REAL TIME Makeup – Purple & Pink Spotlight Eyes

REAL TIME Makeup – Purple & Pink Spotlight Eyes

Learn Purple and Pink Spotlight eye tutorial in real time!
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Products used:
CYO Brow Pencil – Brown
Plouise Base – shade 2 – rumour
Stacey Marie Carnival Palette – (if you don’t have this palette use similar colours)
Reckless (dark purple),
In Lust ( pink),
Pep talk (bright pink)
Lights Out (black)
Plouise Badda Black (you can use any gel liner)
Peaches & cream – Luxe
Plouise – a sprinkle of passion

ABH Contour Palette
Loreal – glow mon amore highlighter
MAC Studio Fix – NW20
Loreal Infalliable Concealer – Cashmere
RCMA No colour powder
CYO Bronzer – when the sun don’t shine (medium)
Collection – Soft Glow Blusher – Bashful
Perfect Cosmetics – In blankets
Loreal Lip Liner – 630 (nude)
W7 – Kiss Ink – Love you long time
Loreal – Volume million lashes mascara
Rimmel – Provocal lipstick (using the gloss bit)

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