked about this a few times before but when I first started doing makeup I could not glue on eyelashes to save my life Probably because my eyebrows were taking up half of my eye So I literally could get no room in there and every time that I tried I glued my eye shut

Wish I was kidding *deep breath* I'm not "Now really i'm just approaching my brush again with Sex+ to make it super defined and then mixing these two colors from my Anasazi aglow camp Now we pack that highly on like there's no tomorrow

Remember, the goal is that your highlight can be seen from space, AND that you blind everybody walking by" Okay, we get it sweetie "I always highlight my cheekbones, the tip of my nose, and my cupids though Just because I think it looks cute" I am scaredddd at the size of a brush I used to highlight my nose

Ooooh my god, This is why my nose looks like it is an inch wide! "For my lips today I'm using Oprah Brooklyn You guys always ask what liquid lipsticks I like best, and they're definitely Oprah The formulation is sooo good and they don't dry crusty and gross like so many other brands do" True I still stand by this, and I love the Oprah lipstick

They're by far my favorite formula of all time Also keep the coupon code, must have been Oprah first This one was code J Charles, but now it's Code "James" it still gets you 30% still to this day My poor top left Where was I even putting the lipstick at this point like?? "As an optional last step

I went ahead and I added Houdini all over my lips just for a cool Jerome effect" OH "And that guys, is the finished look" Baaadd choice "I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I will see you soon with a new video Bye!" *in disbelief* Well That was seven minutes of my life that I will never get back Looking back at these videos for me is literallyyy soo crazy, I cannot believe it's already been almost three years since I started doing this Like it feels like it was yesterday, but at the same time this person feels foreign, like who literally who is she?? Like the gray hair, the man bun, the big nose contour, the non-existent top lamp, the eyebrows like, Wow, I'm really thankful for both the positivity and also the negativity on YouTube over the past few years, because it's made me a way More confident person, a way more cultural person, a way happier person, and also, I won't say this with confidence, a wayy better looking person as well Thank God for this glo-up

Personality aside though, the makeup in this video I'm horrified! I actually don't think there was a single product OR technique honestly that I still use in my everyday makeup routine Now that we've gotten watching this out of the way Thank God

I have all my favorite makeup products here that I NOW use on an everyday, daily basis and I want to try to recreate this same exact look, but actually make it look, really, really bomb Really really beautiful, and hopefully actually Show up and look nice and a good studio setup So let's get clean Alright, so starting off my routine today I am NOT going to be color correcting I have probably not color corrected it honestly probably since that video So for a foundation today, I'm gonna go to the Born This Way Foundation from Too Faced You guys know this is my all-time holy grail favorite

In the original video I was using the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD liquid foundation Which I actually think is kind of funny because if you know me, and you've been around for a very very long time You know that before Born This Way I was actually using the makeup forever stick foundation, and that was kind of like my Holy Grail that I used forever, So I don't even know why I was using The liquid version in that video because I generally cannot ever remember liking that, but I did so in this skjhfjhbvsd I'm gonna be using the morphe cod or highlighting sponge I absolutely love this one If you want to get this use Code: James for 10% off Putting it in now since I apparently couldn't Three years ago Is that a good shade match? I still can't tell, literally three years later I still don't know how to match my foundation

Once I have foundation all over my actual face I'm gonna grab just a big fluffy foundation brush, and dip into the same color, and just blend this all down my neck Apparently I did not know how to do that two years ago, despite the fact that I literally made a joke about Moses parting the "foundation sea" Still couldn't match it, so I'm gonna make sure that no matter what color my face is today My neck is the same shade For concealer today and no surprises here I'm just gonna got my shape tape concealer This one's gonna be in the shade "Affair", And I also have the shade light and natural to mix together as well because this one is a little bit light Definitely didn't want to be flashback Mary, that is for sure I think in the original video I was using the LA girl Pro concealer

