Sharpie Marker Makeup: My Everyday Makeup Using ONLY Sharpie Markers! *CAUTION* (Not Clickbait)

Sharpie Marker Makeup: My Everyday Makeup Using ONLY Sharpie Markers! *CAUTION* (Not Clickbait)

Watch how I REMOVED the Sharpie Marker from my face here:

WARNING: DO NOT Try this. I am an adult, fully educated on this product and I have used it on my face in the past using the proper precautions. Sharpies are considered Non-Toxic but are not recommended for the face and mouth. They can potentially cause an eye infection, make you sick if ingested or cause rash and irritation to the skin. Viewer discretion is advised*

**************** A Message To You ****************

Hey Glitter Critters, remember in 2016 I created a video called “Full Face of Sharpie Markers?” Well, this is the EXTREME version of that video. In this video, I use ONLY Sharpie Markers in place of my every day makeup products! For example: I used a black Sharpie marker for eyeliner! Crazy huh?! Please do not try this! I have experience with this and do not want you hurting yourself. Although Sharpies are considered “non-toxic” they are not okay for you to eat or get into your eyes. Thank you for watching, please subscribe and I love you so much. -Breland

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************Products Mentioned/Used*************

Shop the sharpie marker kit I used in this video:
*Please do not use on your face or in your mouth*
Urban Decay “All Nighter” Foundation in Shade 1.5:
Urban Decay “Naked Skin” Concealer in Shade “Fair Warm”:
Black Kitty Cosmetic Headband:
Freeman Cucumber Renew Peel Off Mask:
MAC “Shiny Pretty Things” Makeup Brush Set:
(No Longer available on MAC’s Website)

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Music & SFX from Epidemic Sound:

Disclaimer: This video is not sponsored. However, some makeup products were sent to me for free.