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hey guys welcome back to my channel I hope they were having a great day today's video is a makeup tutorial on if you make up online right now this makeup is inspired by nina dobrev character in The Vampire Diaries my kids and I have been binge-watching the vampire diaries like crazy and so while I sit there and I watch The Vampire Diaries I look at her makeup I was trying to figure out how I could recreate the makeup look and this is what i came up with end of my inspection of her makeup i did decide but there are some things that make up artists upon her that are different than what i do on myself status quo can also inspired me to do this tutorial so if you would like to see how to get this vampire diaries make a book then just keep watching okay so I'm going to start today by applying tape we're working with black today and I think it'll just be a lot easier instead of acting and try my cleaning up later so you can see on this I how it gave like a nice straight line they put the tape on the back of my hand and I'm just taking it off and getting somebody sticky off but I so much sticky on it it'll irritate your eyes anyway I'm going to put the tape on I'm going to start by priming my eyes with the benefit stay don't stray and you want to cover the whole area all the way up to the brow bone and then to the inner corner make sure it's nice and even i'm using the lorac Pro mega two pallets today and I'm going to start by going in with the shade custard and my sigma e60 brush this is a perfect shade for me for my skin tone for setting I shadow and just applying this with these packing motions to make it more opaque and then just brushing it on the lid and then I'll take a little bit of the porcelain shade and the same brush and I'm just reading the fourth one on the tip of the brush and putting it right underneath the eyebrows up here just to get a little highlight ok so now I'm going to go in with the shade Tony and my sigma e35 brush and I'm just going to pick up a tiny bit of tawny this is going to be our transition shade I just want a very light application I'm putting this shade down so the black eyeshadow will blend nicely on top of it and then we'll fade up towards the problem with this shade going to work a little bit of the burlap into the outer V again just so that the black will blend nicely on top of it and then I'm going in with my mac 217 and the shade black and I'm just putting the black on the very tip of the brush and tapping off the excess it looks like an ass so we're going to start working the blast into the outer V and then fading into the crease I'm putting the black down first because I put the other shade down first and then blend the black on top of it and the black it has a bunch of glittery because this is what sparkly says in the black won't be as mad as it is I want to be mad not sparkly and then when there's not as much product on the brush you can start working it into the crease and just having it fade as it goes towards your move and then you can blend out the edge with the e30 by owner you can get some more tani and use that to blend out the edge let's be very soft a very very soft smoky eye and then I like to use the mac 242 brush just to make sure it's all the way down on my lashline bling that audience okay and then i'm going in with the shade cinnamon and a sigma e25 and i'm just going to put this all over the lid and up into your crease as a wash of color I don't want it super opaque so i'm using this fluffier brush i want like a really nice wash of color so you can see it I don't want it to be like super duper in your face I guess you would say I just blend the two together and then just to make it a little bit more definition on the eyelid compared to the creep I'm using the mac 239 and I'm just going to pack a little bit on the eyelid and then blend it out and you can blend the black again for eyeliner I'm going to use the Galactic beauty precise eyeliner marker in the shade black mark I'm just going to make a very thin line just to put the false lashes on and there's not like a big huge line usually so I'm just trying to get it as close to the eye lash line as you can ok I'm going to tight line my eye with the Urban Decay 24-7 slide on I pencil in the shade perversion and then I'm going to press my eye lashes for falsies going to use my it cosmetics tightline because I think for her character the pipe lining of her eye is a key to the makeup looks get this mascara always the base of your lashes and then I'm going to use the Urban Decay perversion mascara level 1 i'm using the euler natural number 27 they have like different links to the eyelashes and i thought they would be the most natural while giving that a little bit of length and a little bit oh boy I'm going to put this eyelash on and i'll put my foundation on and then we'll come back and we'll finish the eyes and do the rest of the things okay so I have my Too Faced Born This Way Foundation on in the shade natural beige the character does not have like really brightened under eyes way more natural so I'm going to just use the NARS radiant creamy concealer in the shade ginger will give me a brightening effect but it won't be as much as if unused custard but I'm going to use the Custer color on the center of my nose and my cases bow on my forehead and i'll blend all that out i'm going to set map with the laura mercier brightening powder and my japonesque 910 brush and just directly on the under eye and i'm going to use the Kat Von D shade and light palette and my elf blush brush and I'm going to dismiss these two colors together for the rest of the concealer to get a little natural brightness for the rest of the faith I am going to use the Oprah pressed powder oil control than this one an additional coverage so we'll keep really natural this is just going to set the rest of the makeup and play so i'll go ahead and finish of the eyes i'm going to use my sigma e30 pencil brush and take the shade cinnamon and put that on my lower lash line and then i'm going to take the haversian eyeliner again and tight line my eyes and i use it cosmetics tightline on my lower lash line and a little bit of the perversion mascara I am going to take the shade sugar right here and I'm going to very lightly I liked the inner corner there's not a whole lot of we in a quorum going on so just very lightly looks like that and this is a brush that came in the urban decay smokey balance but that's it for the eyes so let's move on to the rest of fate I'm going to use these tap on the shade and light palette I'm going to very awkward car out my cheekbones using in this shade right here and the Real Techniques blush brush our opinion on the very good sir and I'll put a little up on my forehead and then i will use the sigma small contour to put a little bit on my jawline okay for blush I'm going to use the Becca mineral blush in the shade somber it looks like this very lightly I'm just putting it on the apples of my cheeks just to kind of give me a more alive fresh look but not like hey check out my blush look I mean that for I light which you could just leave it like this I'm not searching you have high light on it doesn't really look like is I'm going to use the hourglass power and i'll use dim light right here and i'm going to apply it with the fan brush is for a really light application on the top of my cheekbones and the little delivery to my toes let's not get crazy with it and last but not least the lips i'm going to use the bare minerals marvelous Moxie with liner in the shade rev and i'm just going to outline my lips with us i'm not going to fill them in so let's think i'm using my Rimmel lipstick in the shade oh so wicked we'll go ahead and set the face and I'm going to use the Loreal infallible makeup setting spray so this is the finished look I hope you liked this character inspired makeup tutorial if you did please give a thumbs up don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already all the information for all the products that I use will be in the description box below along with all be links to my social media my instagram like Twitter my snapchat on my facebook so be sure to check the description box thank you so much for watching and I will see you in my next video bye