Siouxsie Sioux 80’s GOTH PUNK Makeup Tutorial

so if you wanna see this Siouxsie Sioux inspired look continue to watch the video it's pretty simple yeah pretty simple I really like this like extremely butch brow

I feel butch and sexy and femme all at the same time Thank You Siouxsie Siox So surprisingly I'm not actually wearing any makeup right now because my beautiful wonderful femme wonderful friend Emmy needed people to practice doing eyelash extensions on and so she tinted my eyelashes and gave me extensions and she tinted my tiny angry brows so I feel like a rich bitch you know I just feel so fancy! She looks really at peace with the fact that I'm just holding her over my shoulder are you my parrot? Fun fact I did my I like washed my face and shaved my face to get ready for a makeup look and then, (Myrtle!) I was applying some oil and I was oh sweet I haven't, I didn't notice I had this oil and I squirted my hand and I rubbed on my face and I was like oh my god! It just

I feel like I just mixed like there was this mix of like essential oils, that like my partner must have created that was in this bottle for face oil and I rubbed just a scent like just patchouli and like cedar like all over my face and it was just terrible so now and I can't get it off like it's in there so you know before you do this makeup look make sure you just fucking lather on some patchouli on your face it'll really help the whole fucking vibe all right so this is my Siouxsie Sioux inspired makeup look I hope you learned some things pull it together I think I kind of look like Siouxsie Sioux actually my eyes are kinda like Siouxsie Sioux's We could be twins I mean there's a drum set in the background so I look even more rock and rol! Uml if you like this look or makeup shit I don't know go comment that you like it like the video or spread the word I don't know YouTube's silencing trans people all the time apparently so you know try and support your trans makeup artist's and hit the little bell on our YouTube channels, thing, because it helps us because YouTube hates us! Alright I gotta go take some pictures of this look before the Sun is completely gone and feed my dog because it is time, he is wiggling in his kennel I can hear him