Smokey Eye Makeup for Mature, Hooded, Over 50 Eyes

Hey awesome ones, today I'm all glammed up I want to show you a smokey eye and if you know my videos I don't do the over-the-top like black eye shadow kind of looks so it's a very, I think it's a very pretty smoky eye for an evening makeup or a party, a date, gala, something along those lines and as a former 80s model, I'm 62 years old now, hey life starts now for all of us over 50s right? So for yout mature women and even if you're younger and you're watching this I hope I can give you some tips on a just a more natural kind of evening smokey eye and hey some of you guys are already subscribing and it just encourages me to make more of these videos for you and I really hope it helps, so let's get started Okay so now you can see I don't have any eye makeup on, I don't have my brows done I did, however, do my foundation and if you're interested in knowing, you know, how to do your foundation there should be a link somewhere around here on this video that you can link up to and check that out now I mentioned to you that I was an 80s model I'm still doing some modeling now but take a look at this this is a smokey eye that was done on me in the 80s and I don't know if I'm matching it, ughhh trying to do it anyway to that, and you can see that now I have these downturn, droopy, hey they're mature eyes but I'm going to try to get really close with this with the magic of makeup so let's see how we do now you've been watching my videos you know that I really don't go for that overdone over makeup look and even though this is a glam smokey eye I'm not gonna do that this time it is still gonna look mmmmarvelous I also did a video on the 10 big mistakes that I think a lot of mature women do and there will be a link for that, somewhere, I really think that if you're piling on like black eyeshadow and then as the evening gets on it starts to get creasy and ughh oily, it's not really a good look so I'm not going to be doing all the really black smokey look I'm going to do something absolutely beautiful ,I think, but something that you'll be very comfortable with for the whole evening

Okay Heather let's get this I makeup video going So well, yeah, let's start with the brows Now as you can see I have such sparse brows I don't know the hairs just fell out, in some cases I don't even have any brows at all and this is not going to be a natural brow application like in my other application video this is going to be a little bit thicker, so here's what we're going to do So I have a close-up here this is actually my good eyebrow with more hairs in it and this one, this is the one that hardly has any, so I want to start off with the good eyebrow and as you know you kind of start it from here and then you kind of go out like that

Let me start filling it in and let's see how, oh sorry, first of all bring those hairs up with a little spoolie this is a great pencil here it's got the spoolie on one end and the pencil part on another end so you're not just flipping around all over the place but I'm going to bring that up I did pluck my eyebrows last night so there's not a bunch of red all over the place but yeah so let's very carefully follow the natural curve of our eyebrows and most of us have that, a natural curve now I'm going to bring that up a bit and because I'm doing a glamorous eye I am going to fill this in with a little bit of, oohhh dropped it, hold on ,okay found it I'll make sure those things are secure, anyway so I'm using this angled brush and I actually put just tape in there, so I'm gonna do a better job of that, and here we go filling in that brow We're kind of smoothing it up a little bit up here to Now, on my other video, I said to use a wax but when we're finished with this really glam look we need something a little bit stronger so I'm using a clear mascara and sorry about covering up the names, I know ,I know, I've been advised to cover up the names for now and I promise you, I promise you, I'm going to be trying some other products and naming names I'm gonna tell you if I really like them or not, okay? So let's just sort of, get a close up here and you'll see what I'm doing with these brows, now with this mascara, the clear mascara they're not only going to stay put but it also gives a little bit of an accentuation to the little hairs there, so I'm going to do the other brow now and I'm going to match it very close to what I've done before, oops, now it's kind of like an art to get this especially in this eye where I hardly have any hairs on it but I think it doesn't look too bad as far as matching them both up and I'm very fair so I'm just using a brown of my eyebrows you might prefer for your complexion a dark, darker brown, a black, or maybe even the light taupe if you're lighter than me so, yeah, now if you've seen my other videos you know I love purple on my eyes so I'm going to start off with a complementary color for the purple, now again, you could be using browns on your eyes and, and maybe you're using a beige in this particular situation, now this highlighter color is not glossy it's not shiny it's not sparkly so really try to get something that, it might be a little sparkly but I really tried to make sure that it wasn't so sparkly and what we're going to do is we're going to, want to get a little close-up here, we're going to put this on our brow bone here just like that As you can see we have a really nice outline for the smokey eye now we've emphasized where our brow bone is and let's get started on the eyeliner now I'm using a black, yes I want to use the black for this smokey eye but only on the eyeliner and on the mascara so now

this is a pencil it's not one of those liquid eyeliners I find for us mature women um it's a bit harsh, sometimes it goes on a little too thick and I just like a smoldering eye not like that harsh look so let's do that I do go right inside along here and I do a little bit of a swoosh just a tiny little bit here and I kind of emphasize it Can you see that there? Then I usually just smoosh it up a little bit with my finger and even with hooded eyes it doesn't fade away it's still there ,so yeah, so let's just do the other eye now