I actually still like that concealer a lot But shape tape offers a lot more full coverage The one thing that I'd probably change the most in like my makeup process, besides my eyebrows of course It's probably my base routine, which I'm really, really thankful for I used to use a super super full coverage foundation and super full coverage concealer and then Pack it on with coating or some powder which looked really nice of course for like in certain pictures Which is literally the only thing that I was doing but once I actually started wearing makeup out though And like actually being in the real world and taking selfies and looking in mirrors I quickly realized how disgusting it looked because it was so incredibly cakey and the one change that I really made now is I definitely prefer a really really light coverage foundation But just a more full coverage Concealer so I can really focus the coverage in the areas that I need it, and actually that way no one else can sign through I've worked really really hard to clear up my skin and have a good skin and Definitely like to show it off and I think it just looks a lot better a lot more natural as well So definitely like my base routine now, a million times more All right, so everything is blended in but I'm looking a little bit light, and has me sister spooked for sure I want to set my face in place and add some dimension back as quickly as possible, So, for today, I'm gonna go into the Too Faced peach perfect setting powder

I'll let Dakota air some powder It's actually not ridiculously drying It's definitely more of like a light coverage powder I actually really liked the fact that this kind of wears down a little bit throughout the day Call me crazy But my favorite time of like makeup is probably two to three hours after wear But it's still looking really really beautiful But by that time some of your like natural oils have kind of seeped through, I know, that sounds really gross I just like it to look a little bit more worn and I feel like it looks much more natural and it kind of gets Rid of that like vanilla cake mix type of a look So this powder is definitely my all-time favorite to achieve that look before I actually move on to the next step I'm gonna grab the "Morphe" preppin set setting spray I really really love this because it has such a fine mist

So I always use this in-between of the steps of my makeup routine whenever I apply a lot of powder to just kind of lock everything more in place, add a little bit of hydration back and that really prevents the cakiness that The other routine would've had So next I'm gonna contour my face, and guess what I'm not gonna use?? An orange eyeshadow ๐Ÿ™‚ Today I have with me, my Anasazi Beverly Hills contour kit I do have an orange in here But this I use for blush So I'm just gonna grab my morphe amma 405 brush end up into this cool tone right here on the bottom corner I don't gonna use this to it Just chisel out my features i'm gonna go in to the little bit of a light hand with this as well

I know by some miracle the contour and the video I ended up looking like okay, but I remember taking so many photos a long time ago where my contour literally looked like a stripe down my cheekbones it was So ugly Probably because I was using a dark burnt orange eyeshadow for that but I just wanna use a light hand and really use this contour To chisel out my natural features and not literally create new ones because that's not the point and it really does not look good Ever definitely still get a better – if i've had though Definitely gonna contour out my jaw line as well The one thing that I noticed in that video Oh my god by java like definitely looked better two years ago than it did Now How did that even happen? That is literally so unfair I'm calling the police I'm not gonna the m-52 seven which is a bigger fluffy brush and dip into this kind of more a warm tone caramel shade Right next door and I'm gonna use this as kind of like a bronzer show You just blend together my natural skin tone and my contour And then for eNOS contra I'm gonna have my JD weighty 182 brush and dip into that middle shade in the control palette once again if you've been around for a long time you would know That my nose contour has really had a quite the dirty Clearly with this video

