Retro Review | Episode 1 | ABH Prism Palette | ASMR Makeup

Retro Review | Episode 1 | ABH Prism Palette | ASMR Makeup

Welcome friends! 4F Beauty is aimed at ALL skill levels, from beginners to expert, so my films are longer as I take time to explain each stage. Please feel free to speed the film up if you are at a more expert level.

I hope that 4F Beauty will make you smile, show you some techniques you may not already know but most of all, entertain you.

I decided to start a new series on my channel, where I do a tutorial with an older palette, as I have so many that I use and love on a daily basis, in the hope that it may inspire you to pull your older palettes out and have a play, or if you have been wondering whether to get a specific palette, this may encourage you to do so. I thought starting with ABH Prism would be a good idea, as I know a lot of people own this one. Enjoy!

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Music written by and used with kind permission of Paul Atwell, contact [email protected]

Sim me created by the wonderful Elle Loves Tea on YouTube.

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