Now I'm going back to the pink again and it's almost a whiteish pink too – not pink pink and now that I've got the eyeliner on we're going to put the pink on the lid and inside just a little touch Now the reason that I put the eyeliner on first is because once you put this powder on it's really really hard to get in there with a pencil here, you're going over some powder and it just doesn't work for me anyway so we're going to put that here and if you just want to do a little close-up we'll do it here and we'll just come inside a little bit, I don't know it's kind of purpley inside my eye there and probably for you too, so yeah and now we'll just do the other side and it's a nice complimentary look with the brow and the eyelid and the little inside of the eye Alright, so now it's eyelash curler time, yeah don't be afraid of them as long as you get a good one it's not going to hurt your eyes and be really, really careful, I'm using this because I don't like false eyelashes you'll watch later in the video I put a few layers of mascara on- I don't know I'm just I kind of afraid that the glue's gonna fall off and that eyelash is going to drop in my wine or or I'm gonna have a kind of droopy looking eye because it's half falling off and it's like spinach in your teeth, where nobody tells you so, I'm, I just- if I have to wear them I guess, you know, for a makeup shoot of course yeah no problem cuz I got a camera or someone watching them but for about a four or five hour party hmm probably not , I'm going with this baby so as you know you just sort of put it on your eyelash not touching the skin at all and push those babies up a little bit, let it go and you don't need to do your bottom lashes Alright so I'm going to be doing just the upper part of my eyelid but I'm going to use a lighter purple color than in the crease, now look at this great palette that I have, I've got a fabulous palette here but you know what? It didn't give me the color that I really wanted for above the brow

Noe you might be thinking oh gosh this is a lot of work, but if you match it up right it's going to be so much prettier, so look around for something a little bit lighter than what you're putting in the crease and so here we go and I don't start in the middle I start about here and there's the brush I'm using by the way, it's a nice little brush so that's it's just a little kind of accent now, so let's get into that crease So for in the crease I'm using this angled brush, this is where the real magic happens and the blending and all that sort of thing and I'm going to go with this darker purple, now again, if you're using beiges, browns you might be going for something like, maybe that and that, but for me I just love the purple so really nice complementary color for blue or green eyes You almost have a natural kind of, maybe you don't, but in some cases we have a natural kind of upswing here so I'm gonna try to match that, now I know it looks a bit ugly right now but it's gonna look better we're gonna do some blending and I know I look like Cleopatra on the Nile right now, but we're gonna do some blending, just adding a few heres and there's and again- noooo it looks a little bit phony but we're going to do some blending and I like to blend this kind of look with cotton swabs, not with your fingers because they get all black and then your nails get dirty and it's a big nightmare for me, so we're going to use cotton swabs and by the way don't put cotton swabs down your ears ,trust me, I know! I'm maybe going to do a video on that, don't do it, use it for your eye make up here So now we're gonna do some blending so let's sort of see what we're doing with the blending here, we almost want to take some of this off , now you see how I sort of made the line here swooshing upwards make it really pretty don't, don't worry about how many tips you use because you want this to not look so so phoney over here again that natural swoosh that we have a little bit up here but here we can just sort of see how that looks in the far shot It's starting to look very pretty, but we're not finished yet

Now for the under eye this is like the waterline we're going to use black, yes we're going to use black it's a smoky eye so watch this and we're going to bring it up into that swoosh did you see how I do that? Here I'll do it on this side for you and up into this swoosh Now for under the eye lashes, bottom lashes I'm going to use a brown, what? I thought you were using purpleYeah, you know, t too much purple is too much purple so I'm going to use this darker brown here and this lovely little brush, it's kind of an angled brush but yeah, so we're going to go underneath the eye, again we're going to match it up to the swoosh here, so match it up to the swoosh and we're going to just smooth it up a little bit with a cotton swab Mascara time, I'm using a black mascara, make sure that it's smudge proof, you might even want to try waterproof if it's going to be a five-hour evening and you don't want to have that kind of raccoon thing happening underneath your eyes, so I know it's a pain to take off waterproof mascara but you might be really glad you did So I'm going to do about three coats because I want to take time, I'm not wearing the false eyelashes remember and I want it to look super glam so, yeah

In between coats I'm going to do something else too So as that's drying you might want to even put a little bit of eyeliner underneath here you might want to just sort of make sure that the corners are good with your black eyeliner but I also like to put a little sparkle while I'm waiting for the mascara to dry so let me just show you this, this is a very nice sparkly highlighter but I'm using a little tiny brush, a teeny weeny brush on this one and what we're going to do is we're just going to put a little sparkle in a couple places in our eye- in our eye, no on our eye, on, all right yeah better, right here you see how that's not really overdone and we're also going to put a little sparkle how about right here and right, a little bit on the brow line, not a lot just a little bit on that brow bone So I got all glammed up for you with this sultry, smoky eye Ha Ha Hey, I wonder how I did, sort of looking at that 20 year old Heather so let's bring her back and if I can match it up a little bit you can, yeah, anyway we're getting close enough I think and you can see it's not too bad like I had those droopy eyes before and downward kind of slope

Hey this girl's 40 years younger than me so uh, the power of makeup, not too bad Now you might be looking at this smokey eye and saying it's still a little too much for me but I do encourage you to try a little bit of what I've shown you here because it's kind of like when you wore red nail polish and or you put a little darker lipstick on your lips for a gala or a party or some special event that you've been invited to it's just when you put that dress on and you have the make up, a little extra makeup, you feel so glamorous, you feel so special and you look mmmmarvelous darling So do you know who else has smokey eyes? My little Yorkie Hurricane Hurricane he has absolutely beautiful smokey eyes and he doesn't have to wear any, oh you like the compliments do you? Oh yes you look marvelous and until next time folks I really hope you enjoy the and, and please subscribe if you if you like what you're seeing and it's going to just edge me on to make more of them for you, so until the next time I'm going to get my hundred kisses and get out of here Everyone's invited to subscribe and join us on our videos

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