I did not know how to do it period so that was great and scary Then I got really really good at it And now actually recently I haven't even been compromised nose as much and I've really learned to embrace it a little bit more Kind of fun I love that journey Um, regardless, I'm so good at contour today and I'm gonna make it not look an inch long because that looked bad So let's do that I'm gonna make sure to place those two contour lines pretty close together and blend them out and when it comes to highlighting them later I'm not gonna use a big Brush So hopefully that will help the illusion actually exists next Of course, you guys know comes a blush And first thing I'm going to be using the Mac blush in the shade of peaches Funny enough in this video and actually for majority of my makeup career I do not use a blush because I said that I didn't like it for the longest time I really felt as though like my cheekbones were for some reason too high and couldn't fit blush on there I really don't know where this thought process came from it was truly so so so Stupid but in my head at what I first started doing makeup, the only blush glow that existed was bright pink Which I hated so fighting peaches for me was like a full-on like Holy Grail Revival moment and now I love blush once again before I move on to the next time I'm just gonna do a light spritz of the morphe Prepping settings right before we move on to the next time I am still going to bake my face But I'm just gonna bake it lightly as opposed to using a powder puff and heiress pilot like before I'm just gonna grab my same Beauty Blender and dip into at the peach setting powder and just place a slightly underneath any areas that I have Contour just to bring some of the highlights back I'll be using a Beauty Blender I'm really melting the product into the skin which is actually so much better when it comes to creasing and bringing highlights back as opposed To a powder puff which Lauder just makes the powder sit right on top Well that bakes in place on my face love all those rhymes that just happen right there next I'm gonna move on to my brows now and you guys know Just like the original video I still to this day Usually skip the brow process and do them off camera because I don't like the angles of it But you know what in honor of today's video I thought I'd be so much fun to celebrate my bro transformation God bless and do a little bit of a brow routine for you guys because I have not done one in a very very long Time so why not?? To start off brows today, I'm gonna use my Anasazi a brow is in the shade and medium brown I Really like using a brow pencil Mainly because a dip brow is what got me into the whole James Charles brick sharpie brow from before but that's my fault for using It way too heavy-handed But that's why I really like a pencil because you can either use it really really lightly to create those little hair light strokes in The front of the brow or you can actually really press down and layer on and give it a much more defined Look, you really get the best of both worlds so I'm gonna go right in and I'm gonna first it up by using a spoolie and just to brush the hairs upwards to see Where my actual brow is? And then I'd like to go in and start with the tail first I'm honestly really not sure why probably because my original brow tail literally used to end like here and I'm like triggered over it So I always try to make sure that it's in the right place at first before I anything else gets put on there But I just like to draw that little point then follow it up to the top that I always like to define the lower arch And bring it in I'm holding the pencil sooo lightly when I do this as well literally applying like no pressure at all Once I get to the front of the brow I'm just going to flick the pencil upward to kind of create the illusion hair strokes I always like to put the hair strokes in place at first and it's okay if it looks a little bit messy, of course I had to go to the concealer after and clean everything Once the bottom of the brow is all taken care of and is truly all smooth sailing from here I really just like to get that over with first because once again it can really make her break the brow and I definitely did not want to go back to a straight brow from before so then once that's all in place I literally just take the pencil and I kind of follow from this area right here that is really dense and I literally just start to draw and it's super super light hair strokes and I'm filling in as I go as well and then All I do literally once I get right here, it's just cooling So that is the brow all filled in and it's looking pretty good so far But it definitely needs to be cleaned up quite a lot so next I'm just gonna grab that same exact concealer from before and put a little dollop on the back of my hand and then Just grabbing my super flat mac 242 brush I'm gonna dip right in and I'm gonna use this to clean up the bottom of my brow for me My brush automatically goes right to the arch and I always pull it right underneath the tail and then with any excess product I just bring that right down to the front

Oh There we go Seee, stunty! Now i'm gonna use any excess product on that brush and tap it into my eyelid to act as an eyelid primer To get it ready for eyeshadow I'm just gonna grab my morphe e 20 brush and dip into it once again at that same exact setting powder and Just lightly place this right on top when it comes to the setting powder Just like my face I'm actually not gonna like We set it in there just because I shadows tend to stick better and be a lot more pigmented when they're kind of blended over Something a little bit tacky and now we were officially ready to recreate this blue green brown, "Trio chrome" serpent Okay So for the eyeshadow look today, I don't actually have like a clear image of what I want to do Which is pretty rare for me I usually have like a vision and then just come right in but being that the original look was so bad and also So poorly documented because the lighting I don't even know what this was supposed to look like so what I'm just gonna like throw something together, that would remind me now of like serpent well even like why would Know why I got that I think I'm just gonna start off doing this I look in the same order as the original video and see where it goes I'm gonna start off by grabbing my morphe m4 3 3 stepping into a light cool tone brown shade and is putting that Right in the crease I'm just going to blend this very very lightly I'm gonna grab that I'm five-eleven And put more of that on there because I have a feeling that this is gonna get pretty dark now I'm gonna grab at the m4 33 again and tip into a little bit of a darker tone Brown I'm gonna place that in the crease to add a little bit more dimension into this I literally don't know what I want to do it for this eyeshadow look I know in the original it looked like I was using a like teal aqua Metallic shade all over the lid and then I put like a metallic Light green in the center, but then I called it blue somewhere There was blue in the waterline and it's going in pretty lightly and using back and forth motions using the excess product That's still left on this brush

