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Simple eye makeup tutorial for blue eyes how to make your blue eyes pop natural looking eye makeup tutorial for blue eyes over 40 beauty guru over 40 beauty gurus everyday makeup tutorial for blue eyes hey guys! welcome back to my channel I hope you're having a great day! today's video is a tutorial on the eye makeup im wearing right now I used the Lorac Mega Pro 2 pallet to achieve this look it's just a really pretty pink and brown smokey eye its great for a date night or even for work whenever you want to wear it its a really nice pretty soft look that will look good on a lot of skin tones it's really easy to achieve and didn't take 10 brushes or anything like that so if you'd like to see how I got this look then just keep watching simple makeup tutorial for blue eyes so we're going to use the Lorac Mega Pro 2 pallet and we'll start by going in with the color porcelain which is right here and we're going to put this on the brow bone and blend it down towards the crease this will help all the other eyeshadows blend better to have this color down first and we're starting the process of highlighting our brow bone also and ill bring it down inside my eye and into the inner corner this is the Crown c460 brush and then we're going to go in with the color sorbet which is right here and we're using the Crown duo fibre crease brush which is C430 I got these brushes off Hautelook if you haven't shopped at Hautelook you definitely should they have really great things all the Crown brushes I have I've bought on hautelookcom Real techniques has a duo fibre crease brush as well but I don't have that one because I have this one we're going to work this sorbet color into the crease keep going back in and getting more color until it's the intensity that you like this duo fibre brush is great, it's so soft since we're going for a sot romantic look today it's the perfect brush for it it gives a very nice diffuse look to the crease i like to use small circular motions to blend it up toward the brow bone so I have a diffuse edge and I use the windshiled wiper motions to make sure its even then we'll use the MAC 217 brush and we'll go in with the color saddle from the Lorac pro mega 2 palet that it right here we're going to very gently start working that into the outer v up to the crease into the crease, and you want to bring it in but only about half way so it's kind of hugging your eyelid and again just keep going back in and getting more color and gently blending until it's the intensity that you like but this is a soft romantic look we're going for today so we're not going to build it up too much blend out the edge with the duo fibre brush for the rest of the lid i'm using the Sigma eye shading brush, the e55 and I'm going in with the color chiffon which is right here, its a shiny pink color this will give our eyelid a pop of color and make us look more awake you could use one of the other light matte colors in the pallet if you want to keep it all matte but i like this pop of shine and its not super crazy or anything so put this where you didnt put the other shadows, on the empty part of the lid and make sure you get it all the way in to the small part of the lid then ill get a little more of the saddle color knock off the excess and blend some more into the outer v where the two colors meet you can do a little shimmy maneuver to blend them together so there's not a harsh line there make sure you don't press too hard if you find your eyeshadow has little lines in it where the eyeshadow didnt lay down right its because you pressed too hard then after you have it all blended and the two colors blended together you can go back in with the chiffon and very carefully and put some more on there to make sure its nice and poppin'! not all covered up from the other colors and then ill grab some more of the saddle color on the MAC 217 brush and un it underneath the lower lash line and i like to make sure it's connected out here at the edge and then to highlight the brow bone we'll go back in with the color porcelain and a smaller brush and small little brush that you have just so you get a more controlled application and the color will be a little bit more intense with the smaller brush and i'll run that all underneath my eyebrow and then I wanted to make the lower lash line a litle more intense so im going to use the short shader brush from sigma the Sigma E20 and I'm going to use saddle again and this little brush will make it more intense and im putting the shadow righ on my lash line and I'll blend it with the MAC 217 maybe we'll put a little sorbet on the MAC 217 and blend out the lower lash line with the sorbet then for eyeliner im going to use the VIncent Longo brown gel liner if you want to use one from the drugstore Maybelline has a great gel liner this is a little Seta brush I got in a boxycharm box its so tiny and you can make a really small line and I dont want to make a big liner with this look because it's a soft romantic look im just using the liner to intensify the lash line and you just want to put a little bit of product on the brush and work in little strokes instead of trying to do the lash line all in one stroke you'll have a more even application if you do it in small strokes then as i get to the inner corner i like to make the line even smaller and almost on the inside of the eye I'm going to curl my lashes then im going to run the lash comb through my lashes ive been doing this lately to make sur they arent stuck together it seems like the finished product is improved when i do this this one is sephora and the lash comb is pretty stiff if you poke yourself in the eye with it it is going to hurt so first im going in with the It Cosmetics Tightline Mascara per usual I love this product, then I dont have to stick eyeliner in my eye it intensifies the base of your lashes and make them look fuller im going in with Benefit roller Lash before it statrs to dry you have to work one eye at a time with that product because when it starts to dry it gets very stiff and we'll use the Benefit Roller Lash on the bottom lashes as well to finish off the look ill apply some lipstick I'm going to start out with the Revlon Color Stay lipliner in Nude Then Im going in with Wet n' Wild Fergie Daily then the Buxom White Russian Lipgloss simple eye makeup tutorial for blue eyes natural look eye makeup for blue eyes over 40 beauty guru so that's it for this tutorial i hope you liked it if you did give it a thumbs up and leave me a comment below i'd love to hear from you dont forget to subscribe if you havent already all the info for the products is in the description box all my social media links are in the description box as well so be sure to check that out!! and I'll see you in my next video! Bye! thanks for watching this simple eye makeup tutorial for blue eyes!