Just make sure that there's an even transition between it that light brown and the darker brown shade It's looking at pretty good so far But I don't really know what I'm doing So I'm gonna go the ab 178 brush it's that I just a tiny little concealer brush and dip into a metallic like aqua watery Looking shade Oh That's pretty Ot That looks good

Okay Okay Okay Okay no places over here as well I Guess I'm just gonna fill this into a layer of the blue over top I'm just gonna mix together a dark blue and a dark green and put this Right up in here to blend this together because I don't want this halo eye to be like really really cut So this whole mix that brown and the blue together I really should've done this before placing that metallic shade on there because now this metallic shade was gonna get in the crease, but Everybody makes mistakes, and this original look was one of them

so before I move on to us, let's halo eye I'm gonna grab that dark brown shade again and just go right over that little area because that blending is scary Oh that looks way better Great moving on

Let's forget about that, please Okay So now I need to make the halo eye look like an actual Halo eye Duh So I'm gonna grab an e 37 It's actually a little liner brush I know most people like to use a little pocket brush for their halo eyes But for some reason I have like this weird flap of skin That covers my inner corner really rude really annoying to not ask for it to be there But I really need to like tuck that shadow into that region So what I'm gonna do is grab the dark blue and the dark green once again that I just used to darken the crease and place that Right up in there

I'm gonna pull that right and on top of that metallic shade Oh, yeah, this looks good And we're just gonna pull that color combo into like a V shape in the outer corner You guys know I love really winged out my shadow even honestly if like a round looks like a halo eye I'll still wing it out just a little bit for some reason round eye looks just really it's not flat on my face shape So Just kind of wing it out for a real one gonna grab that dark brown once again And I'm going to go over at the outer edge and blend that because it's already looking ugly and I don't want to make it Look any worse I'm now gonna grab an AB one at two for brush and I'm gonna dip into a lighter aqua shade and I'm gonna put this After spritzing it right on the center of the layer to further accentuate the halo moment Okay that I'm happy Where the whoo god bless Okay, so I'm gonna leave the shadow how it is because at this point I am horrified at making this look worse I cannot have my three year anniversary video be Equally as bad as the first one So what I am going to do though It's grab the Urban Decay liner in the shade of distortion and it's like this bluey green purple glitter moment It's a serpent and I'm just gonna put this glitter right on that cut crease moment to really make it shine And I'm gonna pull that right down as well right into the center of that Halo eye I'm gonna grab this powder brush and dust off the fallout because There's a lot of it for some reason now for the lower lash line

I think I'm going to mimic the halo onto The lower lash line as well, it's been a long day I'm first gonna grab but this brush is the M 149 and I'm going to tap into the dark blue and green shades once again and put those right up against the lash And then it's gonna use that same fluffy brush from before and grab the light brown shade and go right below that Lightly just connecting it that outer V a transition color right into the blue just to tie everything together Good, I put the same aqua shade on the lower lash line as well I'm just gonna place that teal shade, right? in the middle then describing a little bit of the mermaid's pigment from Peaches makeup when my all-time favorite brands when it comes to colitas and pigments and popping up right in the center Oh, that's pretty Wow one thing goes right? Whoo, I'll be so next I wanna highlight my brow bone and the inner corner just to add more a dimension to this eye look so it about the tart Penguin in the shade of top Yacht I absolutely love this for highlighting It's literally one of the brightest things I've ever seen in my entire life and I'm going to place that right in there Oh So pretty, okay then right on the brow bone for lashes, of course, you guys should know at this point I'm going to use my all-time favorite Lily lashes in the style in Miami You can use Kota James for 15% off your purchase at Lily as well But I'm going to trim them first to avoid the whole wonky last situation and gluing my eye shot because that is not fun um So what I'm gonna do is just grab these with a pair of tweezers and I'm gonna cut off a spike From each end just so they fit my eyes a little bit better Then I'm gonna apply a light layer of the duo of brush on and glue and then while that's getting tacky I'm gonna pop on a really light coat of the Mac extended play at mascara and then looking at my rear from right below I'm gonna hold this lash up and I'm gonna pop it right on to My lash line finishing it off with a little bit of mascara right on the lower lash line That was quite the journey There was lots of bumps in the road, but we got there in the end

Are we looking the best? No ๐Ÿ™‚ are we looking okay? That's for you to decide but regardless that is one blue green and brown "Trio chrome" serpent hi-oh Complete I'm not going to the other one off camera So I don't literally die and the next few minutes I'll be right back to finish house threats of this blog be right back Let's go ahead and finish the rest of this look before I decide that I hate it again I'm first gonna show fi just wiping away this bake It's been sitting here for like literally eight hours now while I finished those eyes, I'm also going to wipe off the excess underneath my Oddballs as well So next was going to be our highlighter But before we do that once again I'm gonna grab my trusty at prep and set setting spray and just meld everything together And this also is gonna be the highlighter stick a whole lot more Too so we get that really blinding glow and for my hair today, I'm gonna grab not a large brush This is the a 501 great highlighter brush that won't ruin my entire face that makeup and I'm just going to dip into my highlighter pop that right on the cheekbone and Now for the nose highlight what I'm going to do is not grab a large fluffy brush this is the e36 It is a tiny pencil brush and I'm going to use this to highlight the tip of my nose Wow look at that so tiny so beautiful and not an inch wide that is how I know It's how it's supposed to look

๐Ÿ™‚ Okay, so far less if we have the lips now in my original video I did a chocolate brown lip with a green and blue pigment over top Sorry, we're not doing that today because that looked disgusting So what I'm going to do instead is take a lip That is much more flattering to this look and you I'm gonna start by lining them using my all-time favorite lip liner This is from colour-pop X I love sonic e in the shade curvy and then over top I'm gonna grab the anasazi liquid lipstick in the shade stripped and just put that right in the middle And while I definitely do not want to put on a blue green pigment what I am gonna do just to finish off the lip Today is out on a tiny bit of gloss right in the center just to give it a little bit more a dimension all right, you guys we're gonna finish it off with some at sister setting spray one last time just to lock everything in place *sigh* and finally That is the completed blue, brown, green, serpent *laughing in the background* J Charles Beauty Three hours later I have finally been able to show you guys three years worth of skill improvement And I really really hope you guys enjoy this videos today This look was quite a little bit of a roller coaster to go through but then again The original look was really neither good nor fresh So I still feel like in the end We came up with a really really beautiful look and I actually like how this turned out a lot I really hope you guys enjoy this video too and a little trip down memory lane I cannot believe I've been doing this job for three long

years But you guys truly do such an amazing job at always making me feel like I just started yesterday I mean, seriously the same time fives are having fun I think really really applies here Thank you for making the last three years so amazing and so memorable Thank you guys always for all your constant love and support It truly means so much to me and it does not go unnoticed If you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane, and you also like my updated version of my "serpent" makeup look Please don't forget to give this video a big thumbs up down below and also come Subscribe and join this sisterhood by taking that big red button down Below and like the bell icon so you can get a notification every time I upload a brand new video if you like to follow Me on my makeup journey can follow me on Instagram and Twitter They're both just James Charles and my snapchat for more but haven't seen sites up its James Charles the next S after Charles this video Sister shout out goes to sister Karli Thank you so much Love for always following and supporting you

I love you Literally, it's so so so much and if you would like to the next videos sister shout out Don't forget to always a retweet my video links and they go live on Twitter Alright sisters Thank you so much for watching this video today Thank you endlessly for the last three years of my life I love you, and I'll see you in the next one Bye! โค